Thursday, 15 April 2010

To all the blondes out there!

I need your help pretty please!
I'm finally going blonde tomorrow, the hairdresser gave me a strand test, and confirmed by phone today that my hair will not go orange when bleeched, (thank god) but it will go a golden blonde.
I know it may ruin my hair, but I've been wanting to go blonde forever, and its a risk I'm willing to take! I need help with what shampoo's, conditioners, treatments I need to buy.
I have only ever had blonde hair when i was little, that was natural so i have nooo clue how to care for blonde hair!
However, I do know you need a purple shampoo so your hair doesn't turn yellow? -which brand is best?
-Do I avoid certain products?
-Whats your hair routine if your a blonde?
please advise me because as you can see i do not have a clue!! :)
If you could tell me what you use or even link me to your blog if you have a post, or your youtube.
Is this range any good? anyone tried it? Even if your not blonde and you know anything, id love to hear just comment below :) xx

19 comments: said...

I am doing a haircare vid this weekend on this but I'll give you a sneak preview.

a) I like Lush's rehab and daddy-o violet shampoos I tend to do 2 washes rehab, 1 daddy-o but I wash mine roughly every day

b) As I have slightly oily hair I use conditioner occasionally and try to do a hair pack at least once a month. However, if I don't use conditioner I use a leave-in conditioner instead (my favourite is aussie)

c) I use a detangling spray, this was essential when my hair was heavily bleached to prevent breakage. Now I do it sometimes depending on how my hair feels (when it was essential my hair was v tangled after washing and when dry had a 'dry/hairspray' feel to it). My product of choice was a kids detangling spray from boots, name began sch, german sounding, it was tropical scent, orange bottle and was only a couple of pounds

d) I bought a frizz-ease serum as it was on offer. I love it, has built in heat protection and lasts forever (not even halfway through it and I'm 5mths in)

e) Invest in a decent brush and comb

f) Finally I tried to limit heat damage, didn't always straighten my hair and when I did went for minimal temperature.

Amy x

Phoebe said...

The Lee Stafford bleach blondes shampoo is good, it's purple, in a purple tube. Don't use it too much though or you'll get a purple hue to your hair!
I also like John Freida's Brilliant Blonde range & the L'Oreal colour range that's in red packaging stops it fading.
Hope this helped :)
Can't wait to see pictures!

kimber doll said...

Hey You! I used to be all over blonde and the Redken Blond Glam line you posted is pretty decent - It smells devine also. Aveda has a really good one but kinda pricey. One good thing is your hair will be easier to straighten/curl as the dryness makes it super easy to manipulate into any style and stay put!!
Being blonde is great fun, and I'm sure you'll look great with it! Good luck! =)

awful beautiful disarray said...

Okay so my tips are:
-Do NOT use shampoos with sulfate/sulfur. They're only purpose is to make your shampoo lather and it actually strips your hair of moisture.
-DO use a shampoo and conditioner that helps your hair be moisturized- the bleach is going to make your hair very dry so you need to make sure its moisturized well or it will just be one big blonde frizz ball you can't do anything with. (Another reason not to use anything with sulfur)
-DO check your conditioner to see if it has any ingredients that mimic silicone. This ingredient will just coat your hair but not actually sink into the roots and really moisturize. So eventually when the silicone comes off the hair your hair will be even more dry because you didn't allow the moisture to sink in because of the silicone.

Basically after having blonde hair for way over 10 years, the best advice I can give you is a good moisturizing shampoo.

I have bought the ones specifically for blondes like Redken, TIGI, or even John Frieda and Pantenee ProV. These did pretty much nothing as far as keeping the color longer, but the ones that helped moisturized I could see a drastic difference as far as body and movement since the bleach dries out my hair so bad. So it's priorities I guess.

Sorry this was so long but I hope it helped!!! :)

Let me know how it all goes and have a great Thursday! :D

paige said...

i've been blonde many times and i always found using salon brand shampoo's and conditioners was best. a lot of the blonde salon ranges have toner already in them so your hair doesnt turn that horrible copper colour and then you can either tone it yourself or go to the hairdressers to get it done (id suggest going to the hairdressers as over toning can make your hair have a blue tinge. i know this from experience lol)

the salon you get it done at will be able to reccomend some great products for you, and will be able to tell you how often to tone and what to steer clear of. id mainly suggest asking your hairdresser lots of questions

good luck and i hope ive helped :)

xox paige

Lauren ♥ said...

Thanks for the tips amy, looking forward to the video too!
Il def try out the lush hair care,
and il check out that link now!

@pheobe, I was looking at lee stafford beach blonde haircare, theres so much to pick from.Il only be showing you all a pic if it looks okay ^.^ lol fingers crossed!

@kimberly Ive heard good reviews about aveda! Im willing to pay alot, as my hairs important its best to buy something expensive that works! :)
aw good point there, im so excited I hope it all works out well :)


TishTash said...

I am blonde and the clynol silver shamppo is the best to take out yellow/orangeness and creates more of a neutral colour instead of using a toner.
The charles worthington sun shine range I find are also really good in bringing out blonde tones to my hair too :) x

May said...

I use Bed Head's Dumb Blonde shampoo and reconstrustor conditioner. John Frieda's Sheer Blonde is very good or Sheer Blonde colour renew which is a purple shampoo and conditioner and comes in a purple and white bottle.

You can get Aussie 3 minute miracle for coloured hair which is great and Lee Stafford has a good intensive conditioners for blonde hair.

As for styling The Sheer Blonde styling stuff is really good particularly the 'Healthy Attitude' leave-in conditioner with heat protection (I've been using it for years, can't live without it) and the Bed Head Catwalk styling products are really good, and protect your blonde colour.

You can always ask your hairdresser to recommend something for your hair if you're not sure!


Lauren ♥ said...

thanks so much girls, I knew you would have great advise, thank you for taking the time to comment, I have noted everything down that youve said :)


♥ ChloĆ« ♥ said...

Hey hun I did a little post about being blonde here -

I would def recommened the Clynol silver champoo to keep it looking bright, and a good treatment once every week or so :) xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren! The purple shampoo to use for blonde hair is Loreal Shimmer Lights. I'm not too sure if you should use it on a darker blonde, but then again they might make one for a darker shade. I used it when I was bleach blonde and it worked great for me.

Also, invest in a good conditioner, I use Sebastian.

If the bleach does damage to your hair I would advise using Aquage hydrating mist. After one of my hair appts my hair was fryed in one spot and the stylist reccomended it and within 4 days my patch of hair was soft and smooth. I use that also before I style with any heat. It's awesome!

I'm not sure exactly what you can get in the UK so good luck!


abbzzw said...

in my experience shampoos and conditioners specifically for blonde hair have not ligtened it nor helped it keep its colour, before or after i dyed it lighter. if anything they made it more yellowy :(

i think you just need to avoid anything that strips natural oils and colour xx

Anonymous said...

V05 Blonde shampoo smells really nice and its a pearlescent liquid :/ I really which I had my natural blonde back but I bleached it and it went orange and white due to it being pink before hand then i died it pink again grew loads out and died it dark brown :( its clung and my hairs like a mousy blonde! I used to be so fair as well! I havent seen my natural hair for like 3 years!

x.abigail said...

I did a post yesterday on my journey from dark back to Blonde, you should check it out.

I highly recommend Lush's Daddy-O shampoo, and also the Aphogee shampoo and conditioners, they worked wonder for my damaged hair.
I left a link on one of my blog posts to the website where I bought them from.

I didn't brush my hair for ages because I was scared it would all break off, and haven't used heat on it since I've dyed it.

I use Lee stafford overnight treatment, and also LOADS of his serum on the ends of my hair.

I bet it looks lovely, Can't wait to see pics!!


Jess said...

When my hair was blonde, I never used any special shampoos. I just stuck with Pantene and it was fine..x

Lauren ♥ said...

Thanks everyone. I have blonde hair eeeek!!! everyone of your comments have helped xx

BrionyLou said...

I swear by Paul Mitchell Platinum blonde shampoo, its not so purple that you can't use it every day (unlike Lee Stafford's Bleach Blondes which is a twice a week at most shampoo).

I also use a purple conditioner - for this I usually go for the Lee Stafford or Toni and Guy offering, and Aussie 3 minute miracle once a week (or whenever needed).

Styling-wise I use Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Serum, Daily Boost Root Lift and Hold Me Tight Hairspray

Enjoy your blonde-ness!


x.abigail said...

I'd love to see a pic :-) are you happy with it?
My email is

How's the condition of your hair now?
I don't use Daddy-O every wash, I alternate with Dumb Blonde and the Aphogee stuff. Depending on how I feel :-)
I think whatever shampoo you use you have to just shove on a load of conditioner!

Glad I could help!

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