Wednesday, 23 December 2009

An AMAZING offer,Hair dye,Lush Prize & Mini Haul

I went out on a last mintute christmas shop, which may i add was hectic! >.< There was a couple of thing's I needed, but like always I end up coming home with more! First off, I want to tell you all on this amazing offer, I was into tescos to get some food shopping for tonights tea and ended up in the beauty corner, as you do.... and on the bottom shelf i saw these two ambire solaire bottles and a little yellow sticker saying the price.
I normally buy the face mist, I've had many, all costing me around £6 for a smaller bottle, this ambire solaire tin is for the body, Ive always wanted to try this.
ANYWAY...I'm rambling...this 150ml bottle cost me £1.86! the normally retails at £10.99 in tescos, bloody bargain! Next to it, was the 150ml sun protection spray also retailing at £1.86 Normal price: 14.99 OH MY GOD, I love bargains, I know its winter, but I'm thinking ahead.;)
I just had to get it for my daughter. If your interested Pop into your local tesco and see if they have any of the tanning spray.. its too good to miss..

I went into superdrug next:
I bought a sleek pallete, I've been wanting one for ages..I got the original to start with, I most probably will be buying them all tho, there amazing! as I'm sure you've read on another blog, its the talk of the blogging town :)
I ran out of my Batiste dry shampoo, I normally get tropical, but this time i went for blush.
and while in the make up section I picked my mum a extra little pressie, shes always wanting some of my eyeko eye cream so I bought her one.

and finally my hair dye! I went for iced chocolate, my boyfriend was with me at the time, and he was advising me on what he likes, i dont know why but his opinion on the way i look matters alot to me, sooo..i went for iced chocolate! Il let you all know how i get on!

(Hello me!)
Here's the sleek eyeshadow palette, gorgeous colours..I feel some tutorials coming on!
any requests on a look you want me to do with these??Here's what I won on a twitter lush raffle!
I got it a week ago, but no one was in to answer the door..
so i picked it up today!
Looks very battered but o well!
Click on the image to enlarge and read what I got, by the lovely note lush gave me!
Love to all Lauren


Sandra - If it comes in pink said...

love that pink box, is that the eye cream?! Happy holidays!

Lauren ♥ said...

Yeah, the 3 in 1 eye cream, high lighter and moisturiser :) thank you- you too!

Alisa said...

I won a package from Lush on Twitter as well. I got Dream Cream, a small bar of Honey I Washed the Kids and Snowshowers jelly. So nice to get a little something for Christmas!