Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Rollasole Review

Most of us have had those nights, when were at a nightclub and your feet are killing from wearing the most fierce looking sexy shoes, that you knew would hurt your feet, but you just had to wear them.

You start to regret it, and you end up dancing the night away bare foot.
Not anymore.. there's a new shoe in town, and there called "Rollasole"
A man came up with this great invention after hearing his girlfriend forever complain about her feet hurting from a night out.
Whenyour feet just cant take it anymore try these...

Mine came in a nifty little box like this.
The whole amazing thing about these, is that you can roll them up to fit in your bag. How clever is that?

They come in this handy little pouch, that reads "Keep your feet on the ground and your eyes in the stars"
They are cute little ballerina pumps, that come in different colours.

There so comfortable too!
However there not suitable for long distance walks, the bottom of the shoes are not very hard and you may hurt yourself. So far I have used them as slippers around the house :)

You can find these in numerous clubs around the UK, and in Miss Selfridge costing £8.50 You can get them in Gold, Red, black and white & leopard print :)


Emily said...

wow! love this, what a great idea! :) xxxx

Annabellacinderella said...

Ooh I have a pair of these in black, one of the most useful things I've ever bought! x