Thursday, 30 September 2010

Shall I go for it?

Major hair dilemma!
So I bought herbashine Ice Mahogany brown hair dye a month ago, waiting for the 'right time' to use it. Then I started reading reviews on the interwebz, mainly how bad it damages your hair and how quickly it fades!!! I'm having second thoughts, but part of me is telling me to go for it!
Have you ever used this colour, or any colour in this range?
what would you say is the best home hair dye out at the moment?
I need lots of advise!

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Product Review: Alva Lipgloss

Firstly I am just going to apologise for the quality of these pictures! it has been such a dull day today and this is the best I could do.
On to the review :)
I was sent a lip gloss of my choice from Alva skincare.
If you missed my previous post about Alva please click HERE
The colour I chose from there 'wet' lip gloss range was Rose Wet, a lovely baby shimmery pink.This lip gloss is pretty and not at all over the top, I have quite big lips, but i found this lip gloss made them look even more plump!
The swatch I'm about to show you, doesn't give the pretty colour any justice...

I'm also wearing it in this picture...
This lip gloss is not tested on animals, if you check out there site here
You will also learn that this product is free from things such as paraffin & paraben.

Please check Alva skin cares other ranges too, they have a mass variety and all natural!!

Have a nice day/night everyone xx

Friday, 24 September 2010

Pixie Lott Collection at Lipsy

(click to enlarge)

Above are some of my favorites from Pixies new range!

I must say I'm pretty excited that pixie Lott has a collection at Lipsy!
It is however quite pricey for me...Gutted :(
however I may buy something for a photo shoot, Its going to be hard picking which one, as they are all gorge!
there are some lovely pieces which you can check here

Are you thinking of buying something from Pixie's range?
check out Pixies blog here

Monday, 20 September 2010

My christmas WANT!!

I'm already thinking about christmas, Yessss I'm mega early but what the hell I love the build up! who's with me? :)

So....I love shopping for people,but there's things that id like from Santa this year, ahem aka my boyfriend ;)

On top of this list is................PlayStation MOVE!!!

I do love my wii, but this is meant to be a million times better.
take a look at the video HERE

My boyfriend just got the PlayStation 3 slim, the old ps3 we had is broke, but wont cost alot to fix, which means il be having it.:D
Take a look at my boyfriends blog to read more on how to
fix ps3's.

Here's two more games I'm wanting for christmas!!

Little Big Planet 2

I have LBP 1 and I loveeeee it.

The sims 3

I have the sims 3 on pc but playing it on ps3 will be much better, as i loved sims on ps2.

So whats on your wish list?
Let me know!

Playstation 3 for the win :D

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Autumn Berries

"Blaze a purple haze in new berry shades. Be bold in coats, dresses & knits or add shots of juicy blackcurrent accessories to lift charcials and greys."

I recieved a Fashion union catalog through the post last week, and came across something I want to share with you, now were waving goodbye to summer, I'm looking forward to the autum fashion.
Somthing that caught my eye was the autumn berries collecetion!
I dont normally where any sort of purple, but im liking the look of these pieces!

Mix it up with a nude or pale pink...

Pretty autumn berries, :)
what do you think?
Its also my blog's birthday today! :)
Ive been blogging for one whole year!!!
So a happy birthday to my blog..& a biiiiiig thanks to all my lovely followers!!


Sunday, 12 September 2010

Saras Secret

A place for all things vintage and pretty!-
This is a secret you can share with all! :)

Today I am sharing with you all,some handmade, vintage jewelry by a fellow blogger, and a good friend.
I'm excited to show you her amazing work!
The lady behind these pretty creations is...... Claire :)I just love hand made jewelery,I love how much time and effort go into each piece, not to mention how unique yet fashionable they are.

So what has Claire named her online shop?
Saras Secret!

Pretty name!
She is currently building her online shop, but for now check out her facebook page.
here are some of my favorite pieces:
All postage for UK and Ireland is £2 per item and for International £3.50 per item.

You can see Claire's blog here:

and please, if your on facebook, become a fan of saras secret by clicking HERE
she will be updating it with new items and will hold competitions!

If you purchase anything please let me know what you got! & if your a jewelry lover and always on the look out for new hand made pieces, I hoped this helped! :)

Lauren x