Tuesday, 20 October 2009

David and Goliath

David and Goliath

David and Goliath are one of my favourite brands. I have been a fan for years!
So I thought id share why I love them with you all with a dedicated blog post.

As you may know I was born & bread in London. I used to walk to the west end all the time with my mum, it look us an hour to walk but my gosh, did it get us fit!! It was a great walk... we'd start off in Covent garden, where the first David and Goliath shop I ever discovered is, at the time I was very rock chick like, and I admit now, I labelled myself 'scene’ Big mistake but hey...we all have regrets?
I loved this shop as there were so many rock & roll tee shirts and it was totally my style,

I love bright colours, & that’s what David and Goliath are best for, there shop is like a rainbow of fabness! The slogans are so funny and cute, there are some rude ones which I wouldn’t personally buy but never the less there still awesome.

The second D & G Shop I came across is in Carnaby Street, opposite another fave shop of mine, vans and next is Roxy, yep you guessed it another favourite shop! :-)
This shop is more Nightwear and Underwear, Personally I love the nightwear the best, so I adore this shop!
In the below picture; the left bottom and top picture is Carnaby streets shop and on the right top and bottom is Covent garden.

I have made some collages of what’s on my wish list,
Top picture: 4 t-shirts, (pink I’ve got the scoop, black I love the night life, grey happy hours, blue French hell) A pink I love London Bag and a pink I’ve got the scoop Hoodie.

Below Are my top night ware items I want..From L-R: One tough cookie set, inc Hoodie, vest & bottoms. I love robots PJ bottoms, nerdy but cute :] & a it’s all about me Vest and boxer set.

Lastly id like to mention the skinny jeans! I need a pair! I’ve put the black and pink on my wish list and maybe for next summer, the blue and lemon..but the lilac are nice too...gosh I love & want them all!!

So that’s a favourite brand of mine, I’m tagging all of you to find out what yours is!
Please check out David and Goliath, there site is:
all the pictures are taken from

With Love Lauren x


abbzzw said...

Yayy for david and goliath :D I loveee it :) but I dont really wear it :s

gutted i dont really have a favourite brand :/

nice post :D xx

Lauren ♥ said...

why dont you wear it? you need to get yourself a tshirt! :D

Awwee shop/brand? im tagging shops too,
Thanks hun :)

Velo said...

cute leggings =D love the colors