Wednesday, 31 August 2011

August Favourites

Goodbye August! This month went by too quickly!
I haven't wrote a monthly favourites on my blog in a while..
So here's what I have been loving in the month of August....

1.Lush Honey I washed the kids Soap

2. Liz Earle Cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser.
3 & 4 Maybelline pulse perfection mascara & Fearne cottons favourites green eyeliner.

5. Barry M pastel nail paints
6 & 7 The body shop blush & Bronzer
8 & 9 ELF tinted moisturizer and primer.
10 Jergens naturals body moisturiser
11 & 12 VO5 give me texture voluming powder & John Frieda brilliant brunette shampoo

1. If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know by now that I am a huge Lush fan. I have been using honey I washed the kids soap this month, this is my second piece I have purchased. I love the scent, which is caramel and honey.The smell lingers on your body after your shower and leaves skin super soft.

2.I purchased the cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser in John Lewis, in London earlier this month,and I understand what all the hype is about. It is fantastic and I recommend to anyone who hasn't tried it yet it is well worth the money.

3.This mascara is brilliant, at first I was very skeptical about trying it, as I have heard many bad reviews saying it is not worth the money. Personally I love it, the vibration helps the lashes separate. The only regret I have is choosing waterproof, even though it stays on all day without smudging the problem is removing, it is pretty hard and it results in me loosing a couple of lashes whilst scrubbing.

4. I got this eyeliner in Fearne Cottons favourites box last Christmas. It is my favorite item I got from the box, the colour is ever so vibrant and brings out the blue in my eyes, I wear this on my lower lash line. A swatch is below.

5.My Barry M nail paint collection is increasing. I have ten now. Barry M is my favourite drugstore nail brand. This summer I have gone for the pastels collections. Mint green, Berry ice cream, strawberry ice cream and blue moon.

6. The body shop had a offer on in July and I took the opportunity to buy myself some new make up. (
See what else I bought here)Which I rarely do. This blush is beautiful, I love coral shade blushers, and this gives a healthy shine to your cheeks.

7. This is the most natural tanned bronzer I have owned. It gives a natural glow, and makes you look like you've just come back form a holiday abroad. Beautiful.

8. I was after a light tinted moisturiser. The types I own are more for tanned skin, this colour fits my skin tone perfectly and has SPF 20 and vitamins A,C & E.

9. I have never worn a face primer before purchasing this ELF one, I didn't think I needed one, however we had a few hot days and I wanted to make sure my make up didn't melt or smudge in the heat (although I didn't wear alot of make up)
I love this primer it leaves skin so soft and my foundation did not budge! hurrah!

10.This is my second jergens moisturiser, I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but I have nearly finished this one. A review can be found here if your interested.

11. Since I have short top layers, My hair needs a bit of 'oomph' and this does the job perfectly. It is a powder, and reminds me of a salt pot, you just sprinkle over your hair and rub with your finger tips, your left with instant volume.

12. John Frieda is a favourite company of mine, I love there products. I am on a hair dye ban at the moment to help my hair grow. I haven't missed dying my hair, I am looking forward to seeing my natural colour, which is a mousey brown. At the moment I have Ombre hair. The tips are lighter as the hair dye still remains. I quite like it. Back to this product, it is a great shampoo, and gives my brown locks a lovely shine. The smell is lovely, and I am happy to use this with a moisturising conditioner!

Thanks for reading, What are your favourites from this month? please share!

Lauren xox

Pixie boots

I am very excited to share with you a range of autumn/winter boots.
Why am I excited? Well I have had enough of 'Summer' as I wouldn't call this summer at all. Currently in Britain it is raining, cold that we have the heating on. It is AUGUST!
So I am therefor looking ahead to Autumn and winter and getting excited about Halloween, Bonfire night and most of all Christmas!!
New season means new wardrobe. I am ready to wrap up warm and put away the summer dresses and sandals.

Boots are top of the list. As I am in desperate need of a new pair, I threw away last years as the snow had ruined them!

Pixie footwear have a wide range of boots, which each have cute girls names.

Lilly is a high leg boot with a rolled fur collar featuring a strap and stud detail at the rear. The ankle strap with buckle and stud, mirror the collar detail and provide an element of biker chic. The buckles, eyelets and studs have a vintage finish to complete Lilly’s laid back style.

Daisy offers an edgy take on the classic Pixie designs, with three angled straps and over-sized buckles you can be confident your style will get noticed. Pixie’s signature branding, combined with our distinctive buckles, eyelets, contrast stitching and fur trim will give you something to shout about.
Rosie is a mid height boot with a deep collar, perfect for strolling through the park on winter days. The distinctive fur trimmed cross lace detail down the calf features a coordinating lace with end toggles. This warm, luxurious look is completed with our signature Pixie branding.
Poppy is really two boots in one, it can be worn tall with the zip closed forming a traditional boot or with the zip opened and leg turned down for a more casual look. With its zip down side this playful style embodies the understated glamour that Pixie provides.
On its way to becoming a Pixie classic, it can be worn in several ways, with the leg turned up to its full height for greater warmth, as a fur topped style or down to whatever height you prefer. Holly carries a distinctive hand whipped overlock stitch on the collar, rear and side seams. With its colour toned stitching we’re proud to brand Holly with our signature Pixie logo.

Which do you prefer?
They make a change from ugg boots. I like them! You can pre order pixie boots from there site, for September! Link below:

Lauren xox

Monday, 29 August 2011

You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess

I don't know about you ladies but when I wear a white dress I always feel like a princess. I don't wear them often. This is the only white dress I have worn in a while. I always feel there needs to be a special occasion to wear a white dress, like the one I have on here. It's Lace, with a silk lining, very very pretty.

Dress- Asos
Shoes- New Look
Pink pearl flower bracelet - Primark
Pearl necklace - Primark

Lauren xox

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Made with LOVE

I just love handmade jewellery, there unquiness, there's so much time and effort going into each piece. I'm going to show you a few of my favorite handmade sellers that are either new or one's ive liked for a very long time!

Just gorgeous, I have never seen anything so beautifully handmade.

I love crafty has a beautiful shop in Bristol, I wish I lived near, as I'd of loved to visit.

Skull earrings! Love these.

Kelly has just opened her shop, go check it out!

storm tea cups
Again, beautiful pieces, here are just few of my favourites by Jennifer,

The strawberry necklace is my ultimate fave!
I'm a sucker for anything strawberry ;)

I really hope you check these sellers out there pieces are brilliant! What's your favourite? have you ordered from these beauties before?

Lauren x

Sunday, 21 August 2011

This week I......

This week I.....

... went to Starbucks, where I had my first strawberries and cream. I am officially addicted.

Went to York for the first time, and I am in love. What a beautiful place. I only took a few pictures.It was a lovely sunny day and I muchly enjoyed my little adventure.

I hit Lush! oops. I wanted to get a fresh face mask, as my skin is playing up, I was also given a sample of Fresh pharmacy. So far its really helped! I also got The comforter, and pop in the bath, I have repurchased these many times. Lurrrve them.

I bought a new nail paint. Barry M blue moon, I have wanted this colour for some time, whilst in Starbucks a girl had it on, and it looked beaut, so I went straight to boots to purchase.

I tried Half baked for the first time. All I can say is ......YUM

This week I am excited about TV, for once.
I don't normally watch TV, other then eastenders. But I am a huge lover of Big brother and Xfactor, and I am glad there back!
I am also addicted to this song.

How was your week?

Lauren x

all pictures are my own.

Saturday, 20 August 2011


Before I start, I'd like to apologise for the dreaded Myspace poses. I have yet to buy a tripod and this is the only way to show you what I am wearing.
A company called Zalando contacted me. Asking me to feature there site on my blog, in exchange I was given a voucher, which I could use on anything I wanted.
I picked this T-shirt. I was browsing the site for a while, and was very close to getting a pair of shoes, but I am a sucker when it comes to slogan t- shirts. The colourful writing also won me over.
I picked the size XS, as I like my t-shirts to be quite tight fitting. It has got that festival look to it, I was hoping to go to Leeds festival, which was also a reason for choosing it, however I think I'm going to London around the time of Leeds fest. Dammit!

I also love the meaning behind "The surgarman"
Here's a little more detail into the brand;
The 70's live! Inspired by singer and songwriter Sixto Rodriquez, the label allows the spirit of the 70's to live on. Rodriguez sold thousands of records in Africa achieving absolute stardom, but it did nothing for a long time. In the USA, where he lived, he was a nobody The history of the “Sugarman,” says that the label is a story of rebirth, the revival of dream and the search for ones own passion, which underlies everything. Anyone can be a forgotten, living legend and: there is a Sugarman in all of us. The designers at Sugarman therefore design T-shirts which capture, through their motifs, parts of the 70s. Whether afro, long hair, beard, hair band, peace-sign or psychedelic colour contrasts – the styles are all striking, rich in colours and send a clear message: the 70”s are back and with them the philosophy of life: Peace, Love and Rock'n'Roll.
You can purchase the t-shirt I am wearing here

There also alot more styles to pick from, click if you are interested!
I had a little money let to spend after choosing the t-shirt, as I was browsing I noticed not only does zalando have fashion on there site, but also a beauty category.
I love Lip smacker lip balms, I have been after the strawberry flavour for a while (as I am strawberry mad) so I was thrilled to find that zalando sell them! :)

Zalando has free shipping. Which is always a bonus. The site has 600 brands and 40,000 products so your spoilt for choice. I decided to agree advertising there site, as a blog reader myself I love finding new fashion and beauty sites on other peoples blogs, So I hope I have helped a few of you! :)
Lauren xox

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Primark jewelry

I love primark jewelry, I always find gorgeous pieces and its primark, so of course its cheap!
I purchased these back in January/February of this year but forgot to share them with you. Everything is from primark, execept the skull ring which is from asos.

I wore these items in my photo shoots, but I doubt you can see them properly so here's a closer look :) I am going to primark soon so let me know if you would like a haul!

Lauren xox

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Rollasole Review

Most of us have had those nights, when were at a nightclub and your feet are killing from wearing the most fierce looking sexy shoes, that you knew would hurt your feet, but you just had to wear them.

You start to regret it, and you end up dancing the night away bare foot.
Not anymore.. there's a new shoe in town, and there called "Rollasole"
A man came up with this great invention after hearing his girlfriend forever complain about her feet hurting from a night out.
Whenyour feet just cant take it anymore try these...

Mine came in a nifty little box like this.
The whole amazing thing about these, is that you can roll them up to fit in your bag. How clever is that?

They come in this handy little pouch, that reads "Keep your feet on the ground and your eyes in the stars"
They are cute little ballerina pumps, that come in different colours.

There so comfortable too!
However there not suitable for long distance walks, the bottom of the shoes are not very hard and you may hurt yourself. So far I have used them as slippers around the house :)

You can find these in numerous clubs around the UK, and in Miss Selfridge costing £8.50 You can get them in Gold, Red, black and white & leopard print :)