Friday, 29 January 2010

Soap + Glory Hatbox Reviews #2

A thumbs up to the Hand Food, I have found my favorite hand cream! :)
I keep this little bottle in my bag, as its the perfect size.
I really suggest you try this if your looking for a hand cream that smells lovely, and makes your hands super duper soft!
My soapy rating for Hand food is:

A Thumbs down to Hair supply + Sexy mother pucker lip gloss.
These are the only two products i don't like out of the whole box.
SO the rest of the reviews in the future from me will be good happy ones.
Hair supply is a hair treatment that's meant to condition your hair, but i was rather disappointed. it left my hair dry and lifeless.
I give Hair supply a soapy rating of:

Sexy mother pucker lip gloss is awful! I applied this on my lips Christmas day and the tingly feeling it gives you made me cringe, I had to wipe this off my lips straight away,
it felt as tho my lips wer burning, I asked a few girls if they have experienced the same, they said they did with the hatbox version but not the normal..hmmm I need to investigate!

Not happy!
so I'm give mother pucker lip gloss a sucky soapy

Stay tuned for more reviews on soap and glory!
Love Lauren

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Skin MD Natural Giveaway! *CLOSED*

As the title says I'm holding a giving away.
You have a chance to win Skin MD Natural shielding lotion!
I have done a review on this which you can find here

It's a full size bottle, (RRP £14.99)
The lady offered me to give a bottle away to one of my lovely readers!
& It will get sent to you directly from Skin MD natural themselves

The rules:
1) This giveaway is open to my followers only
2) Comment below saying, Enter me + telling me your favorite moisturizer
3) You Must enter before the closing date
4) This giveaway is open internationally!
5) This giveaway ends on Wednesday 10th February at midnight GMT
6) If you post this giveaway on your blog it will give you a double entry, just make sure you link me :)

I'll be using random org to pick the winner.
& That's about it! Good luck everyone!

Lauren xox

Monday, 25 January 2010

Skin MD Natural Lotion

Skin MD natural shielding lotion
Face, Hand & Body.

I was contacted by a lovely lady who works for skin MD to review this product.
I had a little look at there website and was excited to see what this lotion actually does!
2 weeks ago I got a lovely package all the way from Beverly hills.
They sent me a full size bottle to review so here it is!

I have been using this lotion for the past 2 weeks
writing down notes on what I thought...
The consistency
I first applied this lotion on to my legs,
The lotion its self is very thin, but you only need a tiny amount, as it spreads quite alot. The first thing I noticed was how quickly it absorbed.
I hate lotions that feel thick on your skin, and that feeling you get of a film being left behind.
It is not greasy at all! In fact the only evidence you get from this being on your skin is how soft you feel afterwards.
The smell
I have to say this smells like baby products!
having a daughter Ive used many lotions etc, this smells very similar to infacare bubble bath if you've ever tried that?!
Its a lovely smell!
Here's what it looks like...

As you can tell from the picture it is a very light cream.
I have found a very good improvement in my skin, in particularly my legs, Ive also used this on my belly.
I'm about to start using it on my face as a night cream,
I may do a before and after type post, to see how well it works on my face.
From the first application i was impressed, I'm not saying this lotion will work miracles, but it will help. It has done for me anyway.
More info on this product
On the bottle MD natural claims:
  • Far more effective than conventional moisturizers
  • Promptly absorbs transforming the outer layer of the skin into a hydrating invisible shield

The Directions & Ingredients (Click to enlarge)

They also gave me some leaflets, which give some great reviews.
and it also gives so much more great information,
The lotion contains natural ingredient's such as aloe Vera & vitamin E.
I have a body shop moisturizer that Ive raved about on here before, which contains vitamin E, its the best for the skin!

The main thing I'm impressed about is the fact it has a anti aging formula,
I'm only 20 but I want to help prevent wrinkles starting from now, I don't think your ever too young to start.
As I said I will be using this lotion my face every night,Il keep you updated on how its goes.
This lotion is very popular for older people, one older lady claims in the leaflet that her wrinkles are not as deep anymore.
You can find out more about this range here:

I am also going to do a give away on this product,
Skin Md have kindly offered me to do a giveaway and they will ship to the winner directly!
So if your happy to try this lotion.... watch this space!!......

Love Lauren x

Thursday, 21 January 2010

I hit lush...again! Haul& a Lush Hand Massage Tip

Howdy folks :)
I just couldnt keep away for much longer!
after reading all your lovely reviews on some products I was urging to go.
Me having no debit card atm, & my neartest Lush being in leeds (a train ride away)
I was stuck over christmas, due to heavy snow, and not wanting to travel that far!
But today I went.. yay!!

I know some people are being really hesitent to do lush hauls/ reviews anymore because loads of bloggers are doing it, but please dont let it stop you, every review is different, and personally I love reading about them, i dont think theres been one i havent read on my list. I also have followers on here that like my lush reviews and hauls, so here we are! :)
As I suspected, no more chirstmas gift boxes left! & no spend £20 and get a bag free. But as I sat having a hand massage (more about that later) the manager shouted out: If you spend £15 youll get a free gift to pick from a basket :]
so thats better then nowt :)

I was going to get the head shoulders knees and toes set, but changed my mind.
I do want to try BIG its actually on my next lush list..muhaha im planning ahead already >.< items ="">
1. Valentines range- Magic mushroom £2.25
This smells of yummy yummy yummy to me, I cant wait to try it, & its so cute.
"Cast your love spell this valentines day with our bewitching bubble bar, combining our vanillary + yummy yummy scents to create a product no one should be without.

2. A shampoo bar tin - FREE
Buy two solid shampoo bars & get this FREE! so that's what I did :)

3. Godiva solid shampoo + conditioner - £5.50
When I first smelt this I wasn't too pleased, it smelt horrible, but when you give it a good sniff (lol) it smells better, in my opinion. Its got a spicy kind of smell. & looks like it has hundreds of thousands all over it!
Its 2 in 1 which is great!
cant wait to try this.

4. American cream Conditioner 100g - £3.80
"Extra added bonus double strength conditioner. Dress up your messed up hair with a sexy vanilla cocktail whip" Love that <<>

5. Soft Solid shampoo - £4.65
This smells
AMAZING! + its such a gorgeous colour. To me this is the main scent I can smell in the lush shop. Steph recommend me to try the solid shampoos, Ive never really given it thought, but after a good review on her blog ( which you can find here) I thought id see what there like. She got 'hard' which is meant for London water, but up north were meant to have softer tadaaa I popped soft is in my basket.

6. Honey I washed the Kids soap sample *FREE*
I asked for a sample as ive been wanting to try this for a long time. I cant seem to smell it in the shop, due to all the different smells so i asked for a sample, I smelt it when I got home and its lovely!!

7. Massage bar tin - FREE

I bought two massage bars so got this free.

8. Strawberry feels forever massage bar - £5.10
I'm addicted to strawberries, I love to eat them, love there smell, I have various items of strawberry clothing & stationary & even have strawberry socks which may I add im wearing now! LOL.
So I HAD to get this, as i expected the smell is so yummy.
" Melt our strawberry bar in your hands and let the natural butters soften your skin (or someone elses)

9. Heavanilli Massage Bar - £5.10
I was going to get this on my first lush haul, but went for the fairy tale sugar scrub instead.
This smells fantastic, vaninllary me thinks, im kinda bad when describing smells! >.<

10. Christmas edition - Candy Cane bubble bar FREE
This is one of the items i picked from the freebie basket, this has to be one of my favorite lush items, and I'm so glad Ive got another, as they wont be selling anymore till next Christmas :( booo!

11. Yummy Yummy shower gel - FREE
The second of my freebies, It was a toss up between this & strawberry santa which is the shower jelly. I choose this as it smells yummmmy! (of course)

12. The comforter £3.95
The third time Ive purchased this, its just one of them old faithfuls that you have to buy and buy again,IYKWIM? I love it.
" Wraps you in a fluffy pink blanket of blackberry bubbles to keep you safe and warm."

I'm very pleased with what I got =]

A lovely lady gave me a hand massage whilst I was there too, which I believe she made up herself, maybe you'd like to try it.
Il run through with you what she did:

To start off She used Catastrophe Cosmetic fresh face mask which I've fallen in love with, it smells and feels amazing on my hands..

Then she used lemony flutter for my cuticles...

& a Vitamin C toner tab to put over the rubbed in fresh face mask, it sizzled and melted all the away! amazing!

to finish off she moisturized my hands with this, 'Ultra light' moisturizer.

My hands look and feel amazing!
they smell pretty damn good too :)
She gave me the very good idea to use the face mask as for more parts of the body,
3 weeks is a short time to use up the pots so to make sure I don't waste any, I may use catastrophe cosmetic as a hand cream too!

Hope that helps and thanks for reading!

Love Lauren

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

A Hello Kitty Shop!

Hello Kitty Heaven!
This is such a pretty shop!
Check it out.
I would love to own a shop like this...

Its B E A U T I F U L

ch-ch-check it out here!


Friday, 15 January 2010

Help For Haitai!

I'm sure many of you have heard the devastating news that hit Haitai.
A major earthquake struck Haiti on 12th January
, tens of thousands are in need of urgent assistance.

A fellow beauty guru called Gemma has put a video on YouTube to get people involved on raising the money for Haitai. This is such a great thing to do, and I'm telling all those who haven't seen it, to please please watch it and donate as much as you can.

It will be great if we all got together and made a difference.
My heart goes out to all those poor people out there.

She has two organizations you can dotate too.
And id to make it very clear that none of this money will go directly to gemma, she has just set it up and getting people involved. I know she has been receiving some nasty comments saying that it will be donanting to her.
You can also keep a eye on how much we've raised so far.
Rate, Favorite, Link, and spread the word I'm urging you!

Here is the page to donate to the DEC:

And here is the link to donate to Doctors Without Borders:

The total raised so far is
That's amazing!

Also my favorite band blink 182 released a Haitai charity support tshirt to raise even more money.
click here to find out more

Amongst the many charities is Oxfam
theres so much you can do to get involved and id appreciate it if you donate as little as £1 it would make such a difference!
Also if you have any other money raising schemes your taking part in, id love to know.
Leave a comment below!

Love Lauren

Friday, 8 January 2010

I hit the sale's!

I hit the sales last Monday..I thought it was abit late to grab any good bargains but thought id have a browse & I'm so so glad I did!
Ive been unwell over Christmas (poor me!) so was gutted when i couldn't get out on boxing day.

I'm happy with what I got though!

If you have read my previous post, I'm having a storage dilemma.
I remember everyone raving about the Blossom storage set in whsmith.
So thought id have a look if my local had one..
& I came across this cute cupcake range :]

Adorable arnt they? the girl who served me in new look later that day asked what they were when she saw my bags, and she said she was heading to smithy's to get some!
The big draw set cost me £9.99 down from £14.99 as you can see.
then I bought two photo boxes that cost me £2.99 each down from £8.99
I wont be using them as photo boxes tho, Il be putting bits and bobs, like lush bars or nail varnishes in them.
Il keep you updated on what I store in these :)

Next I headed to accessorize... find a lubberly 70% off sale.. woo get in :]
I could have bought so much more, but had to stop myself.
I have a obsession for butterflies, there beautiful and lately I have to have everything i see with butterflies..I bought the necklace above which I think is stunning!
this cost me £3.60, Normal prize: £12

Gorgeous floral printed butterfly ear ring's..
Normal price: £5
Cost me: £1.50

Again Butterfly earrings with Perl stones
Normal price: £6
Cost me: £1.80

Anchor ribbon bracelet
Normal price:£8
Cost me: £2.10

I also have an obsession for anything Paris related, esp the eiffel tower.
As my surname is Paris it means alot to me! I was so happy to see this!
Normal price: £12
Cost me: £3.60

And finally this necklace that I was going to buy months back but always forgetting to.
Another Paris necklace that is just to cute, look at the little bow!
Normal price: £6
Cost me: £1.80
I saved myself some moneys! result ;)

My boyfriend is going to have to drag me away from this shop tomorrow when we go into town, as i know i wont be able to help myself.

I also went into New look and spent £40
and got alot of bargains!
If you want to see the haul from new look let me know, but here's a sneak peek!

What did you get in the sales? Id love to know!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

The Valentine Swap..♥

The secret Santa went so well..
everyone loved there pressies!
This time Niki & Skully have set up the valentines swap.
If you would like to find out more, or take part check out there blogs!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

You're a doll Award!

I have another award! Yaay. I love awards it makes me want to blog even more.
A big big thank you to becca for giving me this. (:

Heres the rules for this award -

1. Remember to link back to the person who awarded you!- TICK :)

2. Select 5 more bloggers that you think are dolls and link them at the bottom.

3. Tell us about a character from a book/movie that you're most like.

4. Post the picture and title on your blog permanently if you'd like!

I wrecked my brain out to try and think who im like. I must be sleepy cos i couldnt think of anyone! LOL
So im sorry for copying you becca! but..
Id say im most like Becky Bloomwood from the Confessions of a Shopaholic.

As Im such a shopaholic! simples!

My Five blog awards go to:

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Foot prints in the snow...

I have just been outside with my little daughter in the snow!
I thought Id share some piccies with you.
We have had heavy snow here for the past two days..

Look at my poor slipper boots! There lost!!

Do you have snow?
I must say It feels christmasy still.
Even tho I have taken down my decs!
It is beautiful everything looks so clean and fresh, it makes me feel so chilled!!
well, literary its freeezing!


Sunday, 3 January 2010

Soap & Glory: iFoam Body Wash

This is the first of the soap and glory products I have tried.
iFoam ultra creamy body wash has made me even more excited to try the rest of the hat box product's!
I'm going to start the review by saying how much I bloody well love it!
The smell is has a strong scent of oranges & cream and grape fruit i believe.
I didn't use this wash in the shower, I was actually having a lush creamy candy bath.
Thought id try something new and picked this up!
as I applied the wash to my hands it firstly reminded me of some lotion, its so creamy!(& comes out rather fast)
but that's why it works so well.
It can replace your body lotion if you apply it twice.
I began to lather the lotion with my hands on to my arms and was so surprised how much bubbles it created!
After rinsing, I admittedly noticed how soft my skin was.
Completely pleased with this product I must say!
The smell lingered on my skin for a few hours too!

I give this S&G baby a 5/5!