Thursday, 1 April 2010

Easter lovee

I love Easter, which I'm sure you do too, there's so many pretty displays around the shops.. & the eggs! my gosh I love chocolate and this holiday is just an excuse for people to buy me my favorite eggs :) & not forgetting my favorite lindt golden bunnies, yum.

I remember when I was little my mummy and daddy bought be Bambi on VHS, and lots of Easter eggs, and remember those little yellow chicks with the red bendy legs?....
I had loads of them too! I loved that Easter and il always remember it, Bambi always reminds me of Easter and to this very day I love watching it. I cant wait for my daughter to see it!
Matalan in particular has a lovely display this Easter, with bunny displays and pretty pretty eggs as you walk in, I was in there 2 weeks ago to shop with my boyfriend as he needed some new clothes, he bought me these cute bunny pj bottoms!.. there so bright and cheerful I just had to buy them.

Marks & Spencer has a pretty range of eggs too this year!
When Elise gets that bit older,I will be organising Easter egg hunts for her, do you remember them? I doo! at primary school we had to make our own little Easter egg baskets then, the teachers would hide hundreds of little eggs wrapped in colourful foil, around the playground, and we had to go find them.And I also remember our primary school had egg competitions, where you get a real life egg shell and decorate it, me and my dad spent ages on mine, I made 5 spice girl eggs, we cut there faces out of a paper and stuck them on each egg added a bit of glitter and some pretty bows too! I won a prize, I was so happy! Oh I miss being little!! :( The best thing is I get to re-live my childhood with my daughter.

I hope your all going to have a fab Easter what ever your doing, My boyfriend has a long weekend off, so I'm a happy bunny :)
I'l leave you with some pretty Easter pictures, and please don't forget the real reason why we have Easter and what its all about, click here, to read more :)

Happy Easter Everyone!

[ Photos taken from & google ]


Anonymous said...

Ooo lindt golden bunnies, my fav!
them images on the end are so cute! I never new of that website you got them from :) Nice blog! x

May said...

Great post and lovely pictures! I remember those little yellow chicks with the red legs!!


Jess said...

I now have the biggest craving for an easter egg.. haha.. Lovely post..(':

The Fashion Teller said...

Awww lovely images huni!! Very cute :) I use to love those little chicks and doing Easter Egg hunts with my family around the house and in the garden! Your little girl will love Bambi and the Easter fun when she gets a little older bless her! xoxo

Cherry Blossom said...

My mum and dad use to do easter egg hunts for me and my sister when we were little I love them :)

Lauren said...

I love Easter too.. I love all the chocolate, time off work and Bank Holiday day sessions in the pub. Oh yes.

Couturemee said...

Ahaa, those easterr eggs look delishh ;))
follow me??

Michelle said...

Hey, I've nominated you for an award over at my blog :) xxx Michelle

♥ Vanessa said...

I love this post, especially the cookies. What a beautiful design!