Friday, 30 April 2010

Skincare Regime

I have a new skincare regime!
& I must say I'm quite happy with it.
Its all thanks to lush! I have finally found products that work for my skin..
I have never found anything that cleanses or leaves my skin so soft,
I have never found anything to remove my make up as well as cleanse.
and I have never found anything that exfoliates without scratching my skin..

Now the one thing that's missing from the picture above, is a moisturizer.
I have ran out of the body shop vitamin E moisturizer that I did love.
I'm just looking for a new one, so any recommendations would be great :)

So here's what I use, and when I use it..
Ocean Salt
Cleansing lime. coconut and sea salt scrub.
Lush says its like taking your face to the seaside :)
and it is! it smells so fresh, I love using it. I use it once/twice a week..
even tho lush says to use it once a week I sometimes like to use it more.
I was using st Ive's apricot scrub, which I did like, but this is so much better.
The lush lady said the st Ives scrub just scratches your skin like sand, where as this gets deep into your skin and exfoliates.
I paid £6.10 for a small pot, but I know its going to last me a while!

Make up remover..
Ultra Bland
I use this to take my make up off, of a night time.
Its so gentle, and creamy..and it truly does take off my make up so well.
even water proof mascara! I simply get a bit ultra bland on my finger tips, rub it together to warm it up, then smear it over my face and eyes.
I then get two Cotton wool pads add a little luke warm water and wipe away. This doesn't involve any scrubbing, its not harsh on your skin.
Its made up of bees wax and honey, you can certainly tell if you smell it.
Not sure I like the bees wax smell even though I do like honey.
Its the only down point but I put up with it!
A small pot like mine costs:

Angels on bare skin ♥

My favorite skincare product EVER.
I love love love this.
I first got a sample when I went into lush for a spend up..
and just had to purchase it when I ran out.
Not only is it fun making into paste, it most importantly works wonders on my skin.
I use it everyday!
The smell? Lavender! which I love. If you don't like the lavender smell I doubt you'll like this.
Unless you could put up with it like I do with ultra bland.
I take a small amount of angels on bare skin, add water to it in the palm of my hand.. make a paste..and then cover my face with it, adding more water to my face i start to cleanse with my fingers making sure i scrub gently..finally I wash it away with luke warm water.
My skin is so soft afterwards.I smell lovely and I look so fresh!
I'm sure il be purchasing this alot in the future, the expiry date only lasts 3 weeks from when you bought it. but if you use it every day you'll be sure to use it all up!
I paid £5.10 for 100g

Eau Roma Water
I use this after I cleanse, to remove any angels on bare skin product that may have been left over. I simply spray this on a Cotton pad and wipe over my face.
This is my favorite toner ever. It smells of lavender! so of course I lub it!

Its rose and lavender water. For sensitive skin..
so anyone can use it!
I quick run down of my regime..

Angel's on bare skin - Once Everyday
Eau Roma Water - After I use AOBS everyday
Ocean Salt - Once/Twice a week
Ultra Bland- If I have worn make up that day
Moisturizer ???? I need a new one! But I would have used this everyday.

Let me know your skincare regime! :)

Thursday, 29 April 2010

A Gift From Heather

Hello every bubble :)
Today I'm going to share with you a gift I received, all the way from the USA!!
and it was from the ever so lovely Heather!
We have been speaking for a while on twitter, and she told me how she saw some lovely things as she was shopping that id love, she was ever so nice to send them on to me! :):):)
Please check out her blog, she needs more readers! :)

I'l start with my favorite!

This necklace is gorgeous, Heather knows how much I love Paris.
As Abby does! Do i make it that obvious? :D
This is so stunning in real life, the picture doesn't do it any Justice.
The Eiffel tower sparkles as theres little diamonds inside.
Ive been wearing it alot!

Next up, A Paris shopping bag

How cuteee?!

Inside this pink case ...

Came a awesome mirror!
A PARIS mirror! :)

...Which i love love loveeee!

also some hello kitty stickers and a magnetic frame to pop on the fridge :D
shes knows how much I love hello kitty too.

She also got me a purple glitter eyeliner, by ULTA
I have never tried anything from ulta, so I was excited to use this.
Its amazing!
I've only used it once,but its so pretty on my bottom water line.

& Finally she gave me a beautiful butterfly card, I'm guessing she knows i like butterflies too :)
A big thank you to you heather!
I love receiving things through the post.
I'l be doing a International swap with heather sometime in the summer.
& I also have a swap to do with the lovely Claire!
So lots to look forward to my lovelies! :)
Hope your having a nice day!



Monday, 19 April 2010

I'm blonde..After care for bleached hair.

Hello my loveys!
If you had seen my last post, you will know that I very bravely decided to go blonde!
which I've been wanting to do for a while now...
actually ever since the hills started, I wanted Lauren Conrad's hair so so bad.
But going blonde isn't I said Ive been wanting my hair blonde since the hills started..and I've only just got there.
well.. dying my hair black then dark brown didn't speed up the process I guess.
My natural hair colour is a mousey brown, on the verge of a dirty blonde, its very light, but i haven't seen that colour since i started dyeing it, (first colour i ever went was black, when i was 16!)
Before having my hair bleached on Friday, my hair was pretty light, almost all the dark brown hair dye had faded. It wasnt a nice colour tho.
So what did I have done?
I had bleach applied to my hair, in little section's, which was then put in foils.
Then after waiting over a hour, I had it rinsed out, then the lady applied a toner...
and that's it! You'll see the out come at the end of this post :) or if your inpatient, you can scroll down now!

Now.. aftercare..I knew that the bleach would totally wreck my hair,which is the only downfall of going blonde the bleach way.
My hair was in great condition before hand, so there wasn't any breakage.
But yes my hair is dry/damaged. Booooo :(

For those who commented on my last post helping me with products for blonde hair, thank you so so much, you helped me alot!

I didn't have the money to splash out on a expensive purple shampoo so I picked these up in boots...

They cost me £1.99 each, and the lady in boots told me its very popular.
I was tempted to buy John frieda sheer blonde renew shampoo and conditioner, but thought id opt for the cheaper version just to see how it works.
I used it today for the first time and my hair does seem alot brighter!
But its still early days.
For those who don't know, the purple shampoo is to tone down the yellow and brassy tones in blonde hair.

Deep Conditioning....

I couldn't wait to wash my hair the next day.
I didn't have a treatment put on my hair after having it done.. so my hair was wanting some TLC!
I used Aussies miracle moist shampoo then used the Aussies 3 minute miracle reconstructor for about half an hour with my hair wrapped up in a towel.
On Sunday I went to a car boot, where thres a stall that sells cheap Avon products,
I picked myself up:
♥ Advance techniques colour protection restorative mask for coloured treated hair
♥ Advance technique intensive mask for all hair types
I cant see either of these on the site...I think there discontinued..?

Other products..

You cant beat Aussies miracle moist shampoo!
Redken anti snap- I have been using this for over a month, and it works! It made my hair happy again, and I will continue to use it now I've gone through bleaching it..
Avon heat protector, I wont be using heat much but when i do I've got this new heat protection to try out.
and last but not least..Avon's dry ends serum..this is soo good! my ends are pretty bad now so i have to apply this loads...

Okay my hair!
I have washed my hair twice since having it bleached, three times if you count the hairdresser doing it..
Its not fully blonde. Id say its more my natural colour with blonde highlights.
The condition isn't as bad as i was expecting.. thankfully!
I'l post a picture up of me posing soon, I'm too sleepy for you to see my face :P



as you can see theres still brown tones in there..
I had to have a inch cut off the length and she put some layers in.
I'm just wondering weather or not to go back to get it bleached in 8 weeks...
I dont want to put my hair through much more to be honest,
I have a photo shoot coming up soon, I want my hair to look perfect.
I'm getting extensions so the colour has to match...
even tho i do like the colour, im sure blondes for me.
I know I'm a silly girl. I knew id go blonde then want to go back..
Brown really suites me, so maybe il go back to a light brown.
Id like to hear you opinions, please be honest!! :)

Love yooouus!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

To all the blondes out there!

I need your help pretty please!
I'm finally going blonde tomorrow, the hairdresser gave me a strand test, and confirmed by phone today that my hair will not go orange when bleeched, (thank god) but it will go a golden blonde.
I know it may ruin my hair, but I've been wanting to go blonde forever, and its a risk I'm willing to take! I need help with what shampoo's, conditioners, treatments I need to buy.
I have only ever had blonde hair when i was little, that was natural so i have nooo clue how to care for blonde hair!
However, I do know you need a purple shampoo so your hair doesn't turn yellow? -which brand is best?
-Do I avoid certain products?
-Whats your hair routine if your a blonde?
please advise me because as you can see i do not have a clue!! :)
If you could tell me what you use or even link me to your blog if you have a post, or your youtube.
Is this range any good? anyone tried it? Even if your not blonde and you know anything, id love to hear just comment below :) xx

Sunday, 11 April 2010

In's and Out's

My April IN'S :)
Ice cream.
Now its getting warmer, I can finally nom my way into a mint cornetto!

Sunny weather, as most people I love the fact were getting close to summer,
when the suns out I'm so happy and want to go everywhere!

A new wardrobe for spring/summer.
I'm getting rid of all my old clothes, and buying new ones, as soon as I get the money.
Pretty dresses like the one above will be filling up my wardrobe making it cheerful & happy!

Final Fantasy 13 for the ps3
I'm addicted to this game! As I knew I would be, If you have an online account add me :)
Lauren-182 or leave your user name below and il add you!

Blackcurrant Ribena
I have three cartons a day, I love it so much right now its slightly worrying!

Denim Jackets
I'm thinking of getting one this summer?
what do you think?
they'd go lovely with skirts or dresses!

Fun times with my daughter
I have so much planned with Elise, shes getting old enough to do more activities.
So Ive bought her paints, to get creative !
Were going to do some baking, as I've bought some barbie cupcakes and chocolate muffins :)
and also were going to make our own play dough!
I'm excited! haha.

My April Outs

[x] Horrible hair,
I don't like my hair one bit, the colour the cut, and I cant decide what I want, its so frustrating.

[x] Dentists
I have to have a filling soon, eeeek I hate dentists!! :(

[x] Skint times
I'm broke at thee moo :(
but someone owes me and Scott a hell of a lot of money soooo Il just be patient :)

[x] Cold weather
Byebye! I hope you've gone until autumn!!

[x] Uggs
Time to put them away!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Lush Jungle Conditioner Demo

If you have saw my recent Lush haul, you'll see that I got a sample of Jungle Conditioner.
I have never used a solid conditioner before so I was abit scared to purchase one.
I am using a solid shampoo which also looks like a bar soap, I'm finding it okay, Jungle how ever I found quite difficult to use, I'l tell you more of what I thought later on.

How to use Jungle Conditioner...

I have already used some of the sample two days ago, I used it a different way upon first application, I smoothed it along my hair as the website says, I found this awkward, so I got took abit in my hand, added water and made a paste, this took me forever, I ended up having clumps of conditioner in my hair, not good.
So this time I tried it a different way, hoping it would work as it was my last bit of sample I had left. I did a bit of research, watched a few YouTube videos..and came up with this method...

1. Take a small amount of jungle,about the size of 50p.

2. Find a empty clean, bottle, I used my old 100g snow fairy, smaller the bottle the better.
Once you have your bottle, fill it with boiling hot water from the kettle, not to the top leave enough room to allow the conditioner to mix when you shake it.

3. Take the jungle conditioner, and cut it into small pieces like above.

4. Place the pieces of conditioner you just cut and place them into the boiling water that's in your bottle.

7. Pop the lid back on the bottle and leave it to cool. I left mine for about 15 minutes. In this time the conditioner should start to melt.

6. Now its time to shake it up, I did so for about 3 minutes. If you can still see big pieces of the conditioner floating, shake it for abit longer.

7. I wanted my conditioner to be abit more liquidy so I added more water, by now it was near the top. I shook it once more then left it to cool down.

Then its ready to use! :)
You be the judge. You may want it thicker but hopefully you've got an idea how to use it. If you have any questions you can ask me :)

Now for the review...
I have only used Jungle twice as I stated.
The first time I used it I wasn't impressed at all, it was the way I applied it, so I gave jungle the benefit of the doubt.
Doing the above was so much better. This time jungle didn't leave my hair feeling heavy.
However- as my hair is now dry (I used this today) I cant say its worked for me, I feel no softness what so ever, its not one of the best conditioners
I have used, and the preparation is a hassle. but everyone is different, we all have different hair so it may work for you. hopefully the demo helps you.

As I said any more questions just ask me :)

Lauren xx

A Lush Loot!

Oops? I did it again...Here's A recent Lush Haul...I was looking online, and saw so many lovely limited edition Easter products,
I cannot get to a lush shop as my nearest is Leeds (a train ride away). The delivery costs the same as a train ticket so I thought why not make a online order?
My boyfriend let me order some things on his card as a very nice Easter present! :)
I wanted Angels on bare skin anyway, as I loved my sample.So I got that.
If you want a demo on how to use it let me know...
Ive also wanted ocean salt for a while so I popped that in my basket!
My samples I asked for:
Jungle Conditioner (which Il be doing a review on)
Turkish Delight shower smoothie
Porridge soap (which I love the smell of!)
Sweetie Pie shower jelly. (I haven't tried there jellies yet)

This is what I bought...

Dorthy Bubble bar
Limited Edition guys :( which is a shame because
Its so pretty and cheery and smells yummy!
I cannot give a review on any of these as I haven't tried them yet :-)

Honey Bun Bath Ballistic
Oh my!!
I am in LOVE with this smell!! I'm so sad I cant get anymore of these,
I cant make another online order for a while or get to the shop before they sell out, as its limited edition. :(
If anyone has any of these, Id love to do a swap with you, I have some lush products that I haven't opened/used including angels delight soap and god mother soap.. let me know if you would like to do a little swap with me!
It looks so cute too, a lickle bunny :)

Ickle Baby Bot Bath Ballistic
This is too cute,
I love everything with robots on, a geek I know.
Its meant to get you to sleep with its dreamy scent so make sure you have this before bed!

Hippy Chick Ballistic
Which is now out of stock online..
again, so cute! smells citrusy.

That's my little lush haul for you guys, I also took some pics of my lush collection..
so watch out for that post :)

Lauren xx

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

New Lush time's! Spring's new products.

New Lush times, new season means new products! Theres 7 (that I can see) in the lush times, not including the new fake tan called 'Charlotte's Island' which I cannot wait to try!
I was so excited to come downstairs to see the times on my floor with a bunch of other boring letters!
I'm doing this post for all you lushoholics that haven't managed to see the lush times yet.
Also this morning my online Lush order came :) so watch out for a haul later!
Sorry for the quality of the pictures, taking pictures from a newspaper isn't easy!

First up we have Grass, which you can see above.
[click to enlarge the pictures]
Grass is a shower gel, its rich in proteins and anti oxidants so can you imagine how healthy this is going to be for your skin?
There was no prices, sorry but il update you.

Next up is something that made me giggle!
'Lovely Jubblies'
Which is a breast cream..:)
This is a 'floral Bobbie firming lotion' which I'm excited and quite amused about :)
when you get the lush times check out the funny picture of the two guys ;D
this scents; Tiger Lilly,Jasmine (which i love) Orange Blossom and Rose. (which i also love) its going to smell de-lish I can tell already!
its abit pricey, 100g= £14.95

Sauna Tabs
Basically to put in the sauna, if anyone uses them?
If not it can be used as a toner, like the toner tabs or
as a room freshener :)
£0.95 per item

Brimstone Body scrub
This is to help promote healthy skin,
it contains sea salt to exfoliate, hemp oil to soften and jasmine lemongrass and ylang ylang for a delicate floral fragrance.

Stepping Stone Foot scrub
A scrub for your feer no doubt, to help shred dead skin.
Theres cocoa butter and jojoba oil to soften without being greasy.
this has the same lemongrass fragrance as you've been mangoed bath melt!

Glorious Mud
A body mask!
Yes a BODY mask, so your face isn't the only part that gets the VIP treatment.
You use this in your bath or shower :)

and lastly....

Lush are bringing out a SOAP BOX.
Its a gift of five palm free hand and body soaps! :)

Hope that's helped your lush addiction :)
Remember my lush haul is coming up so pop back soon!
Have a lush day..


Thursday, 1 April 2010

Easter lovee

I love Easter, which I'm sure you do too, there's so many pretty displays around the shops.. & the eggs! my gosh I love chocolate and this holiday is just an excuse for people to buy me my favorite eggs :) & not forgetting my favorite lindt golden bunnies, yum.

I remember when I was little my mummy and daddy bought be Bambi on VHS, and lots of Easter eggs, and remember those little yellow chicks with the red bendy legs?....
I had loads of them too! I loved that Easter and il always remember it, Bambi always reminds me of Easter and to this very day I love watching it. I cant wait for my daughter to see it!
Matalan in particular has a lovely display this Easter, with bunny displays and pretty pretty eggs as you walk in, I was in there 2 weeks ago to shop with my boyfriend as he needed some new clothes, he bought me these cute bunny pj bottoms!.. there so bright and cheerful I just had to buy them.

Marks & Spencer has a pretty range of eggs too this year!
When Elise gets that bit older,I will be organising Easter egg hunts for her, do you remember them? I doo! at primary school we had to make our own little Easter egg baskets then, the teachers would hide hundreds of little eggs wrapped in colourful foil, around the playground, and we had to go find them.And I also remember our primary school had egg competitions, where you get a real life egg shell and decorate it, me and my dad spent ages on mine, I made 5 spice girl eggs, we cut there faces out of a paper and stuck them on each egg added a bit of glitter and some pretty bows too! I won a prize, I was so happy! Oh I miss being little!! :( The best thing is I get to re-live my childhood with my daughter.

I hope your all going to have a fab Easter what ever your doing, My boyfriend has a long weekend off, so I'm a happy bunny :)
I'l leave you with some pretty Easter pictures, and please don't forget the real reason why we have Easter and what its all about, click here, to read more :)

Happy Easter Everyone!

[ Photos taken from & google ]