Thursday, 18 November 2010

A Spring 2011 trend

I know, Its very early to talk about next season as we have only just approached winter, but with fashion you always have to think ahead. The spring 2011 fashion shows in the USA have already taken off, Famous designers such as Marc Jacob have recently reveled thier wear for spring 2011.
After watching various videos of the new york fashion cat walks, It is very clear that White will be a massive trend next season.
White jackets,blazers,shorts,dresses,trousers,handbags...
A few more trends for spring 2011 will be flat platforms, sheer tops and trousers, and bold colours, not forgetting double denim.(A pet hate for many)
I am a lover of white I must say, it looks ever so stunning, and it always indicates that summers around the corner. I always wear my white skinnies summer time, teaming them with either sandals or heels depending on the occasion.
What do you think? are you a lover of white? Can you see yourself wearing an outfit of a white top,jacket and trousers?


abby said...

this is amazing. white is my favourite colour to wear. it's so pure and easy but glamourous :D

i'm excited for spring now! xx

Lauren ♥ said...

:) Im excited too! spring collections are so much more fun to wear then dull aut/winter collections! xx