Friday, 11 December 2009

Think Happy Thought's :)

Here are a few thing's I'm loving at the moment. I'm under so much stress lately, I have so many things to think about. So I decided to blog about....

Five things that cheer me up :)

1) My hot water bottle, how cute is this? it feels so soft.I love snuggling up to this when I'm feeling low, and as its winter I simply snuggle up to it for heat!

2) My current favorite purfume. Britney Spears Fantasy- is my new favorite smell, it smells sickly sweet and I just love it.

3)My slipper's, there so comfy, I also have ugg style ones that keep my feet warm, but my boyfriend keeps stealing them...and there pink! haha.

4) Lush baths. I love these all year round, but winter just makes them extra special, don't you all agree? my new favorite bomb is So white, the smell is so addictive. I wish I had a plug in air freshener of this.

5)My favorite moisturiser, I put this on to give my face a pick-me-up. Its by far the best Ive tried. It leaves your skin super soft and it hydrates. Its from the body shop & i recommend it to you all!


Stephanie said...

omg hehe i went to Lush the other day and picked up a so white bath bomb! love it hehe xx

Lauren ♥ said...

smells Lovely!

Enrique said...

I love fantasy too... it smells so good!!

yoli said...

oh! sorry I left you a comment with my brother's account!

Stephanie said...

i love it loads im going to pick up a few more tomo lol oooh and the candy christmas box hehe x

Lauren ♥ said...

Haha, no worries yoli. I love all of britneys purfumes!

Yeah steph do you like snow fairy?x

Lu said...

I love all those things too :) Love Fantasy too. I've got all of Britney's perfumes except Believe. Didn't really like that. I prefer sweet things and that was citrusy. Havn't tried her new 1, Circus, yet actually. It's meant to be available in Superdrug but I havn't managed to find it yet :-/ x

Lauren ♥ said...

Uh thanks for reminding me about the new one lu! I didnt know the name either.
I havent tried belive? or I did and didnt like it. Im like you, I like sweet britney smells!

abbzzw said...

My face, infact all of my body, has needed a moisture pick me up this winter! It has been horrible to my skin :(

Cute post lovely :D xx

Sugar&Spice said...

omg i know what you mean about a hot water bottle .... also i love all of britney's perfume's, but that could be because im a huge fan of Ms.Spears!

Such a cute blog

x <3 x

be sure to follow mine xx

Lauren ♥ said...

Winter is so unkind to our skin! argh! thank you abz (:

Yay another britney fan!
I will def follow you! xx