Tuesday, 5 July 2011

John Frieda 3 day straight: DAY ONE

I thought I'd write this review a little different. Instead of writing one post, I will write three, showing my hair on each day and giving my feedback!
Firstly,What is frizz ease 3- day straight?
3 day straight is a hair styling spray by john frieda, that is meant to keep your locks straight for three days. Just as long as you do not wet your hair.

This spray is aimed at people with curly hair. My hair is on the verge of curly. I have extremely thick wavy hair that needs to be straighten every time i wash it. So I was very eager to try out this product, which, I have been sent by john frieda to review. You can see for yourself how honest the results are.

Day one. I washed my hair as per usual same shampoo + conditioner,and applied around 8-9 sprays evenly through my hair. How many sprays you decide on is up to the individual and how long/thick your hair is.
I then combed through my hair to distribute evenly from roots to my ends. To follow I blow dried my hair straight.
Frizz ease 3-day straight also contains heat protection so there's no need for any other product, you can be sure your locks are safe.
I then parted my hair into 3 sections as I normally do when I straighten.
These were my results.
So far so good!
At one stage I did think my hair was rather sticky, however once straightened your left with non sticky silky smooth straight hair. I am very impressed right now. I shall keep you all up to date. Expect day two of the 3 day challenge shortly!

Thanks for reading

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