Wednesday, 14 October 2009

My Prize!

The Lovely Carlinn sent my prizes to me last week, and I received them Monday! All the way from the lovely Malta :)

Check out her blog here, I enjoy reading her posts and I know you will too:

Carlinn's blog

They came in cute packaging.
as you can see in the picture,
I tried my best to re- package it as good- for the photo's but it didn't work out to well

The make up is by BYS, which I have never tried before.
But obviously I'm willing to try everything

I have not yet applied these to my face, but I will do and post photos and reviews!

I was sent A trio eyeshadow palette in 01 natural

& a blusher in 02 darling rose

Below is a swatch!

The first shadow is a lovely cream

The secound is a brown tan colour..sorry I cant be more pacific

The third is a darker brown to the second shadow which will look great on a 3 toned eyeshadow look.
as you can see there quite similar..
If you would like any tutorials you know what to do (:


Lu said...

Testing the comments for you :)

That blusher looks nice too, nice and light. I'm no good at applying blusher as it always comes out too dark lol. x

Lauren ♥ said...

I have the same problem, I like the look of this one tho :) looks so pretty! cant wait to try it out :) x

Anonymous said...

great prizes. thanks so much for following me, i love your blog!