Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Make up haul

Feels like forever ago I shared a make up haul with you all!
Haul's were highly requested in my giveaway comments so here we are..
A few makeup items I have ordered online recently. :)

The body shop.
I took advantage on the special offers, and got a few of the baked to last make up range pieces.
Which are all utterly gorgeous and look yummy enough to eat!

Bronzer (above) in warm glow 02.

Blusher (above) Coral 02

Very pretty eye shadow's! I just wanted them all, but I ended up choosing..

(above L-R) Quartz 04, A very pretty pink, and Sage 05, which is a very pretty two toned green.

(above L-R) Moonstone 02 very neutral colors, and Sapphire 05 a two toned starting blue.

I got sent a $50 gift card from my sponsors at Apothica, and this is what I chose!
Stay tuned because I will be giving away a $50 Apothica gift card
for you too, here on my blog.
I chose a very pretty nail polish by Spa Ritual, and I must admit the name sold me, 'strawberry feels forever' it is a very pretty pink with yellow reflects

I chose this clinique concealer in matte light. I have been after a new concealer and thought I would give this one a whirl, as clinique is a great company, so far I am impressed!

And finally a new mascara...
Maybelline pulse perfection, waterproof vibrating mascara.
I am sure you have all seen this before!

I love it!
I have bought a few more things the past few months that I will get round to putting up, as I know you love haul posts!


All photos are my own. Copyrited.

A forever and always skincare fave

I was very excited to receive a email from sudocrem, asking me to review there new skincare tubes.
I have always been a sudocrem fan, since a baby you could say :)
It is such a handy thing to have around the house, as it has antiseptic in, which is good for things like minor burns, and acne. I had an allergic reaction once, I had applied a moisturizer that wasn't agreeing with my skin, my face went burning red, and sudocrem came to the rescue. I smothered my face in it, and it was the only thing that settled the redness and cooled me down. It is such a soothing and gentle cream, and if its good for babies skin, it mustn't contain anything harsh.
I always have a tub anyway, as my toddler needs sudocrem for her nappy rash, however it is so un-hygienic dipping your finger in, picking up all those horrible germs and spreading them over your face!

The new tube size makes things ever so handy, you can just pop it into your bag!
The texture is still the same, a very thick cream, and it is directed in capital letters to apply thinly, I do not rub this into my face. I just dab the areas where I am prone to get spots.

Also check out the bagologly facebook app, it is very interesting!

I was kindly sent three of these, so I shall be giving away two tubes to two lucky followers of my facebook!
Click here to like my page and I will randomly pick the winners in the next week :)

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

What I wore #2

Outfit Number 2
My Photoshoot - February 2011
Outfit designed by me.

Get the look...
White basic Top - h&m
Denim Jacket - Topshop
Heart shorts - Newlook
Knee high socks - Primark
Beads - ebay

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Monday, 11 July 2011

Crew Clothing

Crew Clothing, striking designs, vibrant colours and and amazing quality and at reasonable prices!

Crew clothing has great pieces in for summer, it would be rude not to have a look for yourself, I have picked out a few of my favorites.

Ladies Short's which includes The Lauren Short's :)
Beautifully soft bed or sun lounger shorts, with a comfortable elasticated waist, and pretty contrast stripe twill tie.

Really Really love these items! Epically the mac jacket, and the first skirt featured.
also take a peep at;
Ladies Shirts



This is a two part series, letting you know about two awesome clothing sites!

For people with a higher budget and are on the look for a designer clothes site, Boutique 1is for you, Boutique 1 has some amazing pieces, by amazing designers. Which you may have heard of, Alexander mqueen, Mulburry etc.
Not only does this site sell clothes, but also accessories, shoes,beauty products and house ware.
There are very stylish and classy pieces to be found on boutique 1
Here are a few of my faves!

Take a look at the Erdem blouses range,and Paul and joe blouses.

Why not have a browse for yourself?

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

What I wore #1

I have been getting numerous email's requesting outfit posts and particularly asking what I wore for my photo shoots early this year.
So I have decided to start a new series on my blog. "What I wore"
as the title says :)

Outfit number one.Crop top - Republic
Sequined leggings - boohoo
Wedges- eBay
Extensions - Halo hair

Just a short post, but some of you may find this helpful!
copyrighted material and all rights are reserved.

John Frieda 3 day straight: DAY ONE

I thought I'd write this review a little different. Instead of writing one post, I will write three, showing my hair on each day and giving my feedback!
Firstly,What is frizz ease 3- day straight?
3 day straight is a hair styling spray by john frieda, that is meant to keep your locks straight for three days. Just as long as you do not wet your hair.

This spray is aimed at people with curly hair. My hair is on the verge of curly. I have extremely thick wavy hair that needs to be straighten every time i wash it. So I was very eager to try out this product, which, I have been sent by john frieda to review. You can see for yourself how honest the results are.

Day one. I washed my hair as per usual same shampoo + conditioner,and applied around 8-9 sprays evenly through my hair. How many sprays you decide on is up to the individual and how long/thick your hair is.
I then combed through my hair to distribute evenly from roots to my ends. To follow I blow dried my hair straight.
Frizz ease 3-day straight also contains heat protection so there's no need for any other product, you can be sure your locks are safe.
I then parted my hair into 3 sections as I normally do when I straighten.
These were my results.
So far so good!
At one stage I did think my hair was rather sticky, however once straightened your left with non sticky silky smooth straight hair. I am very impressed right now. I shall keep you all up to date. Expect day two of the 3 day challenge shortly!

Thanks for reading

Jergens Naturals - Sunburn anyone?

A soothing, fresh smelling, light moisturiser.
That's how I sum up this product! I was very unlucky to get a little sunburn on my back over the weekend. Silly silly me! (What lovely weather we have had in England though!)

I applied sunscreen on myself, but couldn't reach the middle of my back, therefore resulting with a red circle, a sore red circle at that!
I was very kindly sent Jergens Natural aloe soothing moisturiser to review a while back.
Being away in London for a month I have been trying out this moisturiser and I can say its going to get a fabulous review from me!
For now back to my horrible sunburn -
I had no after sun care, in my house, and my back was very sore. I remember a couple of years ago picking up a after sun spray by banana boat, which had aloe vera as a main ingredient. It worked wonders.
I decided to use the jergens moisturiser on my back, since this also contains aloe vera, plus it is a very soothing cream.
From the moment my boyfriend applied the jergens moisturiser I felt instant relief. Happy Lauren.
Such a cooling cream - perfect for these hot summer days.
With the moisturiser being so thin- I didn't feel irritated as theres no greasy residue. . I was able to sleep well that night!

Back to the over-all review, I can say I am happy to recommend this to anyone. The smell is delicious, one of the main reasons I would repurchase. The scent is Cucumber. I haven't yet fake tanned and applied this moisturiser but it is on my to do list.
My skin is feeling
smooth, smells fresh and looks fantastic. Thumbs up to jergens!

Available at Local supermarkets, boots + superdrug for around £4.99

You could also take part in the Jergens Naturals Feeling Fantastic SkinCare experience!

Take care

L a u r e n x

Friday, 1 July 2011

Friday Favorites

A new feature on my blog, my inspiration is from Lauren Conrad. I am so excited she is starting to blog, and I just love her Friday favorites posts!

This weeks favorites;

Inspiring picture..
I'm wanting...
I Can't stop eating...
A Favorite smell...
A place I'm wanting to go....

A song that I cannot stop playing...

i take no credit for these photos.
photos are from