Friday, 29 January 2010

Soap + Glory Hatbox Reviews #2

A thumbs up to the Hand Food, I have found my favorite hand cream! :)
I keep this little bottle in my bag, as its the perfect size.
I really suggest you try this if your looking for a hand cream that smells lovely, and makes your hands super duper soft!
My soapy rating for Hand food is:

A Thumbs down to Hair supply + Sexy mother pucker lip gloss.
These are the only two products i don't like out of the whole box.
SO the rest of the reviews in the future from me will be good happy ones.
Hair supply is a hair treatment that's meant to condition your hair, but i was rather disappointed. it left my hair dry and lifeless.
I give Hair supply a soapy rating of:

Sexy mother pucker lip gloss is awful! I applied this on my lips Christmas day and the tingly feeling it gives you made me cringe, I had to wipe this off my lips straight away,
it felt as tho my lips wer burning, I asked a few girls if they have experienced the same, they said they did with the hatbox version but not the normal..hmmm I need to investigate!

Not happy!
so I'm give mother pucker lip gloss a sucky soapy

Stay tuned for more reviews on soap and glory!
Love Lauren


Katy Wilko said...

I love the hand cream and need to get myself a new one as mines ran out :)

Laura said...

Oh no...I am in love with the Sexy Mother Puckers, they are my favourite glosses :)

Love the Hand Food, smells sooo good!

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog today :) xxx

Lauren ♥ said...

I will try some more, I'm willing to give them a secound chance! Lol

awe no probs sweetie!

streetlighteyes said...

great blog :)!
following you

confessions of a beauty addict said...

love hand food so much it one of my handbag staples at the moment, i did h8 the lip gloss to, but for some reason i have fallen inlove with it this week i love the tingley feeling and makes my lips look really full however not one for a windy day as so sticky :( xXx

Lauren ♥ said...

Oo maybe il give the lipgloss a second go??
I've only given it one chance xx

Make-up is a girls best friend said...

I got that hatbox 2 :) I LOVE the hand food, it smells amazing and its so moisturising :)
I havent tried the hair product yet. Also, the lipgloss does tingle. Its something in the gloss reacting with the water in your lips to plump them. It does feel weird at the beginning but the result looks fab :D

Make-up is a girls best friend said...

I love hand food 2 :) It smells so good xx