Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween!

Hello Everyone!
Meet Jack our pumpkin! I Have to give Scott all the credit for this, as he took over carving it out, so well done him! & If you haven't already noticed our inspiration was Jack from The Nightmare before Christmas...Look's rather scary doesn't it?

Below is my decoration's I made, I'm such a big kid! I sat on my living room floor for a hour making these master pieces, with epic fail from the glue, I had to do everything by tape, I got them from the pound store, what a bargain!

Now meet our favorite pumpkin....My Daughter Elise! being only 10 months old its her first halloween, I bought her this cute pumpkin outfit, the head say's "mummy's little pumpkin"
I'm gutted they didn't have the shoes in her size!

[Sorry for the crap iPhone pic quality]
Any who..Id just like to add this is the first Halloween in our very own house!
its all very new and fun..& I cant wait for Christmas now!

What are you doing for Halloween this year?


lenny said...

that is one kick ass pumpkin - i love it! wish i had the patience to do something like that. your daughter is such a cutie! :) happy halloween! x

Lauren ♥ said...

Aww thanks hun!
My boyfriend had all the patience, it took him forever! lol

Thank you and happy halloween to you too xx

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween Lauren! your little girl is so adorable, i love her outfit. thats a badass pumpkin your bf carved. i dont think im doing anything today my hubby & i just came back from vacation, we missed a couple of parties but totally worth it. have a great day!

Lauren ♥ said...

Happy Halloween Lovely!
thank you i also agree shes so cute :)
I love the pumpkin i wish we could keep it all year round!

Awee a holiday is worth missing halloween...anyway I hope you have a good day too!

Lu said...

Me and the bf love NBC and he has Jack t-shirts etc so we think your pumpkin looks awesome!

And your wee girl is so cute, hope you all enjoyed your halloween! We had a big bucket of sweets to give out and we only got 2 trick or treaters boooo! x

Liparazzi said...

That Jack pumpkin is so cool! Love it!

Anonymous said...

have you done the most worn tag? im going to tag you on my blog