Saturday, 29 January 2011

Halo Hair Extensions Review

I have had the pleasure to try and review some amazing extensions from Halo hair. I have never worn extensions before, so I was ever so excited when halo offered me some to review. The last time I had long hair was when I was 16, after the chop I've always kept my locks short.
I choose the colour chocolate, if you are unsure of what colour you want you can always contact halo which I found was very helpful.
The extensions I received were 20" full head clip in Remy human hair in chocolate brown #4

The extensions come in this box pictured above.

28mm long clips with silicon tubing.
The clip is easy to operate you just slide down into your hair and click into place.

In the full head box you get:
4 pieces 2" wide with one clip
2 pieces 6" wide with two clips
Finally 2 pieces 8" wide with three clips
I also got two mini shampoo and conditioners with my extensions.
My first impressions when opening and feeling the hair was; my, how soft! This is 100% human hair, that has been treated and its just how I would like my own hair.I'm working towards this ;)
I wanted these extensions especially for a photo shoot. A couple days before the shoot i started to watch videos showing me how to apply the extensions. I took a big risk when trying these on for the first time, as I left it till the morning of the shoot, I was late for my train, make up done, 10 minutes to get my hair sorted! As I said I have never worn extensions so I was pretty nervous that I'd mess it all up. However i found the whole experience of putting these extensions in well and truly easy! I applied the two widest pieces at the bottom, one 6" in the middle and the smaller pieces around the top layers of my hair. I left one piece out as my hair looked full as it is.If my top layers were longer id of probably used them though.
I am very happy with how they looked, so natural. The photographer didn't even notice that my hair was fake! untill I told him. He thought it was my own :) I'm going to share with you a few pictures of me in the extensions from that shoot. For my next one, I'm going to go for a more wavy look and style the extensions.For before photo's to give you a rough idea how long my hair was before applying them skip to this post
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all images are copyright of the photographer.
Halo have very kindly given me my own code for my lovely readers to use on their site if you are wanting to make an order, you will receive a 10% discount! just type in the code:

Anymore information or questions you want to know just send me a email :)

Thanks for reading, I am having a blogging day and scheduling posts for the week including lots of hauls xx Lauren xx


*Peonies and lilies* said...

You look gorgeous in your modelling pictures and you can't tell you're using fake hair at all x

Lauren ♥ said...

Thank you so much honey :) x

Claire Elizabeth said...

you look gorgeous in the pictures! :) I've always wanted to try hair extensions - mainly to give my hair more volume! I'll have to check out Halo :) x

Lauren said...

Hey sweetie, thought you might be interested in a blog meet up i'm holding in sheffield at the end of next month. Here's the details...

Email me if you're up for it :) xox

Stefany said...

I've never tried hair extensions either but these look great! Def inspired me to try some out ;) xx

Lauren ♥ said...

Thanks claire :) yes please check halo out there the amazing!

stefany, i'm glad ive inspired you :) there great qulaity for such a great price xx

Lilly said...

Hey thanks for your review... I was flicking between sites not sure which ones to buy and yours sold me and i used your discount code so Thanks :) xxx

Lauren ♥ said...

Hi I am glad I helped! :) xx

Cleopatra said...

They look awesome are they hard to put in?

Lauren ♥ said...

Not at all! you just clip them in! x

Cleopatra said...

Awesome can u wear them all day or in a ponytail?

Lauren ♥ said...

Sure you can wear them all day! and if the clips are inserted correctly you can wear in a pony tail

Cleopatra said...

awesome thanks !