Sunday, 28 February 2010

I heart you Lush!

Another thing I love about lush is there great customer service.
I sent a email to lush after I had the allergic reaction to a mask, asking for some advise..
they offered to send me some items to say sorry (even tho I wasn't complaining to them)
which I thought was lovely of them.
I also attached a picture of me and my red face, (they must have felt sorry for me! LOL)
I was only expecting a couple of items but ended up with all this!
I twitted the picture above the morning I received the parcel as I was so happy.
They even sent me 'blonde' which I mentioned I wanted to try.
So this is what I got:
The Olive Branch (Shower gel)
Eau- Roma Water (toner)
Aqua Marina (Cleanser)
Creamy Candy Bath (Bubble bar)
Ultra Bland (Cleanser)
The Blonde (Solid Shampoo)

The olive branch shower gel- I've purchased before, its truly amazing! but went out of date quite quickly, luckily this one lasts till next year :]
Creamy Candy bubble bar is one of my favorites, so I'm so pleased I got a new one!

The Blonde

I'm wanting my hair lighter, so when my friend said there was a lush shampoo out that claims to bring out your natural blonde/ mousey brown hair, i was excited!
My natural hair colour is a mousey brown on the verge of blonde, but i havent seen it for years! Ive been dying my hair black,dark brown since I was 16.
I never let my hair grow out as I get fed up of waiting,
Hopefully this will speed up the process! Il keep you all updated tho.
Ive used it twice, It smells gorgeous, and you use it just as you would a soap,
I rub it in my hands then apply to my hair, it lathers up really well!
Ive recently put blonde high lights in my hair, so far this shampoo has made them lighter.
Although I do want to go blonde, I'm also thinking of going red, a cherry red.
See what I mean when i say i get fed up and turn to hair dye? Its a habbit.
Although this time I'm wanting to try the Lush hennas which are great for your hair and have more affect then a box hair dye
You can find out more about them here.

Aqua Marina

A skin softening seaweed cleansing wash.
It smells horrible IMO, but its meant to be really good for your skin,
I haven't tried this yet but if anyone wants a review, you know what to do!

Ultra Bland
Smell's of honey :]
because basically that's what it is made up of..
On my last lush visit the lady tried abit on my arm, and I did want to purchase it.
I was on a budget so didn't, I'm so happy they popped this in with my goodies.
The lady was telling me how she uses this as a night cleanser to take off her make up.
She said it removes everything and doesn't take a lot of effort..
I did the same, and she was right, it even removed my waterproof liquid eyeliner!
This is what it looks like...

Thanks for reading Guys + dolls, expect a Lush favorites post coming up soon!


The Fashion Teller said...

Bless them! That's fabulous customer service for you :) xoxo

♥ Netty's World ♥ said...

Wow, that was so nice of them! Rare in today's society... Lush is amazing!!

Anonymous said...

haha they definately felt terrible! atleast they nice about it<3

TKOmulatta said...

that is great customer service! all the products you mentioned look great! the aqua marina looks like a little tube of ice cream. :)

Anonymous said...

Thats sooo kind of them! Lush sales people are the best! :)

*Peonies and lilies* said...

That was so nice of them, great customer service! x

Dreams That Glitter said...

Great LUSH haul! In particular, Aqua Marina, Ultrabland and Eau Roma water are magical. Enjoy!


Monika said...

Lush <3 They do have fantastic customer service! I got a really gross smelling Honey I washed the kids in my gift box so they sent me a replacement along with two other goodies. They must have really felt sorry for you...they sent you loooads and full size? awesome. I really want to try ultra bland

Anonymous said...

Love LUSH hauls! I have a 15% coupon that I've been wanting to spend so I think I may get blonde, I've never heard about it, sounds amazing! Thanks for the review!

Lauren said...

That was really lovely of them.

I love lush!

PS. Love reading your blog, if you get chance, check mine out too.

After all, we both have the same name! Haha :)


Anonymous said...

What great customer service! Lush are so lovely! xx

Eliza said...

Wow thats so nice of them!!
and, I might just lie and see if they send me anything hahaha I joke
but awwww thats so good!

Let us know how everything goes!
hope your red face gets better ;)

LoveE x

Jessica Lucy said...

thank you so much for becoming my first follower! <3 i really appreciate it!

oh and i might just complain to lush now and get lotsa lovely things..! :) x

Lauren ♥ said...

No problem :)

Ahh dont, thats not nice to lush, Only do it if theres a Real problem.

Brandy Shaloo said...

love Lush. they have really nice stuff and it's fun to check out the different soaps etc.
the people in the stores are mostly really nice and helpful

Pea. said...

Bless Lush!
I've just used their caca rouge henna hairdye to dye my hair red. It went pretty gingery, but if you keep using it over a period of about 3 days I think it's meant to go a really nice red colour. It's made my hair beautifully soft!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren! Wow, that is good customer service. Just found your blog, it is great. Am following :-)

Anonymous said...

I bought Ultra bland the other day too and i am loving it so much right now!! Your blog is so pretty, thanks for following me too :) x

Anonymous said...

Hey I totally got The Blonde Shampoo Bar and I am loving it! Thanks for the review!