Saturday, 20 August 2011


Before I start, I'd like to apologise for the dreaded Myspace poses. I have yet to buy a tripod and this is the only way to show you what I am wearing.
A company called Zalando contacted me. Asking me to feature there site on my blog, in exchange I was given a voucher, which I could use on anything I wanted.
I picked this T-shirt. I was browsing the site for a while, and was very close to getting a pair of shoes, but I am a sucker when it comes to slogan t- shirts. The colourful writing also won me over.
I picked the size XS, as I like my t-shirts to be quite tight fitting. It has got that festival look to it, I was hoping to go to Leeds festival, which was also a reason for choosing it, however I think I'm going to London around the time of Leeds fest. Dammit!

I also love the meaning behind "The surgarman"
Here's a little more detail into the brand;
The 70's live! Inspired by singer and songwriter Sixto Rodriquez, the label allows the spirit of the 70's to live on. Rodriguez sold thousands of records in Africa achieving absolute stardom, but it did nothing for a long time. In the USA, where he lived, he was a nobody The history of the “Sugarman,” says that the label is a story of rebirth, the revival of dream and the search for ones own passion, which underlies everything. Anyone can be a forgotten, living legend and: there is a Sugarman in all of us. The designers at Sugarman therefore design T-shirts which capture, through their motifs, parts of the 70s. Whether afro, long hair, beard, hair band, peace-sign or psychedelic colour contrasts – the styles are all striking, rich in colours and send a clear message: the 70”s are back and with them the philosophy of life: Peace, Love and Rock'n'Roll.
You can purchase the t-shirt I am wearing here

There also alot more styles to pick from, click if you are interested!
I had a little money let to spend after choosing the t-shirt, as I was browsing I noticed not only does zalando have fashion on there site, but also a beauty category.
I love Lip smacker lip balms, I have been after the strawberry flavour for a while (as I am strawberry mad) so I was thrilled to find that zalando sell them! :)

Zalando has free shipping. Which is always a bonus. The site has 600 brands and 40,000 products so your spoilt for choice. I decided to agree advertising there site, as a blog reader myself I love finding new fashion and beauty sites on other peoples blogs, So I hope I have helped a few of you! :)
Lauren xox

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