Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Urban decay hall of fame review

Urban decay introduces you to there most popular and lovable products, in travel size, that has been packaged in a awesome graffiti box.
I won UD hall of fame a while ago, I was so excited, as I had never owned an Urban decay product.
I have had enough time to use these, and let you know what I think and if id purchase each one fall size.
Let's start of with the contents:
  • XL eyeshadow primer potion
  • 24/7 glide - on eye pencil in zero
  • Pocket rocket lip gloss in timothy
  • Skyscraper multi-benefit mascara
  • Lipstick in midnight cowboy
Now to what I think..

Eyeshadow Primer Potion
This is the best eyeshadow base I have ever used, and if you haven't heard of it, where have you been?! Every girl needs this in her make up bag.
This primer potion is XL, 60% bigger then regular urban decay potions.
I do not have any creases in my eyeshadow wearing this, and my shadow lasts all day!

Swatchy swatch...
This is wearable by it's self. The only disadvantage I would say is the packaging, it may look cute, but it will be hard trying to get the remains once the product starts to run out.
On that note, I'm giving the primer potion

Skyscraper multi benefit mascara
This mascara is amazing, the applicator gives my eyelashes such great length..
as it is so long, I just take the applicator to my eyelash root pull and curl them back, only having to do this once as I said because its so long, it covers the eye.

This mascara has multi benefits as the name suggests!
It Lengthens,Strengthens,separates,curls,brighten and thickens.
Sounds good right?
However it is not water proof, it DOES last long without fading, which I know is confusing.
You need to apply this carefully as the mascara is so gooey
I have to give most of those claims to be true, it does lengthen, not sure about strengthens just yet.
It separates quite well. Curls- It depends how you curl with the applicator. I would say it brightens and defiantly thickens! So check this out if you haven't already.I would repurchase.

Lipstick in midnight cowboy
I lurrrve the packaging!
Pretty, Shinny purlpleness :)

The colour is beaut! a shimmer nude.
It isn't drying either which is a normal hate for lipsticks for me, as I am a lip gloss kind of girl..
this is ever so moisturizing, and is near enough a gloss.
There is meant to be a midnight cow boy eye shadow too...which I must get, these babies paired up together would be lush.
The lipstick doesn't last long on this lips you may need to apply 2-3 times a day.
But I want to end on a good note- the lipstick really makes your lips look fuller, and you cant go wrong with a nude!

Pocket Rocket lip gloss in Timothy
Cute packaging ;) Smells fruity!
I love this because it makes your lips look brighter,

A lovely coral-red colour,with a brush applicator which is ideal for blending with a lipstick of your choice.
The red gloss, gives a sexy shine to your lips.
I give this a..

24/7 eyeliner in zero
This has to be my favorite eyeliner, I am thinking of buying the normal size.
Its a love hate eyeliner, some really love it (like me) then you have people who hate it, they claim the liner doesn't last long, but for me it was okay!
The name names doesn't lie.

It lasts all day for me. Glides on so smoothly and is jet black, unlike some that aren't so intense.
This is defiantly great for the water line.
Another pro is the fact the lead doesn't snap easily!
I give the 24/7 eyeliner a

Over all I love urban decays hall of fame! I'm a massive fan now! What do you think? what are your favorites?
Lauren x


Saffi said...

I only have the mini mascara and zero eyeliner from the Smoke Out set and I love both of them
The mascara is the best ive tried so far with no excess on the brush and no clumps at all! Love it
In terms of the eyeliner I like how very easy it is to apply but I dont feel it stays on as long as my Revlon one.
I would love to try the Primer as ive heard its amazing! and +60% in that set?? awesome :D
The lip gloss looks lovely and I havnt really heard anything of UD lipglosses.
Im not a fan of nude lipsticks myself specially since my lips are really red naturally

Katie said...

This looks really good! I really want to try their mascara! I am a big fan of their Primer Potion! I never wear eye-shadow without it :)


FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Wow that is such a cute little set. I love UDPP. I use it every day and my eyeshadow lasts and lasts.