Sunday, 15 November 2009

Another Haul!

I went Leed's again...
+ I stopped at lush for the second time this week.
Scotts treat. He said I was allowed to have anything in the shop, lucky me!
I didn't go to mad...
1. Rock star soap, Its my first try of the soap range, I'm Rather excited, I decided to buy the smallest to see how I like it.
2. Candy cane bath melt
3. Sakura Ballistic
4. Snow fairy shower gel, which smells yummy!
5. Pop in the bath, I decided to buy a back up.
6.Bathos bubble bar
7.Creamy candy, yet again another back up, I have my faves already! :)

If you would like full reviews on anything you know what to do!

Clean On Me shower Gel...

While I was in boots a few weeks back, I decided to buy this, It smells wonderful and really softens your skin.
I love Soap & Glory at the moment, and in boots there are so many S&G gift sets.
I Now only use lush, and soap & glory products on my skin, anything else doesn't wow me!
This huge pump bottle cost £5, which will keep me going for a while!
5/5 from me.

I am not digging the clothes in primark this season, nothing seems to grab my attention...
So I left with this set, and a necklace.
This was £5 down to £2 and cheerful but I thought why not :)
Great gift idea!
I need more make up brushes,
Il see how these are.
My elf brushes are my Holy grail at the moment!

Thank's for reading!

Lauren x


Peonies and water lilies said...

I love soap and glory. The shower gel is one of my favourites, it smells lovely and doesn't dry out my skin. I've had my for months and I'm not even half way finished, they really do last forever! x

Lauren ♥ said...

I agree!
wow, I wonder how long mine will last! well worth the £5 xx