Sunday, 26 February 2012

My pretty dressing table

I have been wanting a dressing table since moving into my own house in 2009, but have no luck in finding the right one. I have found a few in the past that were my 'dream' dressing tables, but they were way to much money! However I was browsing amazon and I found this dressing table. I love it! Its the colour I was after, the right size, and it is just so pretty. I paid £130 for it, and the stool was £75 from another seller, however I think the stall matches the table!
 As my boyfriend was fitting the table he mentioned how it reminds him of something a princess would have. Putting it together was SO easy that I could of done it myself, it took less then 5minutes! The hard part was putting the stool together would you believe. The stool is by Julian Bowen if you was wondering.
Here's what I have on my table..

 A picture of my gorgeous daughter Elise, in a pretty butterfly frame from boots Christmas collection.
 Princess by Vera Wang perfume
 Black star by Avril Lavigne perfume
 My hello kitty jewelry box also from the boots Christmas collection.

You can fit alot into the draws of the dressing table, I could quite easily fit all my make up in one draw, but prefer my cupcake storage.
I have in there at the moment my dsi, psp, naked 2 pallet, tanger teezer, chargers,empty make up bags, camera, few lush products and a few opi nail polishes.

For something cheap (compared to most dressing tables) I believe It was a great find, and I'm glad I waited to find my perfect dressing table!


Thursday, 23 February 2012

Sparrow me the drama

 Sparrow me the drama OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection

A pretty pastel pink,that I will be wearing alot this spring/summer. The colour actually matched my jeans that day!
Love it.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

REVIEW- Lee Stafford Hair Growth Range

 After putting my hair through hell the past few years I decided to give it a break. Dying it black at 16 then leading up to now I have been all shades of brown, and going bleach blonde in summer of 2010 you could imagine how dry and brittle my hair was.
For this reason my hair as been short for the past few years. When I was 16 I cut my hip length hair very short and dyed it black, I had a emo/scene hair style, which I liked at the time but looking back now I'm now thinking, Lauren..emo? WHY, seriously!

I haven't dyed my hair for over a year now, which is a big deal for me, I hate having roots and  get bored easily. Luckily last year was the year ombre-ing was big, and It looked like I had ombre hair.
I have naturally mousey brown hair, and the tips were lighter,it looked OK. Now, my own hair colour is fully though and feeling much healthier!
This is turning into a hair history post. I forgives;) The point I am reaching is, I am now growing my hair, and for that reason I had to stop dying it, to get it back into a healthy state, I have been keeping up with regular trims as there very important in growing hair, and I am happy to report that my hair is growing! Now this leads up to the products that have been helping me...

I will talk about the Hair growth treatment first, as they are the first products I tried in the range.

 I have gone through about 7 of these pots,there quite pricey but I stock up when theres offers on, on lee stafford products. I purchased 3 pots for £12 in boots in October 2011, and they last me quite a long time, but the question is do they work?

To a point yes they do work, but they will not magically grow your hair over night. You need to keep using them, it says to use them every wash until you see an improvement then use twice a week. That is what I did at first. What the growth treatment actually does is repair your hair, so it doesn't break, thefore helping it grow. Your hair cannot grow if you have broken/damaged ends. 

When I heard that the shampoo and conditioner was out in the range I admit I got a little excited, as the growth treatment worked lovely on my hair. Leaving it soft, looking healthy helping my ends. So I quickly went to my local boots to pick them up. I have used them about 5 times in total, you only need a small amount of each as they are quite thick.

The first wash left my hair feeling ever so soft and manageable. I have quite thick wavy hair, so blow drying and straighting takes a while, but on the first wash it took less time. I don't know why that was because I haven't had the same experience since, I use the shampoo and conditioner once a week along with the growth treatment, as  the shampoo  and conditioner seems to leave my hair quite dry. I use my Lush hair care or Tigi products on the days I'm not using these.

I should of stuck to just using the growth treatment as its working for me. I don't know what else I expected with the shampoo and conditioner, faster growing? unlikely.. The most they could do is repair my hair faster, but as I said my hair is healthier now. I will stick to using the range once a week and who knows, I may have the hair length I desire by summer! I will get back to you of course.

The heat protection isn't from the growth range but I thought I would share it with you anyway as I am loving it. I spray a light mist all over my hair before blow drying and also before straightening, it doesn't drown my hair, so it doesn't take long to dry before you use your hot tongs. The smell is great and I cannot say one bad thing about it!
Have you tried this range? or thinking to do so?

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Naked 2 palette

I finally got my hands on Urban Decay Naked 2 palette! All of last year I was contemplating about getting the original naked palette, I was going to treat myself with my birthday money, but I soon learnt Naked 2 was launching and decided to wait. I am so glad that I did! The shades work more with my skin tone, but there are also some old favourites in there too!

 Swatches of my faves; Suspect, Pistol, Verve, YDK, Busted, Black out

The first eyeshadow I reached for was Busted, I don't know why, maybe it's because I used to be Busteds biggest fan? ;) I love how pigmented the eye shadows are. The brush that comes with this palette is double ended, there's a full sized brush for the eye shadow, the other brush is for your crease.

Over all I think that Naked 2 is well worth the £36 that i paid. It is the most I have paid for a make up item, but I think its well worth the investment, you have 12 stunning colours. There's a variety of textures to create the look you are going for, matte,shimmer and glitter! The palette also comes with a mini lip gloss.

Have you got any of the naked pallets?

Saturday, 18 February 2012

My first MAC order

I've been wanting to place a Mac order forever, but always chicken out because I haven't a clue what to go for. I live miles away from a Mac store so I had to go with pictures on the Internet and recommendations from you lovely ladies to help me with my first order. I really want to try a Mac foundation, but there are SO many to choose from, and I need to be colour matched, so when I visit home, (London) in a couple of months I'll be making a trip to mac!
So I knew I wanted to try a blush, A mineralize skin finish, and the lipglasses, as I am more of lip gloss girl then  lipstick. Here is what I got..

I am very happy with my purchases, and will defiantly making another order soon, so anymore recommendations would be lovely :)

Friday, 17 February 2012

Huge Lush Haul

I have collected quite a few lush products over the past few months, be warned this post is very picture heavy!
I was very lucky at Christmas time, my lovely boyfriend gifted me with a lush gift box
'Merry Christmas darling'  which came in this beautiful box..see below to see whats inside :)
The next couple of lush products was bought before christmas.
So white bath ballistic

Superstar bubble bar

Contents of 'Merry christmas darling'

Sugar babe shower scrub

Sex in the shower emotibomb

It started with a kiss lip tint

Sweet lips, lip scrub

Soft couer massage bar

Amandopondo bubble bar

Christmas eve bubble bar

Snow cake soap

Angel's delight soap

Three gold rings bubble bar

Sex bomb bath ballistic

Golden wonder bath ballistic

Tisty tosty bath ballistic

Aquatic toothy tabs

The joy of jelly shower jelly

Silky underwear dusting powder

Flying fox shower gel

Rub rub rub shower scrub

The next few lush products were bought after christmas..
Angels on bare skin cleanser, pop in the bath bubble bar

American cream conditioner, Retread conditioner, Big shampoo
Valentines range- Magic mushroom bubble bar

Rose jam bubble bar
If you would like any reviews just let me know!