Friday, 11 February 2011

The Body Shop Haul

Just before Christmas I made an online order at the body shop, I kind of felt like I was cheating on Lush at the time (I think I have a lush problem, but who doesn't :P)

I was spoilt for choice as there was 20% off off everything! I don't know if you saw my blog post,letting you all know about the little offer, I hope you got some lovely goodies too.This is what I got....

I got a cranberry bath lily, these are inexpensive and last a while so I always pick mine up from the body shop.
A strawberry gift set, including shower gel and body lotion.
My favorite smell is the scent of strawberries!

So I had to get this, I remember my sister always used to buy strawberry scented bath products from the body shop when I was little, I used to love the strawberry soap but forgot to pick one up this time. The shower gel is what I'm currently using, smelling very sweet indeed. Then after my shower I apply the lotion and I smell lovely if i do say so myself ;)

Coconut foaming bath. I also love the smell of coconuts, I bought a 400ml bottle so it will last me quite a while, this bubble bath leaves my bathroom smelling lovely, it has a strong scent.
Grape seed glossing serum. A best seller on the body shop, I read all the great reviews on the site and had to purchase, it smells lovely, but I wouldn't expect anything less from the body shop, and it leaves my ends glossy and healthy, highly recommended!

Coco butter, this smells Delicious, and so moisturizing! I have used most of it up already, I especially use this after exfoliating and before fake tanning. Then the day after I fake tan to make it last and look more natural.
Almond shower gel, I love the smell of almonds, and I have used a fair amount of this also. It lathers up really well and leaves skin baby soft.

At the moment the body shop have a special valentines offer so head over to there website. You will get 30 % off your order if you join there facebook, plus free delivery! so go treat a loved one, or yourself :)


Rebecca Lucy said...

I love Body Shop products :)
The strawberry ones are my favourite. They smell delicious & last so long! xx

Pyxiee said...

I love the body shop! Thanks for sharing. I need to try that serum gloss now! xx

Jennifer said...

i'm thinking of hauling at TBS today <3 since they're having a makeup offer, haha! great haul :)

Blushingloves Irene Greece said...

Lovely haul darling!!I love Body Shop Banana Shampoo lately!It smells gorgeous!!But going to check the coconut foam bath!It sounds yummy!!