Sunday, 12 September 2010

Saras Secret

A place for all things vintage and pretty!-
This is a secret you can share with all! :)

Today I am sharing with you all,some handmade, vintage jewelry by a fellow blogger, and a good friend.
I'm excited to show you her amazing work!
The lady behind these pretty creations is...... Claire :)I just love hand made jewelery,I love how much time and effort go into each piece, not to mention how unique yet fashionable they are.

So what has Claire named her online shop?
Saras Secret!

Pretty name!
She is currently building her online shop, but for now check out her facebook page.
here are some of my favorite pieces:
All postage for UK and Ireland is £2 per item and for International £3.50 per item.

You can see Claire's blog here:

and please, if your on facebook, become a fan of saras secret by clicking HERE
she will be updating it with new items and will hold competitions!

If you purchase anything please let me know what you got! & if your a jewelry lover and always on the look out for new hand made pieces, I hoped this helped! :)

Lauren x


The Fashion Teller said...

Thanks sooooo much lovely :) So nice of you to do this and a wonderful surprise :) xoxo

Lauren ♥ said...

No problem at all honey, I hope you get more fans following your lovely creations out of this post xx

LilyRibbons said...

Love all the pieces youve shown! so talented huh! xx