Friday, 2 October 2009

Samy Pure Shamp + Con

My blog always gives honest genuine opinions.
I like products and I hate products, I wouldn't lie to you.

This is a hate!
I bought samy pure shampoo and conditioner when i was in super drug, i was on the way to get my hair cut and thought id buy some new hair products, I came across this salon range, it looked pretty good, i read the back and it said it doesn't have harsh chemicals in it, that on which most shampoos and conditioners do.

So i thought id give it ago. I never heard of samy pure before, so this was very serves me right really.

The smell is awful, which isn't something you look for in a shampoo; of course we want a nice smelling shampoo!

The end result Left my hair dry and lifeless.
Its meant to leave your hair smooth and with shine when actually in my case it was the opposite.

Ive used these products about 4 times hoping to get better results, but its just not working for me I'm afraid.

They cost me £10 together.
I wish I just stuck with lorel elvie which is one of my favorite shampoos and conditioners..
so from me Samy Pure Shamp + Con are a big THUMBS DOWN.

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