Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween!

Hello Everyone!
Meet Jack our pumpkin! I Have to give Scott all the credit for this, as he took over carving it out, so well done him! & If you haven't already noticed our inspiration was Jack from The Nightmare before Christmas...Look's rather scary doesn't it?

Below is my decoration's I made, I'm such a big kid! I sat on my living room floor for a hour making these master pieces, with epic fail from the glue, I had to do everything by tape, I got them from the pound store, what a bargain!

Now meet our favorite pumpkin....My Daughter Elise! being only 10 months old its her first halloween, I bought her this cute pumpkin outfit, the head say's "mummy's little pumpkin"
I'm gutted they didn't have the shoes in her size!

[Sorry for the crap iPhone pic quality]
Any who..Id just like to add this is the first Halloween in our very own house!
its all very new and fun..& I cant wait for Christmas now!

What are you doing for Halloween this year?

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Oh so Glamourous award

Ive decided to make my own awards for my favorite bloggers.
There is nothing better then sitting back on my computer chair,in my pjs cup of tea in hand and reading my favorite blogs.
& I owe it all to you lovlies! so here's a series of thank yous...
My first award has to go to someone who
inspired me to blog,
and that is...
I'm sure you all know who she is, and if you are not following her I suggest you move your butt over to her blog and do so! :)
Every post is too perfection, and I hope she writes more soon as I miss them muchly

So that's my first award..Il be having one each week, so stay tuned :)

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

My First Lush Haul

Top left to right: Fairy tale sugar scrub , Breath of fresh air skin toner, The comforter,
Oatifix fresh face mask
Bottom left to right: Think pink, Vanishing cream & baby face.

Firstly can I just say the people who work in Lush in Leed's
are the most, friendly,helpful,bubbly, nice people I have ever met?
It was such a joy to shop in there, a lady helped me find everything I was looking for as it was my first shop in lush, I knew id love it in there and I do!
She chose the right face mask that suites my skin and tested everything on my hands, even the bath bombs wer thrown into a bucket of water for me to see!
The lady offered to show me around the new lush spa downstairs, but I thought my boyfriend had been waiting enough, I must have been in there for a hour. :$

Everything from the smell to the layout is amazing, its by far my favorite shop.
I was gutted When i came home I realised the lady forgot to put two things in my basket, even tho I asked her if she had- and that was pop in the bath and so white. Oh well il have to pick it up next time!
I'm pleased with my products and noticed the Christmas pressies, the lady said with what I was describing, with all my favorite smells the snow fair gift box would be my fave, and i looked at the ingredients and it is! I looked at Scott with puppy dog eyes :)
So what did I actually get? some reviews...
Fairy tale sugar scrub £2.50 - A Christmas collection! the lady said the inspiration is a chocolate White mouse, that you can get a Christmas, its so cute! it has a tail too! the smell is gorgeous, and just like any other sugar scrub leaves the skin super soft.

Breath of fresh air skin toner- £6.21 The lady also recommend I used this toner, I like it except its doesn't spray..It sprays once after fighting with it for 5 minutes so I'm rather disappointed about that! is it just me? do i need to adjust it?

The comforter £3.89- This the bath bar I am using at the moment! It does exactly what its called, comforts you, and the smell is out of this world, my bath times are now even more luxurious now lush is in my life! it turns the water a hot pink colour too!

Oatifix fresh face mask- Ive actually forgotten the price! it was round the £5 mark I think.
I was asked what skin type I am, and I said i sometimes get very dry, so she showed me too masks, Oatifix and seaweed, I loved them both, they both left my skin so soft, I opted for oatafix as she said it was the most popular, I have applied it once since buying it. Its so cold and refreshing on your skin as you have to keep it in the fridge. The smell just smells of oats, which isnt too nice but its what it does not what it smells like! I'm so sad these fresh face marks only last 3 weeks! I hope I use it up in time.

Think pink Bath Ballistic £3.20- This caught my eye as it was pink obviously! The lady threw it into the water before I could say another word and it just dissolved and boom the water was pink! the hearts and flowers float to the top too which is cute, I cant wait to try this!

Vanishing cream £14.95 - Again I was recommend this, I haven't tried it yet so I cant give a review, but its meant to work wonders for the skin, the lush ladies at the store swear by it, I thought Id give it a whirl. Its pricey but it lasts a year!

& Finally....

Baby face cleanser £3.95 - I'm sure you all know what this is, I've heard so many raves about it, I thought I just have to give it a try! Il use it to remove my make up, I haven't yet - but il give it ago tonight!

Thanks for reading, Lauren. xx

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

David and Goliath

David and Goliath

David and Goliath are one of my favourite brands. I have been a fan for years!
So I thought id share why I love them with you all with a dedicated blog post.

As you may know I was born & bread in London. I used to walk to the west end all the time with my mum, it look us an hour to walk but my gosh, did it get us fit!! It was a great walk... we'd start off in Covent garden, where the first David and Goliath shop I ever discovered is, at the time I was very rock chick like, and I admit now, I labelled myself 'scene’ Big mistake but hey...we all have regrets?
I loved this shop as there were so many rock & roll tee shirts and it was totally my style,

I love bright colours, & that’s what David and Goliath are best for, there shop is like a rainbow of fabness! The slogans are so funny and cute, there are some rude ones which I wouldn’t personally buy but never the less there still awesome.

The second D & G Shop I came across is in Carnaby Street, opposite another fave shop of mine, vans and next is Roxy, yep you guessed it another favourite shop! :-)
This shop is more Nightwear and Underwear, Personally I love the nightwear the best, so I adore this shop!
In the below picture; the left bottom and top picture is Carnaby streets shop and on the right top and bottom is Covent garden.

I have made some collages of what’s on my wish list,
Top picture: 4 t-shirts, (pink I’ve got the scoop, black I love the night life, grey happy hours, blue French hell) A pink I love London Bag and a pink I’ve got the scoop Hoodie.

Below Are my top night ware items I want..From L-R: One tough cookie set, inc Hoodie, vest & bottoms. I love robots PJ bottoms, nerdy but cute :] & a it’s all about me Vest and boxer set.

Lastly id like to mention the skinny jeans! I need a pair! I’ve put the black and pink on my wish list and maybe for next summer, the blue and lemon..but the lilac are nice too...gosh I love & want them all!!

So that’s a favourite brand of mine, I’m tagging all of you to find out what yours is!
Please check out David and Goliath, there site is:
all the pictures are taken from

With Love Lauren x

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

My Prize!

The Lovely Carlinn sent my prizes to me last week, and I received them Monday! All the way from the lovely Malta :)

Check out her blog here, I enjoy reading her posts and I know you will too:

Carlinn's blog

They came in cute packaging.
as you can see in the picture,
I tried my best to re- package it as good- for the photo's but it didn't work out to well

The make up is by BYS, which I have never tried before.
But obviously I'm willing to try everything

I have not yet applied these to my face, but I will do and post photos and reviews!

I was sent A trio eyeshadow palette in 01 natural

& a blusher in 02 darling rose

Below is a swatch!

The first shadow is a lovely cream

The secound is a brown tan colour..sorry I cant be more pacific

The third is a darker brown to the second shadow which will look great on a 3 toned eyeshadow look.
as you can see there quite similar..
If you would like any tutorials you know what to do (:

Friday, 2 October 2009

Samy Pure Shamp + Con

My blog always gives honest genuine opinions.
I like products and I hate products, I wouldn't lie to you.

This is a hate!
I bought samy pure shampoo and conditioner when i was in super drug, i was on the way to get my hair cut and thought id buy some new hair products, I came across this salon range, it looked pretty good, i read the back and it said it doesn't have harsh chemicals in it, that on which most shampoos and conditioners do.

So i thought id give it ago. I never heard of samy pure before, so this was very serves me right really.

The smell is awful, which isn't something you look for in a shampoo; of course we want a nice smelling shampoo!

The end result Left my hair dry and lifeless.
Its meant to leave your hair smooth and with shine when actually in my case it was the opposite.

Ive used these products about 4 times hoping to get better results, but its just not working for me I'm afraid.

They cost me £10 together.
I wish I just stuck with lorel elvie which is one of my favorite shampoos and conditioners..
so from me Samy Pure Shamp + Con are a big THUMBS DOWN.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

What's in and What's out!

So lets wave goodbye to summer, and say hello to Autumn!

The items below are not all from whats 'in' this season, Ive added a few personal faves that I think will be great for this autumn/ winter.


-Jeggings, leggings/jeans

-Boyfriends jeans (there still in this season)

-Classic, straight cut jeans (may be taking over skinny jeans)
-Ripped jeans;torn denim is in in in! - Cloaks -Ripped tights and stockings (cousin of the ripped denim trend)
-Foral, will still be in this season which is good news for me as i love it.


-Knee high boots
Big wholly jumpers, I tend to think these are like the jumpers you receive from your aunt at Christmas! How ever I do like the one I found above. They defiantly look nice and comfy.

-Hot chocolate, for those horrid cold days, brrrh!

-Lip balm, chapped lips from the cold is a no no!

and last but no least;
-Scarf, gloves and hats, cant wait to buy mine!


Gladiator sandals (I'm rather bored of these now, great for summer, but now I'm opting for nice warm boots!)

Sun cream, we don't need it anymore!

These are my top fashion trends for this Autumn winter, id love to hear yours.