Friday, 14 May 2010

Soap and Glory: Flake away review.

Here's another review on my one of my favorite soap and glory products!
I must admit, I'm starting to step away from lush for a while, because I'm liking S&G products so much! don't get me wrong I love lush, but I'm wanting to try new things, as you do..
So today's review is: Soap and Glory's Flake away sugar scrub!

After opening flake away I was hit by a sweet peachy smell. This smells so Delicious, some say it smells similar to Miss Dior Cherie perfume, personally I haven't smelt that so i cant give my view.
However if you like candy smelling body products you'll love this, its so sweet and yummy, is it bad i wanted to eat it??
Before i go on to tell you what flake away does il show you what it looks like....

...its very thick, but its not messy at all, it doesn't crumble anywhere. This is how much I used on my first go, i applied it to my arms, and legs.
Flake away is a scrub or exfoliator for your body, and it works so well. My skin has never felt so soft!
The tiny beads of sugar burst on to your skin once rubbed, and its not too harsh. I did have a little redness, but with every exfoliator you'll most likely have that,as its removing dead skin cells. The redness only lasts a couple of minutes anyway!
Flake away contains peach seed and shea butter which is so good for your skin.
I am so amazed by this, I'm going to use it once/twice a week depending how my skins feeling.
I just cant wait to team this baby up with the Righteous butter by soap and glory, I need to purchase that soon, as I've heard its so good!
Have you used this before?
what do YOU think?
Have a nice weekend my beauties!
more soap and glory reviews will be up this weekend!


Katy Wilko said...

I love this! Definitely a must have product. I've just finished my mini tub so now I can't start on my huuuuge tub!

I love the way it leaves like a layer on the skin which is so moisturising but not horrible and greasy

:) xx

michelle said...

Thank you for the review :) My Mum literally just bought a big tub of this, so I may be pinching a little bit to try! XO

LadyBugSays ... said...

Ooo think I need to try this. Definately get the Righteous Butter, its amazing!

Lauren said...

oooh I want to try this :) thanks for the review! xx

*Peonies and lilies* said...

I love flake away, its one of my favourite body scrubs, as it leaves my skin so soft and moisturized x

Anonymous said...

I want to try this brand! I think I may pick up some products tomorrow :) Thanks for the review! xx

Anonymous said...

Great review.

Miss*Kimmy said...

Yay, glad you did this review!! Personally I LOVE my flake away, its such a treat to use! It's funny, cause in Canada the tub it's in looks a little differnt. I love their packaging too =)

Emma Jade said...

im always looking for a good scrub! Going to give this one a go!

ahlin said...

this is so cool! i may have to try it!

chelsea rebecca said...

oh wow this looks AWESOMEE!!
i love sugar scrubs!
and my hands needs some moisturizing! i always neglect them!!

LilyRibbons said...

Just to let you know I have given you the Cherry On Top award :) xx

lipstick cherry said...

hi hun! i'm having a makeup sale on my blog, so please feel free to check it out ! =)

3ate4 said...

May have to give this a go!

J. said...

I love Soap and Glory too, but I haven't had a chance to try this one yet, now you really made me want to!