Wednesday, 27 July 2011

A forever and always skincare fave

I was very excited to receive a email from sudocrem, asking me to review there new skincare tubes.
I have always been a sudocrem fan, since a baby you could say :)
It is such a handy thing to have around the house, as it has antiseptic in, which is good for things like minor burns, and acne. I had an allergic reaction once, I had applied a moisturizer that wasn't agreeing with my skin, my face went burning red, and sudocrem came to the rescue. I smothered my face in it, and it was the only thing that settled the redness and cooled me down. It is such a soothing and gentle cream, and if its good for babies skin, it mustn't contain anything harsh.
I always have a tub anyway, as my toddler needs sudocrem for her nappy rash, however it is so un-hygienic dipping your finger in, picking up all those horrible germs and spreading them over your face!

The new tube size makes things ever so handy, you can just pop it into your bag!
The texture is still the same, a very thick cream, and it is directed in capital letters to apply thinly, I do not rub this into my face. I just dab the areas where I am prone to get spots.

Also check out the bagologly facebook app, it is very interesting!

I was kindly sent three of these, so I shall be giving away two tubes to two lucky followers of my facebook!
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Computergirl said...

I love sudocreme- especially on spots. Such a great product. Moisture and spot therapy :) Happy Emma xx