Thursday, 31 December 2009

Goodbye 2009..

I have enjoyed 2009 so much, watching my little daughter grow and sharing an amazing year with her & my lovely man Scott. Getting My first home, spending our first Christmas in it and being a proper little family. Its sad to say goodbye to the naughties.. But I'm going to look forward to 2010 and live my life to the max. It's all about loving life and spending it with the people you love most. So here's to a new year people!! Happy 2010!!!! Love Lauren x

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Valentine's LUSH!

Valentine's day is one of my favorite days of the year..& there's not long till its upon us!
I am currently reading through lush times that was popped through my door on Christmas eve, & my gosh I am excited!!

The new collection looks lovely.
The Turkish delight is on top of my has £20,000 petals in every pot! wow-e.
Lush says " smoothly whipped rose cream delightfully moisturising shower soap, crammed with Turkish roses & natural butter smooth on massage in and rinse off"
I took a picture of the Valentine's page for you too see..
How cute are those magic mushroom's? :)
I will go through everything for you.

There are two Gift boxes:
Be Mine £15.95

which contains: Love soap, Sex in the shower, Soft coeur massage var and flying fox.

The other gift box doesn't have a name, just a '?' £25.95
Lush say's: All good valentines card are signed with a question mark. We made the guess who? gift in this honoured tradition.
I love the shape of this box, it's in shape of a heart with a black bow. Sweet huh?
'?' Gift contains the follows:
Sex in the shower,sex bomb,yummy yummy yummy,sexy peel, heavanilli, chocolate whipstick. -Okay lush your just getting me hungry now!! :)

Then you can by separately:
Magic mushroom's £2.25
which is a bubble bar i believe? The white parts are vanillary and fruity yummy yummy is in the red cap- to bewitch everyone who bathes it, so lush says :-)

The Ex Factor 1.95
A cute little man with a little pink heart.
Which is also a bubble bar, that makes the bath turn deep blue and leaves a butterball scent.

Love Soap £2.50
Cute little red heart's that are just perfect for valentines day.
Lush Say's it looks like last years, but smells like sex bomb.
You can also buy the S.W.A.L.K boxes to send them in!

So there you have it. I want them all, how greedy of me! If you get to try any of these out before i do please let me know!
When I do get the chance to grab some il make sure your the first to know.. (:

Lovee Lauren

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

An AMAZING offer,Hair dye,Lush Prize & Mini Haul

I went out on a last mintute christmas shop, which may i add was hectic! >.< There was a couple of thing's I needed, but like always I end up coming home with more! First off, I want to tell you all on this amazing offer, I was into tescos to get some food shopping for tonights tea and ended up in the beauty corner, as you do.... and on the bottom shelf i saw these two ambire solaire bottles and a little yellow sticker saying the price.
I normally buy the face mist, I've had many, all costing me around £6 for a smaller bottle, this ambire solaire tin is for the body, Ive always wanted to try this.
ANYWAY...I'm rambling...this 150ml bottle cost me £1.86! the normally retails at £10.99 in tescos, bloody bargain! Next to it, was the 150ml sun protection spray also retailing at £1.86 Normal price: 14.99 OH MY GOD, I love bargains, I know its winter, but I'm thinking ahead.;)
I just had to get it for my daughter. If your interested Pop into your local tesco and see if they have any of the tanning spray.. its too good to miss..

I went into superdrug next:
I bought a sleek pallete, I've been wanting one for ages..I got the original to start with, I most probably will be buying them all tho, there amazing! as I'm sure you've read on another blog, its the talk of the blogging town :)
I ran out of my Batiste dry shampoo, I normally get tropical, but this time i went for blush.
and while in the make up section I picked my mum a extra little pressie, shes always wanting some of my eyeko eye cream so I bought her one.

and finally my hair dye! I went for iced chocolate, my boyfriend was with me at the time, and he was advising me on what he likes, i dont know why but his opinion on the way i look matters alot to me, sooo..i went for iced chocolate! Il let you all know how i get on!

(Hello me!)
Here's the sleek eyeshadow palette, gorgeous colours..I feel some tutorials coming on!
any requests on a look you want me to do with these??Here's what I won on a twitter lush raffle!
I got it a week ago, but no one was in to answer the door..
so i picked it up today!
Looks very battered but o well!
Click on the image to enlarge and read what I got, by the lovely note lush gave me!
Love to all Lauren

Monday, 21 December 2009

Guest Blogger

I was contacted by to be a guest blogger for there site as they liked my blog and liked my reviews.

As i clicked on the link I read.. "shopaholic fueling your craving for shopping".
Me being a shopaholic, I was much interested already, They have a awesome site so please check them out!
I will be blogging for them in the future so look out for my posts!

Click Here for my first one!

Thanks for ready and Happy Christmas :)~
Lauren x

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Tag- My favorite Picture

I was tagged by the gorgeous Beverley to do this!
Please follow her, shes just started blogging!
click here,for her blog.

So above is my favorite picture its a recent fave, from my daughters 1st birthday which was on the 10/12/09

A lovely mummy and daughter photo that I will treasure for ever!

If you haven't done this I'm tagging YOU!

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Lush lush lush!

Lush was ever so kind to send me some things due to a product I bought that had a fault.
I wasn't expecting five things, I was expecting one and a maybe a sample!
I'm so pleased because I haven't owned anything expect snow fairy which I bought last time and love love loveee!

So what did I get? Please bare in mind I haven't used any of these except snow fairy, so cant give a full review.
Top left to bottom right-

Mister Butterball: In the shape of a snow man which is so cute, and has a cute name to match.
It says on the site Mr. Butterball blesses gives you with vanilla-scented, soft skin for Christmas I love the smell of vanilla so I'm so excited to try this.
Lush also say's:
Mr. Butterball has had work done. After a Synaesthesia massage and a Lush makeover, he's ready to rock this Christmas in a sexy new guise. Fortunately, he still smells of our sweet, soothing Ballistic and he still melts tiny pieces of creamy cocoa butter into the bathwater to moisturize and soften your whole body..- lovely (:

The Olive Branch shower gel:
This look interesting (:
Lush says:
If your body is beaten by the rigours of the rat race, accept an olive branch. The Olive Branch has a welcoming, Mediterranean warmth to it, with organic olive oil to soften your skin, an infusion of vine leaves, sea salt and the fresh juice of mandarins.

Snow Fairy Shower gel:
Love love loveee this, it smells so sweet, I actually look forward to getting in the shower with this! normally I hate showers in the winter, it leaves the skin super soft. & its pink! with a glittery shine..

The God Mother soap:
I haven't got a clue what this is like, I haven't even opened it yet, on the lush site its shocking pink..I'm looking forward to using this tho. I like my rock star soap, so I'm guessing this will be similar.
Lush says...
For really soft hands that smell like our best selling Snow Fairy shower gel.
It smells like snow fairy??? :):):)

So white ballistics:
OMG this smells gorgeous, I have to stock up on these!! I will miss them through out the year :(

Lush says:
Make a frothy blanket of apple-scented 'snow' for your bath. So White is the love-child of a Ballistic and Bubble Bar union. Rather than fizzing into nothing, it leaves behind a fresh snowfall on the water. Rose absolute is lovely for dry, rough or mature skins, allowing them to soak in a soothing water and relax weary, cluttered minds. Bergamot is a refreshing and fragrant oil to re-energize you when you're feeling run down.

Love Lauren x

Friday, 11 December 2009

Think Happy Thought's :)

Here are a few thing's I'm loving at the moment. I'm under so much stress lately, I have so many things to think about. So I decided to blog about....

Five things that cheer me up :)

1) My hot water bottle, how cute is this? it feels so soft.I love snuggling up to this when I'm feeling low, and as its winter I simply snuggle up to it for heat!

2) My current favorite purfume. Britney Spears Fantasy- is my new favorite smell, it smells sickly sweet and I just love it.

3)My slipper's, there so comfy, I also have ugg style ones that keep my feet warm, but my boyfriend keeps stealing them...and there pink! haha.

4) Lush baths. I love these all year round, but winter just makes them extra special, don't you all agree? my new favorite bomb is So white, the smell is so addictive. I wish I had a plug in air freshener of this.

5)My favorite moisturiser, I put this on to give my face a pick-me-up. Its by far the best Ive tried. It leaves your skin super soft and it hydrates. Its from the body shop & i recommend it to you all!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009


I know I know,
I have been lacking in posts lately, I'm sorry! I have lost the battery charger for my camera, I need to find it soon because its my daughters birthday Thursday & I want to take loads of pictures! so today I'm going on a hunt for it, wish me luck!

Anyway more about this post, I have done this eyeko review before, but some how I deleted it. urgh its so annoying because I spent ages writing up a review!
Ive decided to post it again for my new followers, enjoy (:

Glitter liquid eyeliner in sliver *£5
Eyeko says:
  • For hardcore metallic eyes let the first coat dry before re-applying.
  • Draw the brush across the top lid as close to the lashes as possible for subtle shimmer.
  • Gently dot onto the end of your lashes for a sparkly dew drop effect.
  • Sweep across the whole lid on top of dark shadow for a striking glam Goth look.
Lauren Say's...
Recently Ive discovered glitter eyeliner, and I cannot rate it enough.
Its stunning!!
The sparkle around the eye is flattering.
Its a must have for a night out, esp if your wearing something glittery.
This is my first purchase on a glitter eyeliner, the next I'm looking to buy is the NO7 stay perfect eyeliner in sapphire. Its beautiful.

The applicator is easy to use, soft and does a perfect flick,
when applying I found that you didn't have to keep dipping the applicator in the bottle to apply more liner, one dip does the trick, it carries so much glitter.
The eyeliner stays on for ages! which is another plus point, to remove the swatches off my hand I had to really scrub.

Touch up & Glow Highlighter *£5
Eyeko Say's...
"For a soft focus sheen brush on to brow and cheek bones to lighten and lift.
For fuller lips highlight the cupids bow and wake up eyes with just a touch on the inner corners of your eyes."

Lauren Say's...
OH MY GOD, by far my favorite highlighter, I wear this all the time!
I wear it under my brow and on my check bones, the staying power is unbelievable.
It lasts all day...
The colour is perfect, its just my perfect high lighter.
and I urge you to go out and buy it!

The applicator is a brush which makes it easy to apply.
the swatch doesn't give it much justice, to benefit the full affects try some on your hand in
super drug!

3-in-1 Cream *£6
Eyeko says:
"To get that A-list glow skip foundation and use Eyeko Cream all over focusing on the eye and cheek area for lit from within skin."

Lauren Say's...
A moisturiser, high lighter and eye cream. 3 in 1? how awesome!

Obviously I had to get this, as I love the high lighter I wanted to see what this was like..and its basically the same colours, but I can put this all over my face,
I haven't tried it all over, I'm a little bit scared that id look like a ghost!
But I will give it a go some day.

The cream its self is very softening, and really does give the skin a glow.
I have used it as a eye cream, and it makes you look awake, which is always a good thing, especially as i never get a decent nights sleep.
Eyeko also says:
Infused with skin perfecting light reflectors and antioxidant Vitamins A& E plus a Vitamin C boost for a radiant, clear complexion.

You get a lot of product in the tiny tub.
I know it will last me a long time!

Tinted cream *£5
Eyeko say's.....
For radiant skin and a sun kissed glow try NEW Eyeko 3-in-1 Tinted Cream. Treat skin to the same luxuriously whipped texture made with super hydrating Jojoba boosted with antioxidants Vitamins A & E plus Vitamin C for a luminous finish as our No.1 bestseller Eyeko Cream.

Lauren Say's..
Well, it looks yummy doesn't it? I want to eat it!
It looks like chocolate. I'm guessing its a bad idea tho.
I was disappointed when i first swatched abit of this on my hand..
I was starting to think it would be too dark for my skin and just leave me looking mucky with no glow.
Until I rubbed it in and it got lighter...

It really gives you a sun kissed look.
I prefer using this with the pink tub of eyeko cream, it gives you a extra glow!

*You can find all these products in a UK super drug.
Or visit there website!
They have free shipping on ALL orders WORLDWIDE!
and if you enter my ambassador code on your order you'll get a freebie.

Happy Shopping :)