Monday, 10 May 2010

Thoughts of the day

Monday 10th May 2010

Milka Daim bars are seriously addictive, this had to be mentioned first as I'm noming one right now :)

My little daughter is 17 months old today. wow where have those months gone?

I'm loving the fact Lauren Conrad's artist Amy Nadine has a blog, go check it out.

The weather was so horrible and grey today, kind of makes me depressed! :(

Family troubles, why is it I'm always the one to blame?

Realising I have soap and glory products i haven't even used. Must use flake away tonight!

Buying a hair dye yesterday and wondering weather or not to use it yet. I'm keeping it a secret to weather I've bought a blonde box to go even blonder obviously, or quite the opposite and going brown.

Having no inspiration for a new blog

Not being able to see nightmare on elm st with the boyfriend on Friday because i have no ID, I'm so lazy i need to get one asap.

New followers!! new followers are coming day by day this makes me so happy, I hope I deliver you some useful posts that you like to read :)


Nikki said...

The weather here at Sweden is aweful as well. Oh I am longing for the sunny summer!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren, its em (bc)!! Check your blog out!! Its brilliant, so many followers :D

Mine hasn't been going long hehe! Just thought I'd say hello! xx

kimber doll said...

You must use the Flake Away! I loved it personally ... it smells exactly like Miss Dior Cherie also! Yummm =)

Lauren ♥ said...

I used it last night, my gosh your right kim it smells yummm!