Sunday, 28 February 2010

I heart you Lush!

Another thing I love about lush is there great customer service.
I sent a email to lush after I had the allergic reaction to a mask, asking for some advise..
they offered to send me some items to say sorry (even tho I wasn't complaining to them)
which I thought was lovely of them.
I also attached a picture of me and my red face, (they must have felt sorry for me! LOL)
I was only expecting a couple of items but ended up with all this!
I twitted the picture above the morning I received the parcel as I was so happy.
They even sent me 'blonde' which I mentioned I wanted to try.
So this is what I got:
The Olive Branch (Shower gel)
Eau- Roma Water (toner)
Aqua Marina (Cleanser)
Creamy Candy Bath (Bubble bar)
Ultra Bland (Cleanser)
The Blonde (Solid Shampoo)

The olive branch shower gel- I've purchased before, its truly amazing! but went out of date quite quickly, luckily this one lasts till next year :]
Creamy Candy bubble bar is one of my favorites, so I'm so pleased I got a new one!

The Blonde

I'm wanting my hair lighter, so when my friend said there was a lush shampoo out that claims to bring out your natural blonde/ mousey brown hair, i was excited!
My natural hair colour is a mousey brown on the verge of blonde, but i havent seen it for years! Ive been dying my hair black,dark brown since I was 16.
I never let my hair grow out as I get fed up of waiting,
Hopefully this will speed up the process! Il keep you all updated tho.
Ive used it twice, It smells gorgeous, and you use it just as you would a soap,
I rub it in my hands then apply to my hair, it lathers up really well!
Ive recently put blonde high lights in my hair, so far this shampoo has made them lighter.
Although I do want to go blonde, I'm also thinking of going red, a cherry red.
See what I mean when i say i get fed up and turn to hair dye? Its a habbit.
Although this time I'm wanting to try the Lush hennas which are great for your hair and have more affect then a box hair dye
You can find out more about them here.

Aqua Marina

A skin softening seaweed cleansing wash.
It smells horrible IMO, but its meant to be really good for your skin,
I haven't tried this yet but if anyone wants a review, you know what to do!

Ultra Bland
Smell's of honey :]
because basically that's what it is made up of..
On my last lush visit the lady tried abit on my arm, and I did want to purchase it.
I was on a budget so didn't, I'm so happy they popped this in with my goodies.
The lady was telling me how she uses this as a night cleanser to take off her make up.
She said it removes everything and doesn't take a lot of effort..
I did the same, and she was right, it even removed my waterproof liquid eyeliner!
This is what it looks like...

Thanks for reading Guys + dolls, expect a Lush favorites post coming up soon!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

My new Love for Soft Neutrals

Nudes, salmon Pink,pale pink,peaches..
are all my new favorite colours to wear! I just think there so pretty, I'm loving this seasons clothes so much! I recently went to primark, and all the clothes I picked up were peach or pale pinks.
Above is whats on my wish list, The tops are adorable, The jumper that's from topshop would go lovely with skinny jeans or jeggings and those cute ballerina pumps, followed with a cute follower clip/ bobble.

Finished off with barry m's marsh mellow pink or mulberry pink nail paint.
& My oh my I'm in love with that bag!!! urgh if only I had the money!
Its just a shame I'm to scared to try a nude lipstick, maybe I should just bite the bullet and try one? Any recommendations?

What colours are you rating this season?

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Lush: Haul,mini review,New easter + Mothers day items!

It's that time again my lovelies!
I had another lush trip last week, and thought id share with you what I gots myself :)
My best mate steph came up to stay with me for 4 days, we had such a great time!
Thursday we went to Leeds to have a good old spend up.
We went to tkmaxx, Lush and primark.
Three shops isn't alot but we spent so long in each one, after an hour in lush and 2 hours in primark, (my god what are we like??) we had to go home as it was so late
haha :')
In Lush..
The ladies gave us a little arm and hand massage where I tried out some new products including ocean salt, and ultra bland (which I so want)
also the very expensive gorgeous cream that was designed for Princess Diana herself.
the lady gave me a sneaky sample to take home too, so let me know if you'd like a review, i haven't seen any around the beauty bloggers community.
All the products I bought are first time purchases so I'm excited to see how I get on with them.
This is what I bought:
1. Happy Blooming
2. Mmm Melting Marshmallow Moment
3. Space Girl
4. A sample of Vanilla in the mist soap.- steph asked the lady for this as she wants me to try it, big sample huh?
5. Bubble gum sugar lip scrub
6. Angels on bare skin sample- Ive used this, and my gosh its AMAZING!
I also bought two vitamin C toner tabs + A face mask which il mention later.

A Mini Review on the Bubble Gum Lip scrub

Wow this is love. Steph let me try hers before buying this, and immediately i fell in love with it, it smells de-lish, and tastes it too!
My lips feel so soft thanks to this baby, its such a genius idea, I mean who would have thought to put sugar on your lips?
I wipe the excess sugar after scrubbing as I don't want to look like I've just eaten a very sugary cake or something.
Altho its very pink, (not editing either) it doesn't leave your lips pink, in fact theres no colour what so ever, which is a good thing.
Ive heard some people say that there lip scrub lasts 3 months? well all the ones in the shop last a its worth the money, I can see this lasting a long time.

Okay so to the face mask I bought..
This is a sad story a very sad story..
..and I'm sure if stephs reading this shes laughing to herself (meanie) lol
as she was there..

Me and steph were getting excited to going out, I decided to have little pampering session,
I used the vitamin c toner tab, then applied this face mask. as the lady in the shop said the tab opens your pours and helps the face mask to work better.
So I did so.. and I actually loved this face mask!! it smelt de-lish!
the best I had tried by lush, cupcake and oatafix made me gag! >.< class="blsp-spelling-corrected" id="SPELLING_ERROR_29">that's
I was thinking to myself, I can see me re purchasing this and its just Devinne.
I washed it off after 10 minutes, no problems what so ever, my face felt re freshed. Great!
That night I went to put my make up on for the night out, I applied my body shop vitamin E moisturiser as I always do before applying foundation, I applied a dab to my cheeks,chin nose and forehead as usual.
rubbed it in...
My face started to turn red..and started to sting..ouch..
I went upstairs to wash my face with cold water, as I thought i was just hot.
came back down stairs to the mirror and make up, I still looked red but thought hey whatever, and applied some foundation...then my face felt like it was on fire, it was really burning. Steph looked at me and she knew something was up..
I looked like soo red. it was awful, it felt and looked like i had been under the sun for 10 hours and really sun burnt, my face was soo painful.
I had an allergic reaction..but i was confused because I always use the body shop moisturiser, its actually my favorite.
then i looked in the mirror,
and noticed that everything was red except around my eyes, and then it hit me that's how i applied the face mask.
It could have been the mixture of the face mask and vitamin e cream, or could have been the mixture of the cream face mask and toner tab.
I am so scared to use any of them again, as I've never had an allergic reaction before.
it scared me a little, I had to sit with sudocrem on my face all night just to calm it down.
it worked thank god, but i had to cancel going out! :(
The next night i was so scared to put anything on my face..
i tried a baby wipe and even that stung me.
the only thing I've tried since then is angels on bare skin..which thankfully was okay.
I'm no longer using a lush face mask, just in case. I'm so sad tho as i thought they wer great.
I hope I haven't scared you into buying them, as it may have just been a one of for me!

Anyway this is what it looks breaks my heart that i cant use it again! lol..

Here's the new Mothers day items! taken from my lush times;
[click to enlarge]

The lady in lush who I always see, came up to me straight away holding the flowers there so so sweet!
The pink one smells of...SNOW FAIRY!! omg! steph bought one, I'm going to buy one nearer mothers day. The lady said if you plant the tag lovely flowers will grow as its packed full of seeds, how sweet is that??

The Easter items!

There all so freakin cute!
You have two gift boxes..(in the shape of giant easter eggs)
1. Happy Easter (pink) contains: creamy candy bubble bar, rock star soap and candy fluff bath ballistic £9.95
2.Happy easter (yellow) contains: Ma bar bubble bar, Honey I washed the kids soap, and honey bee bath ballistic
3.Happy chick £1.85
4. Ickle baby bot bath ballistic £1.75
5. Candy fluff egg bath ballistic £2.75
6.Honey bun bath ballistic £1.90
7. Dorothy Bubble bar £2.80

There all so cheap i cant wait to try these!
what are you most looking forward to trying?

If you want any reviews on anything let me know!

Love Lauren xox

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


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My Make-up Storage

There isn't much make up to put in my storage, but this year I'm hoping to fill it up! Out with the old and in with the new :)

Draw #1

Nail polishes!

Draw #2

Eyeko nail paints!

Draw #3

Lip stuff
Lip glosses

Draw #4

Eye shadows!
inc palettes
+ primer

Draw #5
Mixture of eye make up
Liquid eyeliners
+ the garnier eye roll on

Draw #6
A mixture of everything...
Eyebrow palette
Vitamin E Moisturiser
Eyeko tinted moisturiser
Eyeko 3 in 1 cream
Cover sticks

See not alot! but I thought id share!
Hope you all had a wicked weekend!!

Monday, 15 February 2010

My Wish List

Have you noticed I hardly write any make up related posts? this is about to change my lovelies!
When putting all my make up into storage, I realised that I didn't actually have alot compared to most people, and i haven't tried many brands!
Claire (click her name to check out her blog) and I have decided to have a little make up swap! The limit will be around £20 and the aim is to try new make up brands/products we haven't used or bought!
Very exciting!
I'm going to show you my wish list, bare in mind theres quite alot here, it just goes to show how many brands I need to try.
Let's start with Barry M;

Barry M must be my favorite make up brand! Although I haven't got many items? this must change! I love colour, bright pretty stunning colours and barry M is the most colourful name in cosmetics, to me anyway. So here's what I want to try....

Lip Gloss wand:
Bubble gum pink & strawberries and cream

Kohl Pencils-
Metallic cobalt blue
Metallic turquoise

Dazzle dusts, I love these so much! These are what I want to try next...
Electric Blue
Pink/gold (in no 3)
Black purple

Nail paint: Bright Purple

Now to foundation, I want a new nude as I'm getting bored of my maybelline superstay silky foundation!
Here's what I'm thinking of getting....

The body shops Moisture foundation
Collection 2000 Lasting perfection

Next up is lipsticks, which may I add i haven't got on with in the past, I've always been a lip gloss girl, I finally took the plunge and I ordered barry M's 101, I tried it on and It didn't work at all for me. My lips looked so dry and I looked ill! this has scared me to say the least... so no nudes for a while! I do want to get into lipsticks tho, so I'm looking for a pale pink that is very moisturising, and makes my lips feel 'plump' Ive found these two brands...

Maybelline colour sensation in : Amber Rose + Pink Perl
The body shop Colour glide: in either sheer pink or clover pink, I'm excited to try these :)

Concealer: Ive heard good reviews about all three of these, I am in huge need of a new one, as the one i have isn't working!

Gosh touch up concealer
Maybelline Mineral Power
Garnier Caffeine Anti-dark Circles 2-in-1 Roll-on

Bronzer- Now its nearly spring I like to start wearing bronzer, I try and buy a new one every year.

E.L.F Bronzer in warm
17 Instant Glow bronzing powder

I have only one e.l.f studio item, which I lurveee so im eager to try out some more! Here's on top of my list;

E.L.F studio brushes;
I have elf's regular range brushes and I love them, so Its only right to try the studio range! Id like these to start with...
Complexion brush
Kabuki Brush
Eye shadow C brush
Angled foundation brush

I am so excited to try out this next product! I really want it! haha!
E.LF Studio eyeliner and shadow stick
I cant pick which shades id like to try out first! here's the top 3..

I have dyed hair, normally dark brown, my natural hair colour is a mousey brown which is on the verge to ash blonde so as you can imagaine my eyebrows always need a tint as there very light! Which brings me to the next item..
E.L.F studio eyebrow kit in Dark

I need some shampoo for my brushes so this from Elf is perfect!

Gosh eyeliner in black. I need a new black eyeliner, this body shop or barry M is what I'm thinking, Can you recommend anything for me? I need one that can smudge easier and lasts ages!

I have 2 blushers, E.L.F and I cant think of the other one dammit!
I want a new one, I don't know which make yet tho..whats your favorite?

I'm looking for a pale pink, or a peachy natural shade!

The Body Shop Make up: A brand I really want to try!
I love these trip eye shadows from the body shop, I really want one! not sure which colour yet so maybe you can help me pick! also loving the blusher range!

Brand's id like to try more of are;

So I hope you come back to see how my make up collection builds up..
Il be reviewing all my new make up for you so make sure to come back!
Thanks for reading guys + dolls!
This post took me ageees! the longest time consuming blog yet!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Valentine's Day - Me + My Boyfriend

I love this time of the year! OK so we don't need one day to show how much we love each other, but its nice to have a day to celebrate what we do have and share the past year we've had together.

Everything in the shop's for valentines, is so pretty! I'm a such a sucker for pink cute cupcake, hearty bears, and balloon's, but deep down most girls would agree...

Here's me and Scott...

Was you expecting a happy lovey dovey pic??? lol sorry... this is me and Scott's relationship down to a tee. Were so immature! that was us Halloween 2009..
OK to a more 'lovey dove' pic...
:) we've known each other since July 2006, was an official item in May 2007 and still going strong :) we have a beautiful 14 month old daughter, who we love to pieces.
Why not do a post on your other half? I'm tagging you!
To those single ladies (and gents) who are reading this, you'll find your true love one day. Cupid just hasn't found you yet! xxxxx

Happy Valentines day my beautiful follower's!

p.s.... Don't you just want to reach into the screen and take a slice of this?? YUM!!


picture's taken from

Thursday, 11 February 2010

What's the BIG deal?

What's the BIG deal?

People rave about Lush's shampoo called Big,
its bar far the most popular lush shampoo out there..
Here's a post just to let you know...
I also think it's amazing!
I love everything from the smell to the way it leaves my hair super silky soft.
I was going to buy Big on my next lush haul.
But i was very kindly sent a full size from my secret Valentine! I was (and still) so excited!

Big smells soo fresh. It remind's me of the seaside. So it should really, Big contains Raw sea salt, sea weed and lime juice!
Here's what it look's like...

It was like picking up a wet clump of sand, never have I experienced shampoo like this. I only wash my hair once with this, every other shampoo i normally have 2 washes, then apply the conditioner.
Just a small amount is needed as it lathers really well. its very heavy on the hair, & take's alot of washing to get the salt out, but that's the only negative I can think of.

I used American cream as my conditioner.
which also smells gorgeous!! vanilla and sweet.
Even tho I do like American cream I want to try out the other Lush conditioner's, whats your favorite one? Do you like big? do you want to try it?
Let me know :)

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

L'OREAL Elvive Full restore 5 Hair Care

I have been meaning to do this review for a while.
I am no longer using these products, Ive moved on to lush hair care.
However I thought id let you all know what I thought about them.
When ever I buy a new shampoo and conditioner I always end up buying the whole range.
Above you will see (from left to right) The leave in conditioner, normal conditioner,shampoo + mask.

I bought this range when my hair needed a huuuge pick me up.
I dyed my hair about 6-7 times in 2009, so can you imagine how damaged it actually was?
it was dead and needed its life back. I was hoping to grow it, but il talk more about that later.
When I went to buy the shampoo and conditioner at the check out the girl told me how i terrible the shampoo and conditioner is, and that it left her hair like straw, she said its very popular lots of girls have purchased them but she didn't think it was "all that"
I didn't know what to say, I just said "oh well every hair is different il give it ago.."
and I'm so happy I did.
It worked fine on my hair, I have stopped straightening my hair for the time being, i thought it needed a little break from the heat.
The shampoo and conditioner certainly revived my hair, I'm not saying its as healthy as Cheryl Cole's hair looks in the advert (altho they are extensions :/)
but it certainly made a difference.
My hair felt softer and shiner then ever.
So i went out and bought the mask, and the leave in conditioner.
I used the mask once a week for 15 Min's. It did wonders for my hair and I'm not just saying it!
Although it worked for my hair, I'm not saying it will work for yours, every hair is different as i said so i don't want anyone wasting there money on the whole range.
If you can buy the smaller versions it would be better!
I thought that's enough restoring, and I've changed back to normal shampoo and conditioner.
well not normal, these lush hair cares are far more special then the average herbal essences!
These are natural shampoos with no chemicals, FRESH! Well hello its lush do they ever sell anything but fresh?
A full review on Big will be soon, plus the shampoo bars and a American cream review!

My hair has been cut since my last FOTD, its shorter, more choppy and more healthy!
a pic will be up soon!
Until then..
have a lovely Wednesday!
Love Lauren

A Cupcake Review

I won a lush raffle on twitter, & my prize was cupcake! I thought id do a mini review on it, I'm saying mini because there's not much to say! Ive used it twice so far so il tell you what I think so far :) So what is it? Its a face mask, a FRESH face mask. Which means it only lasts 3 weeks, you have to keep them in the fridge so they don't go 'off' that's how fresh they are! I have purchased Oatafix from lush, + even tho it was brilliant on my skin, I couldn't stand the smell, it actually made me gag! so I only used it once.
This is what cupcake looks like....

.... Look's like chocolate ice cream doesn't it? it smells like chocolate too, but not a pleasant chocolaty smell, (to me anyway) the smell is quite off putting for me! I don't know weather its because the mask was left out of a fridge too long whilst in the post..
It's very thick, like most lush masks. it actually felt like I was putting ice cream or mud on my face! it is very refreshing nether the less. I know its very tempting to eat, as it looks like chocolate moose, but please don't :) I got a bit on my lip and it tasted awful, anyway its not edible ;)
If you notice on my last FOTD i had some spots come up around my mouth, (due to the time of the month) sorry guys if your reading this! haha! I sometimes get them as you do... anyway I used cupcake and they went.. so quite pleased with cupcake :) just the smell is making me think twice. Il smell a new one in lush next time I go and see if its the same.
I'm hoping to get Catastrophe Cosmetic next time, it smells like blueberries! I'm excited to try that. Over all I give cupcake a 3/5 of lushness :)
Have a nice Day!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010