Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A Cupcake Review

I won a lush raffle on twitter, & my prize was cupcake! I thought id do a mini review on it, I'm saying mini because there's not much to say! Ive used it twice so far so il tell you what I think so far :) So what is it? Its a face mask, a FRESH face mask. Which means it only lasts 3 weeks, you have to keep them in the fridge so they don't go 'off' that's how fresh they are! I have purchased Oatafix from lush, + even tho it was brilliant on my skin, I couldn't stand the smell, it actually made me gag! so I only used it once.
This is what cupcake looks like....

.... Look's like chocolate ice cream doesn't it? it smells like chocolate too, but not a pleasant chocolaty smell, (to me anyway) the smell is quite off putting for me! I don't know weather its because the mask was left out of a fridge too long whilst in the post..
It's very thick, like most lush masks. it actually felt like I was putting ice cream or mud on my face! it is very refreshing nether the less. I know its very tempting to eat, as it looks like chocolate moose, but please don't :) I got a bit on my lip and it tasted awful, anyway its not edible ;)
If you notice on my last FOTD i had some spots come up around my mouth, (due to the time of the month) sorry guys if your reading this! haha! I sometimes get them as you do... anyway I used cupcake and they went.. so quite pleased with cupcake :) just the smell is making me think twice. Il smell a new one in lush next time I go and see if its the same.
I'm hoping to get Catastrophe Cosmetic next time, it smells like blueberries! I'm excited to try that. Over all I give cupcake a 3/5 of lushness :)
Have a nice Day!


TIMMY said...

I thought it was a review on a cupcake till i read it lol! What a dick i am x

lenny said...

that actually reminds me of ben & jerrys. hehe. i want a tub now! never tried a face mask from lush before, but if it helps to clear up spots i'm there x

Lauren ♥ said...

mmm ben + jerrys!
there defently worth a try lenny!

LOL timmy! It looks as yummy as a cupcake!

Anonymous said...

I love lush reviews! Such a shame about the smell, although it looks devine to eat... xoxo

EmilyPaige92 said...

This was the first Lush Face Mask I tried, and it very nearly put me off them for life!
The smell of mine was terrible, and I couldn't even think about putting it on my face! I kept it in the fridge until it's expiry date, hoping that it might get better, but everytime I opened the lid it made me feel sick :(

The next time I went in I bought the Love Lettuce one and I lovedddd it :)

- Carly-Anne ♥ said...

I really like Lush face masks, I haven't tried this one yet. I've seen a few good reviews- I will have to give it a whirl. x

jennie said...

Looking at it is making me crave chocolate ice cream hehe. Glad to hear that it's been working for you. xo

Stephanie said...

I'm glad its worked for you huni, to be honest I hate this face-mask im not a happy bunny I tried it and it smells aweful and didnt really do anything for my face either. I left it on for a couple of hours but had to wash my face because every-time I moved Id smell it.

I might try a different Lush face mask tho, but have to try smell it in store lol x

streetlighteyes said...

Great review ^.^ It actually looks like something I would want to eat!
Really keen to try some of the Lush facemasks!