Sunday, 29 November 2009

Aussie Comp. My entry

This is a Comp entry for Cupcakes and Cherries! The entry detail's are here.

The story is based upon Aussie, the Hair range.

Depressing England

Janie Never liked travelling. In fact she hated it, but when her dad decided to move back to his home in Australia she had no option. “What’s the big deal anyway?” asked Janie, while combing through her matted hair, that had just suffered a beating by the rain. Janie has long gorgeous blonde hair, although you never get to see the beauty of it, it’s always ruined by the typical English weather. “I don’t see why we have to move to Australia, I have friends here, I like my school, and I just don’t see the point.” Janie’s dad looked at her while she battled with her hair brush. “Australia is beautiful, I feel that it’s time for us to move on and I just-“He paused while looking out the car window. “Well there’s nothing left for us here anymore.” There was an awkward silence for a minute. Janie’s dad hasn’t had much with the ladies, ever since her mum dying when she was little, his had numerous girlfriends, but they never ever worked out, due to that fact he couldn’t move on. England reminded him too much of Janies mum but he didn’t want to admit it. Janie tried to break the silence “well I guess moving to Australia would be good for one thing, as its winter here it’ll be summer over there, which means no more wrecked hair!” they both laughed and drove home.

The beach Life
Two weeks later Janie and her Dad are sat on their balcony in Australia which over looks the most gorgeous beach, sun hitting their faces, cool drink in hand. “Yeah I suppose so” said Jeanie, “ I suppose I could get used to this!”

Later Janie headed down the beach. She stood on the golden sand which was almost as golden has her beautiful hair, she took in the beautiful aussie scenery.The waves crashed against the rocks, sun glistening on the water. This is the life! She thought. Bondi beach was the most beautiful beach. She watched the surfers hitting the waves, and spotted the cute guy who she saw the first day she arrived. She sat down on the sand and read her magazine. She comes across an advert for a shampoo and conditioner, Aussie. She saw this In England, but never thought of purchasing it. Janie never used anything else other than her favourite shampoo and conditioner. That she’s used for years! But now she’s in oz, and they don’t sell it, she’s looking for something new. A few minutes later the cute guy walks towards her smiling.. “hey” he says sitting next to her. “heya...” Janie replies nervously. “I saw you looking at me and my friends earlier, are you interested in suffering or are you interested in me?” he gives a cheeky smile.. Janie likes goes for guys to be this forward. No honestly she does! His cute too she thought. “um....” she says looking down to her magazine blankly. “im brody” he says putting out this hand for her to shake, “im Janie” she replies giving her hand. “You’re not from around here are you?” “ No I’m from England, I’ve moved here with my dad. He grew up here.” they continue to chat the afternoon away..

The Aussie Life..
Brody asked Janie on a date. Janie popped into the local shops to find the aussie shampoo and conditioner, I need my hair to be perfect, maybe this aussie luck will help? She thought to herself. She came across the products, and decided to go with the luscious long range. Hoping she’ll get her beautiful long luscious locks back to life.

That Night she groomed her hair with the aussie products, ready for the date. She was amazed..At how wonderful her hair looked....aussie certainly brought her hair back to life, and in actual fact Australia bought her life back!

Brody knocked on the door, Janie wearing a cute navy dress, and even cuter bow in her hair, opened the door..”Hey” she said with a huge smile. “hey, you looking amazing. & wow Jeanie your hair is gorgeous... how did I not notice how beautiful it was at the beach?” Janie laughed. “Put it this way, it needed some tlc and some Aussie in its life” they smiled and walked to his car.

Theeee End!

Wow, that was maybe too long. But I enjoyed writing it anyway!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Battle of the Straightener’s: Remington Shine Therapy vs. GHD Kiss Hot Pink IV Styler

In the pink corner: The GHD'S.

What made me buy them?
The colour to be quite frank, I love pink. These beauties are hot pink and limited edition, so I thought id better grab a pair before it was too late.
I was looking for a new pair of straighteners..and was unsure what to buy, I had been looking at ghds for along time, debating weather to get them or not.
I have had so many straighteners in the past....6 in total.
The pair that i currently had was a basic pair of Remington's, they had a heat controller and was great, but the smells coming form the plates started to put me off, I burnt them with all the hair products i use!
I had my eyes on the babyliss pro 230 radiance, which had some great reviews.
So i was stuck on what to choose, My final decision was this: ghds are a great trust worthy brand, if i buy these, il have them along time,
with the babyliss, I didn't know how long they would last before they broke, and they arnt cheap.
Loads of people i know have ghds, and they've lasted for a good few years.

How much did they cost?
£135 - yeah ALOT! I got a box, three ghd lip glosses a how to DVD and some ghd heat protection with them though.

Where did I buy them?
A hair dressers in my town.

My thoughts?
They are awesome, BUT, after having them a few months Ive realised how bad they are for my hair. They are really hot,which is a big no no.
No matter what heat protection I use, I still think its destroying my hair.
It doesn't have a heat controller, so its set at 200 C I believe, altho somewhere i read its a massive 320 C! Waay to hot.
They would be fab if they had a control temperature.
The final result is great, but I'm thinking of my hair in the long run!

My Final thoughts:

  • They look pretty the colour the style, everything
  • The plates are smooth, making it easier to glide down the hair
  • The on/off switch is inside so your not switching it buy mistake whilst straightening
  • Heats up in just 60 seconds
  • There hard wearing, you know they wont break anytime soon, even if they do your guaranteed

    • The temperature is too hot! they need a temp control
    • They are abit pricey

In the Blue corner: The Remington's

What made me buy them?
Well, if you have read the last paragraph you'd know, the ghds are ruining my hair big time.
I heard some fantastic reviews of these straighteners, so thought id try them out.

How much did they cost & where did I biy them?
I was very lucky and bought them for £40 at Argos, they had a sale that weekend,they normally retail at around £60-70

My thoughts?
I have been using them for about 3 months now.
My hair has felt so much more shiny and soft, I have been setting them to about 190c, as anything lower doesn't really straighten.
It does exactly what it says, adds shine! Thanks to the
Combination of shine enhancing vitamins E and Avocado.
I have finally found the perfect straighteners! Whey!

Final Thoughts:
  • They have temp control
  • Reasonably priced
  • they heat up in 15 seconds- world breaking time right?
  • They have vitamin E and avocodo to add shine to your hair
  • There easy to handle
  • they have a lock, that shuts the plates together when off, perfect for travelling
  • after 60 mins they shut done, safety first people!
  • They make your hair smoooooooth
  • They just do the job brilliantly.
  • They have a 5 year guarantee

  • The control Buttons are in a awkward place, so when styling you tend to make the temperature go up or down, so annoying!
    And that's all I can think of!

    I hope this review helped for those looking for a new straightener!

    Lauren x

Monday, 16 November 2009

My Winter 'In's!'

Decorating my own Christmas tree...
Its the first Christmas in mine, and my boyfriends own house, & I'm so excited to start decorating our house!

Starbucks Hot chocolate.
Lets say Bye bye to Frappachino till next summer.

Christmas adverts..
Like so many people the coca cola advert is my favorite,
(Ever since I was little actually)
once I see this I know its Christmas!


These always keep my feet warm, they are my winter survival!
The Favorites for me this year are these beauties;

Lush Bath's
I always look forward to bath time in the winter, showers are a big no no.
There are some great Christmas products by lush I'm loving
can i get a hell yeah for lush?

Id rather stay in my warm house,then be out in that dreadful coldness, so a hobby i like doing in the winter is reading.
My current book is LA CANDY, which is awesome!
Read it if you haven't already..

Christmas films..
You cant beat the classics!

Shopping at Hamleys...
My hometown is London, I miss London most a Christmas I must say!
Its beautiful, one of my favorite places to shop is Hamleys, there is every toy you could think off, and the lights...well look at them there stunning!
I cant wait to take my daughter, and buy her some pressies!

Late Night Shopping...
No more rushing! The stores are open till late, and late night shopping is so festive for me, I love it.

Here's London's oxford street late at night, the lights are beautiful...

Home made Cookies...
I love baking. Love love love it.
Sooo Christmas time is just an excuse to make even more!

I hope you enjoyed this post!
its a little different from the ins and outs,
I haven't seen anyone do this yet!

Here's who I'm tagging...
(but feel free to do this too!

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Another Haul!

I went Leed's again...
+ I stopped at lush for the second time this week.
Scotts treat. He said I was allowed to have anything in the shop, lucky me!
I didn't go to mad...
1. Rock star soap, Its my first try of the soap range, I'm Rather excited, I decided to buy the smallest to see how I like it.
2. Candy cane bath melt
3. Sakura Ballistic
4. Snow fairy shower gel, which smells yummy!
5. Pop in the bath, I decided to buy a back up.
6.Bathos bubble bar
7.Creamy candy, yet again another back up, I have my faves already! :)

If you would like full reviews on anything you know what to do!

Clean On Me shower Gel...

While I was in boots a few weeks back, I decided to buy this, It smells wonderful and really softens your skin.
I love Soap & Glory at the moment, and in boots there are so many S&G gift sets.
I Now only use lush, and soap & glory products on my skin, anything else doesn't wow me!
This huge pump bottle cost £5, which will keep me going for a while!
5/5 from me.

I am not digging the clothes in primark this season, nothing seems to grab my attention...
So I left with this set, and a necklace.
This was £5 down to £2 and cheerful but I thought why not :)
Great gift idea!
I need more make up brushes,
Il see how these are.
My elf brushes are my Holy grail at the moment!

Thank's for reading!

Lauren x

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Secret Santa, Entry form.

Firstly, sorry it has taken so long to get this post up!
Ive been hella busy, & only finding the time to get on the comp in the evenings!
but here it is!
There's alot I need to mention so I hope I don't forget anything..

I have two lovelys helping me, Boo Jenkinson & Niki, click on there names to view there blogs.
If you have any questions about secret santa or need any help, feel free to message us.

There's a few simple rule's* you will have to agree with.
*When submitting your entry form you would have automatically agreed to these.*

Were going to make this as safe as possible as we all know you cannot trust the Internet,
yes I am talking about fakes!
So here are the rules:
1. You must send us a picture of yourself holding up a piece of paper with the link to your blog.No picture no involvement what so ever.
2. Give us your full address to make sure your present reaches you!
3. Only take part if you are willing to send a gift, we do not want anyone not receiving!
4. Do not share your persons address to anyone else. Very important!
5. You MUST keep your person a secret, as that's the whole Idea, how ever you may want to put a little card inside the present to say who is from, but remember inside not outside the present, it needs to remain a secret till Christmas day!

6. The limit is £10 [UK currency] or if you are from the US $16.6 I think? Work it out :p... you may spend more but please do not expect more! The minimum spend is £5. (Does that makes sense? sorry its late! :] )
7. Please post the pressies off asap! with the UK postal strike we do not want the gifts arriving after Christmas.
8. If you are not able to send outside of the UK then let me know, il make sure your person is from the UK.
9. You must be a follower of mine, Boo jenkinsons, & nikis blog to take part.
10. Double check that your entry form is correct and complete, before sending it me.
11. All entries must be in before the deadline mentioned below
12. To prove you've read the rules Il ask you a secret question on the entry form,the secret answer is: Jingle all the way!
13. For safety reasons items should be left un opened, not used sealed etc..before sending.
14. Let me know by emailing me that you have received & sent your parcel so I can cross you off the list!
15. Keep a receipt of your postal order, its free, its just in case the parcel gets lost

Other information...

- The deadline for submitting your entry forms is the 2nd of December 2009.
- This is an international secret Santa so anyone can take part!
- Research! go on your persons blog and have a good old read up & find out there fave things; make up items, etc.
- remember only me, boo & Niki will be involved so do not give information to anyone else..
..and only we will see your entry form.
-I will message you after the deadline with your person's details.
-Please spread the word!! Tweet a message on twitter about this or pop a message on your blog, the more people joining in the better! :-)

I cannot think of anything else but once again if you have any questions or concerns comment me, or email mail me:
My email address:

So here is the entry form!
All form's should be sent to my email ^^^

Your Name:
Blogger name if different from above:
Your blog URL:
Your contact email address:
Have you attached the picture of you holding up the sign?:
Your Home address:
Secret question; Merry Christmas! Answer?:
Can you post outside the UK?


Thank you for reading this moosive post!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Another Lush Haul!

I took a little trip to Leeds's so thought id pop into Lush.
My breath of fresh air wasn't working properly so, I brought it back, which they kindly exchanged and gave me a freebie, which was a cinders ballistic.

Starting from top left;
Sex bomb - I used this tonight, it smells GORGEOUS!
2x Cinder's- I didn't realise the lady gave me a free cinders till the check out so I ended up with two, which is fine by me!
Creamy candy- this smells like sweets! hence the name, cant wait to use this.
Breath of fresh air
Star melts- A Christmas edition, smells gorgeous.
The comforter- I love this bath melt, I have used all of my last so got another. This time they wear larger then normal.
and finally;
Pop in the bath -which is half used, as I had it in the bath last night!

another bath melt to add to my faves!

If you have any lush hauls please link me as I'm wanting to try more with good reviews!
Untill next time.....

Au revoir x

Adult Baby Grow's?

As I walked into Primark yesterday I was amazed to see adult sized baby grows...
whats your opinion on them? I was gob smacked. But maybe, just maybe they could be the latest fashion must have, they seem to be very comfy...and look cute!

You can buy them in primark...

Id like to hear your views on them! Will you be purchasing


(I went into lush yesterday so a haul will be up soon! )

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

I promise to read.....

...You soon LA CANDY!

I have had this book for ages but haven't got round to reading it,(wait does a page count?)
However- I have promised her il give her more attention...

and when I do you will be the first to know what I think of it :)

Anyone else reading or have read this book?

Monday, 2 November 2009

Secret Santa! Beauty Blogger's Christmas Gift's

Hi Everyone :)
This is just an idea that I came up with,
which I would love to hear your view's..
I was thinking wouldn't it be great to have a secret santa..
What is a secret santa?
Secret Santa is a tradition in which members of a group are randomly assigned other members to whom they anonymously give a gift. Often practiced in workplaces, or amongst large families, participation in it is usually voluntary. It offers a way for many people to give and receive a gift at low cost to those involved.

But obviously, it would involve with all the beauty blogger's.
I would have a form which you all signed...then Id pair up randomly.
I would only let beauty blogger's sign up if I know there 'safe' meaning they have a blog.etc..if i have any suspicions I wouldn't let them take part.
the other option is to have you pick a chirstmas buddy could pick 5 beauty bloggers and id pick one of them to be your partner depending if they picked you too..

Before I go any further Id just like to see who's interested..

It will probably be no one
LOL :)