Tuesday, 23 November 2010

"Selling other peoples products in a unique way . . "
A site that was made for us beauty lovers. To help us choose the right products online before we buy.
CN have a awesome colour picker application, to help us find the right colour we are looking for.

Candy nails also keep us updated on all the latest nail trends, and beauty news.
I have been in touch with the owner of Candy Nails, Adam. Below is an interview with him that will tell you a bit more about the site.

1) Why the name "Candy Nails"?

The name Candy Nails took around one year for me to be finally happy with a brand name that emits nice thoughts of bright colours and sweet tasting goodies and also incorporate what the brand is all about and that’s nail care.

2) Clearly your site is not just about nail polish, what other products can my readers expect to find on your website? at the moment is predominantly nail polish at the moment due to the lack of other websites selling a choice of colours to the consumer, for example we are the only shop in the UK stocking the whole range of Jessica Nail Polish. Other products that we are going to expand on in the usually left in the background men’s products, been a man myself I know that I want these high quality products and equipment so my goal is to make men feel at ease buying hand and feet care products on line. We also have a great line of Anti Aging products from Skin Doctors, remember your mom or gran used to say “you can always tell their age buy the condition of their hands” well again there is’nt another website offering anti ageing product for the hands.

3) Are you planning to expand into other cosmetics (as in, not just nail polishes)

Yes, the aim for the website is to be a trusted one stop shop for every hand and feet care product available (all the best quality ones J)

4) You mentioned Celebrity Nail tell us more ;)

Our other aim is to not just been a boring website, we love this industry and everything about it and working with people like Sophy Robson is a key part to our future. Just check out our news section for thing’s she’s wrote about us.

5) The "Nail Studio" application on your website is pretty innovative, what was the inspiration for that?

Well like everything on it was invented because there was a need for people to view nail polish colours on real skin tones. So we had professional hand models shot in HD video and the use of real colour swatches for the polish. This is something we are very proud of.

6) What led you (or the owner, if that's not you) to create your own brand?

Well me Adam Gore is the creator and owner. I seen a need in the market for a place where people can go to and think wow I feel at home here and a trust that they’re not going to get ripped off or even my worst fear “bored” So I scoured the internet with similar companies and seen a lack of respect for the customer. So there it was was born after 3 years of planning and hard research I truly believe Candy Nails is the one to watch out for.

7) I've noticed that there is a blog on the site. Are you planning on adding more advice/tutorial articles, because I could add that in if you wished?

Our CandyBLOG is something we are just getting work done for, I want to include lots of articles that will help people in their quest for perfect hands and feet


jade' said...

I've used Candy Nails before, and have been sent products from them. They are a great company - what is even better is that if I want a query or problem. I can speak to Adam direct via the Candy Nail facebook! Great customer service.

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

sounds like a really cool and innovative site.