Friday, 28 May 2010

New Look, Summery Days, and Hair update!

Hello my lovelies, firstly you may notice i have a 'new look' blog!
Its been totally revamped, as I get bored.
I quite like it, its not as cluttered with random pictures, so you can concentrate more on the blog posts.
but what do you think?
I made my header at silly O hour this morning, about 1am, i was tired but i just had to get it done!
It was my first experience with photoshop, and i must say its very confusing, hour later and i had a header! wheey!! :)

Secondly; sorry i haven't been a good blogger recently :(
its just the weathers been so nice..I've been doing more of this.....Yes, sunbathing! ;)
..and taking lots of lovely days out with my boyfriend and daughter.
we went shibden park which is a beautiful place where i live.
Blue skies ^^.

this was on 22/05/10
the hottest day of the year I think?
we had a picnic, and took a walk up to shiben hall, which is also beautiful!

There was some lovely views walking up through the park..
I got a bit snap happy! :)
Now on to my hair....
I dyed it even blonder two Sundays back.
I was planning on going brown after all your lovely advise.
but i had a sudden urge to get a blonde dye when i was in asda.
I thought, I might as well go abit lighter before going back to dark..
it took me a long time to get to blonde so theres nothing to loose really.
So that's what I did.. I dyed it light blonde.
and it came out ok!! ...

(check out the smudged mascara! :[ )
this is what it looks like in the light,
I'm rocking my awesome bangle Abby bought me :D lavvv it!

here's another picture of the back etc, as you can see in the light its alot more blonde.

Even tho i love the blonde, im still going back to brown.
When i don't know...
for now I'm happy with lighter hair, as its summery! :)

What have you been doing on these lovely summery days?
Id love to know!

thanks for reading...
....Lauren x x


Anonymous said...

Love both the new looks ;)

May said...

Love the new blog look, it's so pretty!


Fee said...

It looks nice this colour - esp for summer! :)

Fee x

Tonia said...

You look gorgeous hun! Lovely pics btw :)
Tonia xx

Miss*Kimmy said...

Wow, love th enew look of the blog, and your hair looks amazing!
It hasn't been summery up in Canada yet .:(

Imsu said...

Great stuff!

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Thank you!

Dreams That Glitter said...

You look gorgeous, and so does your new blog design, love it! Wish I could use photoshop!


Tann said...

u're gorgeous!! and love your blog layout too.. totally cute!

Lauren said...

Love the blonde hair. It's perfect for summer. And your new layout is very cute! xx

Lauren ♥ said...

Thank you girls :)

Anonymous said...

Love your new blog look & the header looks very pretty!

PS: you've been awarded ;)

Anonymous said...

The new look is very pretty hun! Love it x

Hannah said...

i gave you a blog award chick !


Lauren ♥ said...

Thanks ladies!