Monday, 19 April 2010

I'm blonde..After care for bleached hair.

Hello my loveys!
If you had seen my last post, you will know that I very bravely decided to go blonde!
which I've been wanting to do for a while now...
actually ever since the hills started, I wanted Lauren Conrad's hair so so bad.
But going blonde isn't I said Ive been wanting my hair blonde since the hills started..and I've only just got there.
well.. dying my hair black then dark brown didn't speed up the process I guess.
My natural hair colour is a mousey brown, on the verge of a dirty blonde, its very light, but i haven't seen that colour since i started dyeing it, (first colour i ever went was black, when i was 16!)
Before having my hair bleached on Friday, my hair was pretty light, almost all the dark brown hair dye had faded. It wasnt a nice colour tho.
So what did I have done?
I had bleach applied to my hair, in little section's, which was then put in foils.
Then after waiting over a hour, I had it rinsed out, then the lady applied a toner...
and that's it! You'll see the out come at the end of this post :) or if your inpatient, you can scroll down now!

Now.. aftercare..I knew that the bleach would totally wreck my hair,which is the only downfall of going blonde the bleach way.
My hair was in great condition before hand, so there wasn't any breakage.
But yes my hair is dry/damaged. Booooo :(

For those who commented on my last post helping me with products for blonde hair, thank you so so much, you helped me alot!

I didn't have the money to splash out on a expensive purple shampoo so I picked these up in boots...

They cost me £1.99 each, and the lady in boots told me its very popular.
I was tempted to buy John frieda sheer blonde renew shampoo and conditioner, but thought id opt for the cheaper version just to see how it works.
I used it today for the first time and my hair does seem alot brighter!
But its still early days.
For those who don't know, the purple shampoo is to tone down the yellow and brassy tones in blonde hair.

Deep Conditioning....

I couldn't wait to wash my hair the next day.
I didn't have a treatment put on my hair after having it done.. so my hair was wanting some TLC!
I used Aussies miracle moist shampoo then used the Aussies 3 minute miracle reconstructor for about half an hour with my hair wrapped up in a towel.
On Sunday I went to a car boot, where thres a stall that sells cheap Avon products,
I picked myself up:
♥ Advance techniques colour protection restorative mask for coloured treated hair
♥ Advance technique intensive mask for all hair types
I cant see either of these on the site...I think there discontinued..?

Other products..

You cant beat Aussies miracle moist shampoo!
Redken anti snap- I have been using this for over a month, and it works! It made my hair happy again, and I will continue to use it now I've gone through bleaching it..
Avon heat protector, I wont be using heat much but when i do I've got this new heat protection to try out.
and last but not least..Avon's dry ends serum..this is soo good! my ends are pretty bad now so i have to apply this loads...

Okay my hair!
I have washed my hair twice since having it bleached, three times if you count the hairdresser doing it..
Its not fully blonde. Id say its more my natural colour with blonde highlights.
The condition isn't as bad as i was expecting.. thankfully!
I'l post a picture up of me posing soon, I'm too sleepy for you to see my face :P



as you can see theres still brown tones in there..
I had to have a inch cut off the length and she put some layers in.
I'm just wondering weather or not to go back to get it bleached in 8 weeks...
I dont want to put my hair through much more to be honest,
I have a photo shoot coming up soon, I want my hair to look perfect.
I'm getting extensions so the colour has to match...
even tho i do like the colour, im sure blondes for me.
I know I'm a silly girl. I knew id go blonde then want to go back..
Brown really suites me, so maybe il go back to a light brown.
Id like to hear you opinions, please be honest!! :)

Love yooouus!


May said...

I think it looks great! The Aussie stuff is great I use the 3 minute miracle for coloured hair. Blonde hair needs lots of love!


jennie said...

I think the colour looks lovely! But I also think you suit being a brunette lots, I wish I could pull off brown hair!

This hasn't been helpful in the slightest, I know! Sorry hehe.


lovelyviolet5 said...

I love the advanced techniques products!!I think they are the best products from Avon!

Cherry Blossom said...

That colour looks great. Will be good to see how it suits your face :) x

Anonymous said...

Lovely Hair!! ♥
I've always wanted to go blonde too, and like you my hair is mousey brown :(
Im currently saving up to get it done.
How much did your hair cost?

Lauren ♥ said...

Thanks girls :) more pics will be up soon!

It cost me £60...Inc the cut, you should go for it ...just bare in mind how much damage it will do xx

Claire said...

I think you look great, and it still cost less than mine and I'm already blonde lol I'm just darkening mine up supposedly, but I think I still look the same!

I think you suit both blonde and brown, I wish I could pull off brown hair too.

FionaChan said...

i think it looks great! it looks really natural-ish.

kimber doll said...

Blond hair looks great on you! Nice shade.

Stevie Georgina said...

The colour is really nice, looks lovely :) I really want to try the redken anti snap, but im worried after using one of their conditioners about 2 inches of my fringe snapped off :( I might just try it out anyway though as I have heard such good things about it xo

Anonymous said...

The Aussie 3 minute miracle is a must for me, I love it and I love the smell too.

Leah said...

I really like the colour you ended up with, very natural! I've always been interested in getting highlights like that but my natural hair colour is very dark, and my hair grows sooo fast, so the roots would be horrible.

I've been looking for a good deep conditioning treatment, I think I will see if I can find the Aussie 3 minute miracle!

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled across your blog! You are so cute. I want to try something new with my hair... I was thinking highlights. I've never had them done, and in fact I have never dyed my hair lighter than my natural color. It's all about black or brown for me. Right now my hair is kind of in limbo. It's sort of brown... and starting to get brassy. Anyway, your hair looks lovely. Thanks for the post!

I'm a new follower :)

lenny said...

it looks lovely hun! wish i could pull off blonde hair :) x

hannahbabeyxo said...

Love your hair :) XO

Alan said...

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