Sunday, 26 February 2012

My pretty dressing table

I have been wanting a dressing table since moving into my own house in 2009, but have no luck in finding the right one. I have found a few in the past that were my 'dream' dressing tables, but they were way to much money! However I was browsing amazon and I found this dressing table. I love it! Its the colour I was after, the right size, and it is just so pretty. I paid £130 for it, and the stool was £75 from another seller, however I think the stall matches the table!
 As my boyfriend was fitting the table he mentioned how it reminds him of something a princess would have. Putting it together was SO easy that I could of done it myself, it took less then 5minutes! The hard part was putting the stool together would you believe. The stool is by Julian Bowen if you was wondering.
Here's what I have on my table..

 A picture of my gorgeous daughter Elise, in a pretty butterfly frame from boots Christmas collection.
 Princess by Vera Wang perfume
 Black star by Avril Lavigne perfume
 My hello kitty jewelry box also from the boots Christmas collection.

You can fit alot into the draws of the dressing table, I could quite easily fit all my make up in one draw, but prefer my cupcake storage.
I have in there at the moment my dsi, psp, naked 2 pallet, tanger teezer, chargers,empty make up bags, camera, few lush products and a few opi nail polishes.

For something cheap (compared to most dressing tables) I believe It was a great find, and I'm glad I waited to find my perfect dressing table!



Sian Ryan xo said...

i absolutely love this table! i have always wanted one like this! Princess is my middle name after all ;) fab find honey xo

KittyBonkers said...

OOooooo this is so lovely! I totally want a dresser like this when I move out!!
Kitty xoxox

Jackie said...

It looks so pretty and fit for a princess! I really would love one when I get a new apartment!


Miss LV said...

So cute! I wish I had a dressing table xx

Beso_Amour said...

Where did you get the mirror from?


Lauren ♥ said...

Thanks for the lovely comments ladies! <3

@Beso_Amour The mirror came with the dressing table :)


Rachael said...

ah I have this dressing table and stool, I love it! xx

MissLyndseyJA said...

aww I love your dressing table it is so pretty :) xx

hannahbabeyxo said...

I want to re decorate my room so I can have a white dressing table! yours looks perfect! X

paige said...

that is absolutely gorgeous, and such a good price!
very jealous :)