Thursday, 23 December 2010

Happy Christmas!

(My tree)
I would just like to wish my followers a Happy Christmas! Thank you for every single comment made this year, and taking the time to read my posts! You will be seeing alot more in 2011 so keep your eyes peeled!
Above is my Christmas tree! :)
Have a great Christmas xx Lauren xx

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Save over 50 % on Eyeko Suprise Party Set!

Such a great deal in time for Christmas, weather its for you, or a gift for a family/friends, its too good to miss!

-SAVE OVER 50% on a surprise mix of Eyeko products. You might get your old favourites or something you’ve never tried before! But hurry, this offer is only available for the next 24hrs.

-Must end 10am (UK time) December 10, 2010.

-Product value:
£32.50, Now only £15!
€39, Now only €18!
$40, Now only $20!

Plus do not forget to use my promo code at the check out to receive an extra FREE Gift!

Happy Shopping x

30% off at The Body Shop and FREE Delivery!

I have just received a email from The body shop, and thought I would treat myself to a few bits, I ended up spending quite alot! tee hee! I thought you ladies might be interested, for a limited time only EVERYTHING on the site is 30% off + free delivery, and in store too from today (9th dec - 12th) so go ahead and treat yourself :) xx

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Snow day...

Hey all! Glad you liked last nights post about the snow update,I thought Id Share some pictures I took with my little girl this afternoon! :)

Our foot prints! :)

and here's a video &heart;

Walking in a winter wonderland.....

As I type this at 3am...I can happily announce that outside those windows of mine, lies a blanket of snow over my town! eeeee!!!! :):):):)

How exciting!!!!! It's deep too...
So tomorrow will consist of making snow men with the little one, aaaand snow ball fights with the mister.

If you have snow have a happy snow day, and keep warm! :)

ps I now have a tumblr, nothing amazing on there yet but please follow, il follow back! :)

X Lauren X

Friday, 26 November 2010

Friday Im in Love..

A little round up of my week-
Firstly..... I am going to see BLINK 182!!!!! at The 02 in London.. we have amazing seats, and I'm so excited, Blink are my favorite band, and when they split I thought Id never get to see them live..! The only thing is I have to wait till July'11, but I'm being optimistic and seeing it as something to look forward too :)

I went from a light brown to a chocolate brown this week, as I am getting hair extensions, My roots were coming through and I wanted to go one colour, and I decided to go dark.. I used l'oreal excell in spiced chocolate, It has come out quite dark, but I need to wash it a few times and see, I am thinking of doing a review on this dye, as when I was searching on the net for reviews & i couldn't find any, and it may help some people who want to go spiced chocolate!!
Snow- Ok where are you? anywhere in the north but here! I am actually watching the news as I type and I am seeing loads of snow in north Yorkshire,knee deep in fact, but what about the west? I am waiting patiently, It is so cold here. we deserve it I recon! Do you have snow where you are?

Lush!! My lush order came today, fall of American cream,HIWTK,AOBS and snow fairy ♥

That's all for now, just a little catch up :)
Keep Warm!
Love & Stuff x

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Mark make up

A lovely friend, and beauty blogger has recently revelled her new blog.
Heather is a Mark Representative. Selling great products on a budget.
Heather gets to try all the products on a low cost, so therefore will be able to review,letting us know which are the best buys.

I found out today that Lauren Conrad was once a spokes person for MARK.
which makes me want to purchase some items even more! Especially 'on the edge liquid liner' as it is LCs ultimate fave.

Click to view heathers BLOG and her mark store

Tell me if you have purchased anything from Mark and let me know what you think!

"Selling other peoples products in a unique way . . "
A site that was made for us beauty lovers. To help us choose the right products online before we buy.
CN have a awesome colour picker application, to help us find the right colour we are looking for.

Candy nails also keep us updated on all the latest nail trends, and beauty news.
I have been in touch with the owner of Candy Nails, Adam. Below is an interview with him that will tell you a bit more about the site.

1) Why the name "Candy Nails"?

The name Candy Nails took around one year for me to be finally happy with a brand name that emits nice thoughts of bright colours and sweet tasting goodies and also incorporate what the brand is all about and that’s nail care.

2) Clearly your site is not just about nail polish, what other products can my readers expect to find on your website? at the moment is predominantly nail polish at the moment due to the lack of other websites selling a choice of colours to the consumer, for example we are the only shop in the UK stocking the whole range of Jessica Nail Polish. Other products that we are going to expand on in the usually left in the background men’s products, been a man myself I know that I want these high quality products and equipment so my goal is to make men feel at ease buying hand and feet care products on line. We also have a great line of Anti Aging products from Skin Doctors, remember your mom or gran used to say “you can always tell their age buy the condition of their hands” well again there is’nt another website offering anti ageing product for the hands.

3) Are you planning to expand into other cosmetics (as in, not just nail polishes)

Yes, the aim for the website is to be a trusted one stop shop for every hand and feet care product available (all the best quality ones J)

4) You mentioned Celebrity Nail tell us more ;)

Our other aim is to not just been a boring website, we love this industry and everything about it and working with people like Sophy Robson is a key part to our future. Just check out our news section for thing’s she’s wrote about us.

5) The "Nail Studio" application on your website is pretty innovative, what was the inspiration for that?

Well like everything on it was invented because there was a need for people to view nail polish colours on real skin tones. So we had professional hand models shot in HD video and the use of real colour swatches for the polish. This is something we are very proud of.

6) What led you (or the owner, if that's not you) to create your own brand?

Well me Adam Gore is the creator and owner. I seen a need in the market for a place where people can go to and think wow I feel at home here and a trust that they’re not going to get ripped off or even my worst fear “bored” So I scoured the internet with similar companies and seen a lack of respect for the customer. So there it was was born after 3 years of planning and hard research I truly believe Candy Nails is the one to watch out for.

7) I've noticed that there is a blog on the site. Are you planning on adding more advice/tutorial articles, because I could add that in if you wished?

Our CandyBLOG is something we are just getting work done for, I want to include lots of articles that will help people in their quest for perfect hands and feet

Monday, 22 November 2010

My Autumn Photo shoot.

Some of you may be aware that I am in the middle of building my portfolio, to hopefully become a fashion model.
I have recently had my second shoot, this time on location!
I went to a park, for some autumn themed shots. Leaves, mittens, jacket- that's the look I was going for, casual, natural and they have come out fantastic.
For some reason my hair has turned slightly red, even tho I haven't dyed it red!
I love it anyway :)
So here are some photo's....

Hope you like these posts, I like to keep you all updated on my journey!

Lauren x

Pretty in pink

I made these pink cupcakes for my mum, she is going back home to London tomorrow, after visiting me! As a going home pressie I made her a bunch of cupcakes of her choice, she chose chocolate topping with pretty sprinkles and pearls! Thought I would share my yummy treats to you all, hope your all well!

Don't forget to vote 10/10 for my clothes, which you have a chance of winning, including uggs and a Alexander McQueen scarf! :)

Lauren xx

Thursday, 18 November 2010

A Spring 2011 trend

I know, Its very early to talk about next season as we have only just approached winter, but with fashion you always have to think ahead. The spring 2011 fashion shows in the USA have already taken off, Famous designers such as Marc Jacob have recently reveled thier wear for spring 2011.
After watching various videos of the new york fashion cat walks, It is very clear that White will be a massive trend next season.
White jackets,blazers,shorts,dresses,trousers,handbags...
A few more trends for spring 2011 will be flat platforms, sheer tops and trousers, and bold colours, not forgetting double denim.(A pet hate for many)
I am a lover of white I must say, it looks ever so stunning, and it always indicates that summers around the corner. I always wear my white skinnies summer time, teaming them with either sandals or heels depending on the occasion.
What do you think? are you a lover of white? Can you see yourself wearing an outfit of a white top,jacket and trousers?

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Guest post:Halo hair extensions

Halo contacted me via email, asking if they could feature on my blog, writing a guest post. I love halo extensions and making a purchase next week...
I may do a review.
check their site for more info about their products and prices-

How to care for your hair extensions:

Caring for hair extensions So you’ve made the decision to have hair extensions, you love them, and they give you that extra boost of confidence. But now a little effort is required to make sure those luscious locks remain luscious. Whether you wear clip in extensions or permanent ones, the tips to keep them fresh remain the same. You need to take care of your hair extensions from day one of use. This can start from simply how you brush your hair- it is best to use a soft tipped brush and to gently go through your hair to avoid any tangling. Washing your extensions is another task. Before jumping in the shower slowly add water and gently brush before wash. When choosing a shampoo product, try to choose one low in alkaline as this will help keep the hair strong and reduce any chances of the extensions becoming brittle. When applying the shampoo, unless you want tangled hair, avoid rubbing the hair together- maybe use a wide tooth comb throughout washing! And for extra moisture add conditioner to the ends of the hair extensions. More conditioner than shampoo often keeps the extensions moist and reduces chances of them drying out.

Now this is the tricky part. With wet hair, it obviously needs to become dry which for most of us will mean applying heat. However if you have synthetic hair extensions avoid this! This will damage the hair and make it frizzle. With human hair, you can use hair dryers and straightners but make sure the heat is not too high!

Particularly as the winter months quickly approach us, taking care of hair extensions can become more difficult. Never go outside with wet hair, this will cause the hair to freeze and permanently damage the hair. When windy it is best to tie your hair up to avoid it tangling and also getting in your way as you try to walk down the street! However also remember when tying up hair extensions to not do it too tightly as the hair band could get stuck in the extensions and cause them to tangle. And don’t put too much hair spray in when styling unless you want your lovely new extensions to dry out.

Also remember, hair extensions are a great accessory for the winter. They allow you to thicken up your hair keeping you warmer and with dark tones available they will look fabulous for all the winter fashions.

Urban decay hall of fame review

Urban decay introduces you to there most popular and lovable products, in travel size, that has been packaged in a awesome graffiti box.
I won UD hall of fame a while ago, I was so excited, as I had never owned an Urban decay product.
I have had enough time to use these, and let you know what I think and if id purchase each one fall size.
Let's start of with the contents:
  • XL eyeshadow primer potion
  • 24/7 glide - on eye pencil in zero
  • Pocket rocket lip gloss in timothy
  • Skyscraper multi-benefit mascara
  • Lipstick in midnight cowboy
Now to what I think..

Eyeshadow Primer Potion
This is the best eyeshadow base I have ever used, and if you haven't heard of it, where have you been?! Every girl needs this in her make up bag.
This primer potion is XL, 60% bigger then regular urban decay potions.
I do not have any creases in my eyeshadow wearing this, and my shadow lasts all day!

Swatchy swatch...
This is wearable by it's self. The only disadvantage I would say is the packaging, it may look cute, but it will be hard trying to get the remains once the product starts to run out.
On that note, I'm giving the primer potion

Skyscraper multi benefit mascara
This mascara is amazing, the applicator gives my eyelashes such great length..
as it is so long, I just take the applicator to my eyelash root pull and curl them back, only having to do this once as I said because its so long, it covers the eye.

This mascara has multi benefits as the name suggests!
It Lengthens,Strengthens,separates,curls,brighten and thickens.
Sounds good right?
However it is not water proof, it DOES last long without fading, which I know is confusing.
You need to apply this carefully as the mascara is so gooey
I have to give most of those claims to be true, it does lengthen, not sure about strengthens just yet.
It separates quite well. Curls- It depends how you curl with the applicator. I would say it brightens and defiantly thickens! So check this out if you haven't already.I would repurchase.

Lipstick in midnight cowboy
I lurrrve the packaging!
Pretty, Shinny purlpleness :)

The colour is beaut! a shimmer nude.
It isn't drying either which is a normal hate for lipsticks for me, as I am a lip gloss kind of girl..
this is ever so moisturizing, and is near enough a gloss.
There is meant to be a midnight cow boy eye shadow too...which I must get, these babies paired up together would be lush.
The lipstick doesn't last long on this lips you may need to apply 2-3 times a day.
But I want to end on a good note- the lipstick really makes your lips look fuller, and you cant go wrong with a nude!

Pocket Rocket lip gloss in Timothy
Cute packaging ;) Smells fruity!
I love this because it makes your lips look brighter,

A lovely coral-red colour,with a brush applicator which is ideal for blending with a lipstick of your choice.
The red gloss, gives a sexy shine to your lips.
I give this a..

24/7 eyeliner in zero
This has to be my favorite eyeliner, I am thinking of buying the normal size.
Its a love hate eyeliner, some really love it (like me) then you have people who hate it, they claim the liner doesn't last long, but for me it was okay!
The name names doesn't lie.

It lasts all day for me. Glides on so smoothly and is jet black, unlike some that aren't so intense.
This is defiantly great for the water line.
Another pro is the fact the lead doesn't snap easily!
I give the 24/7 eyeliner a

Over all I love urban decays hall of fame! I'm a massive fan now! What do you think? what are your favorites?
Lauren x

Monday, 15 November 2010

A Monday Moment..

I have noticed many bloggers writing A summery of the week- this would be my first and I want to call it a Monday moment, a moment where I talk to you and let you know how I'm doing, what I'm doing, and what is on my mind.

I have been a very busy girl these past couple of months- Being a mommy is taking up a fair bit of my time- and I do love it, of course I do! Whilst little one is playing or sleeping, I like to browse the net for photo shoot inspiration,Modeling is taking up a lot of time, going to shoots, shopping for the outfits, working towards a great portfolio and getting my name out there- it is extremely tiring, but It is also exciting, I have great things ahead of me.

I am also writing for an online fashion blog once a week which is something I love to do, as you know I love fashion.

I have a new laptop! thanks to a fellow blogger on here :)
I am loving the fact it is nearly Christmas, I have my tree up! and I know some may think it is insanely early, I don't care- it makes me happy and excited for Christmas, I have had a cold the past week and it has brightened me up so much.

I have been to see McFly in Manchester, I have had my best friend up to stay, another friend from Manchester to stay and my mums come up for a visit, she has to go home next week boohoooo. I love her being here.

Hopefully I can make it home to London soon... to see my dad other family members & friends, and not forgetting seeing the pretty Christmas lights!!

I am planning on new features to my blog so watch this space...... New posts are on their way. Exciting times!

That's all for now- Keep smiling beauties.....xx
Lauren x

Grunge Glam?

I put this little montage together for a republic competition and thought you would be interested in it..
I went for a grunge glam look to dress up a pair of shorts for winter.
Everything you see is from
which may I add, I am loving at the moment!

p.s the winner of my giveaway will be announced tomorrow

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween! and giveaway announcement!

Hope you all had a spooktacular time! ;)
I'm abit busy at the moment, and wont be able to announce/pick a winner any time soon so I'm leaving the giveaway open for another week, so go enter if you haven't already!!
Have a great night, Lauren x

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Keep Calm Have A Cupcake

Hello Hello! How are we all?
I thought I would share with you my cupcakes, that I made a couple of weeks back.
I saw Milly's lovely cupcakes and the how to create- post, and thought I would join in on the cupcake madness! I'm so pleased many of us are baking, its so much more fun then buying cupcake mixes already made up! How many more times am I going to say cupcakes? ;)
It was my first attempt, with no help may I add! Made all from scratch, they came out pretty well.
Not to perfection, but they were absolutely yummy!!
I am planning on making more, if you would have any interest in them let me know and il pop a post up of my next creations. Thanks for looking :)

Lauren x x