Friday, 30 April 2010

Skincare Regime

I have a new skincare regime!
& I must say I'm quite happy with it.
Its all thanks to lush! I have finally found products that work for my skin..
I have never found anything that cleanses or leaves my skin so soft,
I have never found anything to remove my make up as well as cleanse.
and I have never found anything that exfoliates without scratching my skin..

Now the one thing that's missing from the picture above, is a moisturizer.
I have ran out of the body shop vitamin E moisturizer that I did love.
I'm just looking for a new one, so any recommendations would be great :)

So here's what I use, and when I use it..
Ocean Salt
Cleansing lime. coconut and sea salt scrub.
Lush says its like taking your face to the seaside :)
and it is! it smells so fresh, I love using it. I use it once/twice a week..
even tho lush says to use it once a week I sometimes like to use it more.
I was using st Ive's apricot scrub, which I did like, but this is so much better.
The lush lady said the st Ives scrub just scratches your skin like sand, where as this gets deep into your skin and exfoliates.
I paid £6.10 for a small pot, but I know its going to last me a while!

Make up remover..
Ultra Bland
I use this to take my make up off, of a night time.
Its so gentle, and creamy..and it truly does take off my make up so well.
even water proof mascara! I simply get a bit ultra bland on my finger tips, rub it together to warm it up, then smear it over my face and eyes.
I then get two Cotton wool pads add a little luke warm water and wipe away. This doesn't involve any scrubbing, its not harsh on your skin.
Its made up of bees wax and honey, you can certainly tell if you smell it.
Not sure I like the bees wax smell even though I do like honey.
Its the only down point but I put up with it!
A small pot like mine costs:

Angels on bare skin ♥

My favorite skincare product EVER.
I love love love this.
I first got a sample when I went into lush for a spend up..
and just had to purchase it when I ran out.
Not only is it fun making into paste, it most importantly works wonders on my skin.
I use it everyday!
The smell? Lavender! which I love. If you don't like the lavender smell I doubt you'll like this.
Unless you could put up with it like I do with ultra bland.
I take a small amount of angels on bare skin, add water to it in the palm of my hand.. make a paste..and then cover my face with it, adding more water to my face i start to cleanse with my fingers making sure i scrub gently..finally I wash it away with luke warm water.
My skin is so soft afterwards.I smell lovely and I look so fresh!
I'm sure il be purchasing this alot in the future, the expiry date only lasts 3 weeks from when you bought it. but if you use it every day you'll be sure to use it all up!
I paid £5.10 for 100g

Eau Roma Water
I use this after I cleanse, to remove any angels on bare skin product that may have been left over. I simply spray this on a Cotton pad and wipe over my face.
This is my favorite toner ever. It smells of lavender! so of course I lub it!

Its rose and lavender water. For sensitive skin..
so anyone can use it!
I quick run down of my regime..

Angel's on bare skin - Once Everyday
Eau Roma Water - After I use AOBS everyday
Ocean Salt - Once/Twice a week
Ultra Bland- If I have worn make up that day
Moisturizer ???? I need a new one! But I would have used this everyday.

Let me know your skincare regime! :)


Anonymous said...

Loved this post, I've never used these products before.
I did my skincare post a few days ago.

Kaitlyn said...

i lovee ocean salt!

Dreams That Glitter said...

If you want a LUSH moisturiser to suit your other products, I'd go for either Vanishing Cream, Enzymion or Imperialis :).


*Peonies and lilies* said...

I really like Loreal youth code and Simple light hydrating moisturizer for the daytime and Superdrug vitamin E night cream at night x

Sugar&Spice said...

i LOVE lush products ...i dont tend to use there face stuff tho ... the only think ive tried are there vitamin C toner tablets and there FAB!


bexy_ie said...

The moisturiser I use is LUSH Skin Nanny - kinda expensive but amazing!!! I also use it with AOBS and the same toner :)

Leonuh! said...

Angels on bare skin!! <3 <3

alexandra said...

Love love love this! i definately want to try ultra bland now. love lush skin care! xx

maxinecassidy said...

I love ocean salt, my tub lasted about 2 months with me using it once a day! so using it once/twice a week will prolong it for aaaages! xx

Clare Marie said...

hey, i tagged you in my post!

Jenni & Ying said...

I've heard sooo much about lush! these look so good i might have to go splurge on some ;)

thanks for the reviews
you have a lovely blog too xo

Abbi said...

I love Angles On Bare Skin too!
Congrats on winning Make Kitten's competition!!! :D