Friday, 28 May 2010

New Look, Summery Days, and Hair update!

Hello my lovelies, firstly you may notice i have a 'new look' blog!
Its been totally revamped, as I get bored.
I quite like it, its not as cluttered with random pictures, so you can concentrate more on the blog posts.
but what do you think?
I made my header at silly O hour this morning, about 1am, i was tired but i just had to get it done!
It was my first experience with photoshop, and i must say its very confusing, hour later and i had a header! wheey!! :)

Secondly; sorry i haven't been a good blogger recently :(
its just the weathers been so nice..I've been doing more of this.....Yes, sunbathing! ;)
..and taking lots of lovely days out with my boyfriend and daughter.
we went shibden park which is a beautiful place where i live.
Blue skies ^^.

this was on 22/05/10
the hottest day of the year I think?
we had a picnic, and took a walk up to shiben hall, which is also beautiful!

There was some lovely views walking up through the park..
I got a bit snap happy! :)
Now on to my hair....
I dyed it even blonder two Sundays back.
I was planning on going brown after all your lovely advise.
but i had a sudden urge to get a blonde dye when i was in asda.
I thought, I might as well go abit lighter before going back to dark..
it took me a long time to get to blonde so theres nothing to loose really.
So that's what I did.. I dyed it light blonde.
and it came out ok!! ...

(check out the smudged mascara! :[ )
this is what it looks like in the light,
I'm rocking my awesome bangle Abby bought me :D lavvv it!

here's another picture of the back etc, as you can see in the light its alot more blonde.

Even tho i love the blonde, im still going back to brown.
When i don't know...
for now I'm happy with lighter hair, as its summery! :)

What have you been doing on these lovely summery days?
Id love to know!

thanks for reading...
....Lauren x x

Friday, 21 May 2010

Sex And The City 2....

Just a random thought on a Friday afternoon..
Sex and city 2 hits the cinemas soon! :)
I'm hopefully going to see SATC2 with my bestie steph when i visit home (London)
Who's looking forward to seeing it? who are you seeing it with?

Thought id share with you my cappuccino mug that i got a few months back...
I love it!

PS I'm currently re designing my blog so bare with me, i cant find a background i like atm so I'm just staying with this...

Have a good weekend whatever your doing! its going to be a hot one here in the UK..
I'm going to a beautiful park with my daughter and boyfriend Saturday, it has those boats you paddle yourself and a little train that takes your around the whole park!
and on Sunday I'm going clothes shopping in Leeds, but I'm sure il end up in lush too! hehe

Bye beauties xxxx

Friday, 14 May 2010

Soap and Glory: Flake away review.

Here's another review on my one of my favorite soap and glory products!
I must admit, I'm starting to step away from lush for a while, because I'm liking S&G products so much! don't get me wrong I love lush, but I'm wanting to try new things, as you do..
So today's review is: Soap and Glory's Flake away sugar scrub!

After opening flake away I was hit by a sweet peachy smell. This smells so Delicious, some say it smells similar to Miss Dior Cherie perfume, personally I haven't smelt that so i cant give my view.
However if you like candy smelling body products you'll love this, its so sweet and yummy, is it bad i wanted to eat it??
Before i go on to tell you what flake away does il show you what it looks like....

...its very thick, but its not messy at all, it doesn't crumble anywhere. This is how much I used on my first go, i applied it to my arms, and legs.
Flake away is a scrub or exfoliator for your body, and it works so well. My skin has never felt so soft!
The tiny beads of sugar burst on to your skin once rubbed, and its not too harsh. I did have a little redness, but with every exfoliator you'll most likely have that,as its removing dead skin cells. The redness only lasts a couple of minutes anyway!
Flake away contains peach seed and shea butter which is so good for your skin.
I am so amazed by this, I'm going to use it once/twice a week depending how my skins feeling.
I just cant wait to team this baby up with the Righteous butter by soap and glory, I need to purchase that soon, as I've heard its so good!
Have you used this before?
what do YOU think?
Have a nice weekend my beauties!
more soap and glory reviews will be up this weekend!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Soap and Glory: Greatest Scrub Of All Review


I have been meaning to do this review for a while. Greatest Scrub Of All is a face exfoliator, for all skin types. I tried this as soon as I got the hat box, and immediately fell in love! Its not harsh on my skin, which is one of the reasons I love this, It does a great job of leaving my skin feeling super soft, and smelling great. The colour of the scrub is a nice pearly white, so pretty IMO!

Once you put a apply the scrub to your hands you can see the tiny beads that burst open once you start to exfoliate, see below..
People who dislike exfoliators because of the sensation and the harshness on the skin will most probably love this, its gentle but does what its meant to do!
I give this a 5/5
What do you think of it?

Monday, 10 May 2010

Thoughts of the day

Monday 10th May 2010

Milka Daim bars are seriously addictive, this had to be mentioned first as I'm noming one right now :)

My little daughter is 17 months old today. wow where have those months gone?

I'm loving the fact Lauren Conrad's artist Amy Nadine has a blog, go check it out.

The weather was so horrible and grey today, kind of makes me depressed! :(

Family troubles, why is it I'm always the one to blame?

Realising I have soap and glory products i haven't even used. Must use flake away tonight!

Buying a hair dye yesterday and wondering weather or not to use it yet. I'm keeping it a secret to weather I've bought a blonde box to go even blonder obviously, or quite the opposite and going brown.

Having no inspiration for a new blog

Not being able to see nightmare on elm st with the boyfriend on Friday because i have no ID, I'm so lazy i need to get one asap.

New followers!! new followers are coming day by day this makes me so happy, I hope I deliver you some useful posts that you like to read :)

Questions to my readers...

[I could eat this right about now!]

1.Is there a a product on my blog that you'd like me to review?
2.Any post requests?

I'm so stuck on what to write about next.
I need your say on what you'd like, as its all about you anyway! :)
.....and il do it :)
have a nice day xx

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Blonde or brunette?

That is the Question! I need your thoughts lovelies. As it matters what you think. I'm hella stuck on weather to stay blonde or go back to brunette..

So here's me a couple of months back with brown (fading hair dye alert) hair.

Me blonde...
(my make up is much better above, I had foundation and bronzer ect on, where a below I couldn't be ass'd!)

I'm so not sure if it suites me to be honest. :/
If I stay blonde, I'm going to purchase tigi dumb blonde shamp + con.

and also dye my hair with a box dye...see if it makes it a nice blonde..
what box dyes do you recommend for blonde hair? is there any I should know about?
I love the colour below..But as i said I'm thinking about going back to brown, I just want to know what you think :)

Friday, 7 May 2010

I have mail! ELF Haul & My prize.....

Don't you just love it when you get pressies through the door?
Two parcels came for me today!
thought id share them with you..
First of all I won a giveaway over @ MakeupKittens Blog!
Thank you so much doll, I love my prizes.
I got ...
♥ H&M hello kitty make up bag, which I loveee!
Soap & Glory hand food, I have a back up now! :)
Barry M nail paint in shocking pink, I do have this but I love it anyway, most likey il use all mine up!
Gosh on stage lip gloss 107
A urban decay set!! :)
which contains-

XL Eyeshadow Primer Potion
24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero (black)
Pocket Rocket Lip gloss in Timothy
Skyscraper Multi-Benefit Mascara (black)
Lipstick in Midnight Cowboy (sheer beige shimmer)

And I love the jewelry! Both from miss selfridge..
A Butterfly ring.. I love butterflies..

And a gorgeous Bow necklace! I also love bow jewelry as i have mentioned before..My favorite earrings are my bow ones.

I always think its lovely to do a blog post on what I win! :)
Thanks again honey ♥

My ELF Haul..
This is my third order from e.l.f

Studio Complexion Brush
Kabuki Brush
♥ Studio Bronzer in golden
♥ Studio eyebrow kit in medium
♥ Studio Concealer and highlighter in fair
♥ Duo Eyeshadow cream in mocca swirl

If you would like a review on anything, let me know below!