Saturday, 29 January 2011

Halo Hair Extensions Review

I have had the pleasure to try and review some amazing extensions from Halo hair. I have never worn extensions before, so I was ever so excited when halo offered me some to review. The last time I had long hair was when I was 16, after the chop I've always kept my locks short.
I choose the colour chocolate, if you are unsure of what colour you want you can always contact halo which I found was very helpful.
The extensions I received were 20" full head clip in Remy human hair in chocolate brown #4

The extensions come in this box pictured above.

28mm long clips with silicon tubing.
The clip is easy to operate you just slide down into your hair and click into place.

In the full head box you get:
4 pieces 2" wide with one clip
2 pieces 6" wide with two clips
Finally 2 pieces 8" wide with three clips
I also got two mini shampoo and conditioners with my extensions.
My first impressions when opening and feeling the hair was; my, how soft! This is 100% human hair, that has been treated and its just how I would like my own hair.I'm working towards this ;)
I wanted these extensions especially for a photo shoot. A couple days before the shoot i started to watch videos showing me how to apply the extensions. I took a big risk when trying these on for the first time, as I left it till the morning of the shoot, I was late for my train, make up done, 10 minutes to get my hair sorted! As I said I have never worn extensions so I was pretty nervous that I'd mess it all up. However i found the whole experience of putting these extensions in well and truly easy! I applied the two widest pieces at the bottom, one 6" in the middle and the smaller pieces around the top layers of my hair. I left one piece out as my hair looked full as it is.If my top layers were longer id of probably used them though.
I am very happy with how they looked, so natural. The photographer didn't even notice that my hair was fake! untill I told him. He thought it was my own :) I'm going to share with you a few pictures of me in the extensions from that shoot. For my next one, I'm going to go for a more wavy look and style the extensions.For before photo's to give you a rough idea how long my hair was before applying them skip to this post
Scroll to the bottom of this page for an exclusive discount from halo!

all images are copyright of the photographer.
Halo have very kindly given me my own code for my lovely readers to use on their site if you are wanting to make an order, you will receive a 10% discount! just type in the code:

Anymore information or questions you want to know just send me a email :)

Thanks for reading, I am having a blogging day and scheduling posts for the week including lots of hauls xx Lauren xx

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment Amazing Offer!!

Today I had to pop into town to get a few things including another lee stafford hair growth treatmeant, I hit the pan on my last, I am very impressed with it I must say, I was thinking of doing a review, but there are so many around...anyway on to the point of this post! The treatment costs £7.14 in boots, I went to the till to buy, and the lady said it is on offer, You can pick two of these up for £8! Amazing offer i must say. So if you use this or even want to try now is the perfect time to go grab them whilst stocks last. I'm unsure when the offer ends.You can buy most if not all lee stafford products in boots two for £8 so why not have a look on the website

There will be a halo hair extension review coming up this week so look out for it :)

Lauren xox

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Lauren Conrad inspired make up for photo shoot..

Hey all!
I had a had a photo shoot on the 15/01.
I had to do my own make up and hair.
I have always gone for a dramatic look with photos.
This time round I wanted to try something a little more natural..
My inspiration came from my idol Lauren Conrad. I have her new style book (which is fab) and followed the make up steps to create her signature look..which involves bronzer, a peachy blush, nude lips and liquid eye liner.. and this how it came out...
What do you think? :)


Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Fearne Cotten's Favourites Hatbox

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and new year. I did! despite being a little ill..I didn't let it ruin my day, had a perfect time with my little family, and I got some lovely things :)
I popped into my local boots to have a look at the half price gift sale. I was a bit spoilt for choice! There were such lovely things on offer, I was very close to getting the front cover eyeshadow palette book, I may still do that (if theres any left)
On to what I did get..
I picked up fearnes favourites hatbox.. £40 reduced to £20! What a bargain! It is packed full of make up chosen by fearne cotten herself.

Pretty pink bow..


Back of the make-up bag

Front of the make-up bag (love the skull design!) with leopard print powder puff
In this pretty hat box you get:
♥ A heart shaped make-up bag
♥ An eyeshadow compact, with a pretty skull design on the front :]
Three eye pencils
Two eye shimmers
A mascara
Four lip glosses
A lipstick

I will be showing you each item individually once I have better lighting for swatches so check back soon, so far I'm very impressed with the eye shadows,there totally my colours.
I have another gift set to show you too which I got for Christmas! expect that post in a couple of days.
Did you pick up anything nice in the sales?

Lauren x