Friday, 26 November 2010

Friday Im in Love..

A little round up of my week-
Firstly..... I am going to see BLINK 182!!!!! at The 02 in London.. we have amazing seats, and I'm so excited, Blink are my favorite band, and when they split I thought Id never get to see them live..! The only thing is I have to wait till July'11, but I'm being optimistic and seeing it as something to look forward too :)

I went from a light brown to a chocolate brown this week, as I am getting hair extensions, My roots were coming through and I wanted to go one colour, and I decided to go dark.. I used l'oreal excell in spiced chocolate, It has come out quite dark, but I need to wash it a few times and see, I am thinking of doing a review on this dye, as when I was searching on the net for reviews & i couldn't find any, and it may help some people who want to go spiced chocolate!!
Snow- Ok where are you? anywhere in the north but here! I am actually watching the news as I type and I am seeing loads of snow in north Yorkshire,knee deep in fact, but what about the west? I am waiting patiently, It is so cold here. we deserve it I recon! Do you have snow where you are?

Lush!! My lush order came today, fall of American cream,HIWTK,AOBS and snow fairy ♥

That's all for now, just a little catch up :)
Keep Warm!
Love & Stuff x


Anonymous said...

aww you're going to see blink :) awesome! looove them!! i went to one of their concerts (from the last album before their split), which was AMAZING! i'm sure, you'll enjoy it!!
have a nice weekend! xx

Michelle said...

SO jealous of your Blink tickets! I wish I could justify spending my student loan on another concert haha ;) We haven't had snow in Southampton at all, just the freezing cold weather! Have a lovely weekend. xx

SkellyBones said...

We have snow here in north Norfolk :D Not loads, but enough to mess up the roads :s

jodie :) said...

EEEK, my favourite blog post ever.
lush and blink 182 <3
i got tickets for birmingham on the 15th and nearly cried! :D:D

Lauren ♥ said...

wow that must have been amazing! I love there last album i'm hoping they will play a few song from it, esp I miss you! thanks you too! :)

aw hun, I couldnt really aford this tickets, but I just had to get them, I would never forgive myself if I missed out on another chance!x

We finally had snow last night, shortly after writing this post actually!x

@jodie yay another blink fan!
aww awesome that you got tickets, I nearly cried too, it will be amazing x

Have a great weekend girls!

Cowbiscuits said...

congrats on the blink tickets! xx