Tuesday, 27 October 2009

My First Lush Haul

Top left to right: Fairy tale sugar scrub , Breath of fresh air skin toner, The comforter,
Oatifix fresh face mask
Bottom left to right: Think pink, Vanishing cream & baby face.

Firstly can I just say the people who work in Lush in Leed's
are the most, friendly,helpful,bubbly, nice people I have ever met?
It was such a joy to shop in there, a lady helped me find everything I was looking for as it was my first shop in lush, I knew id love it in there and I do!
She chose the right face mask that suites my skin and tested everything on my hands, even the bath bombs wer thrown into a bucket of water for me to see!
The lady offered to show me around the new lush spa downstairs, but I thought my boyfriend had been waiting enough, I must have been in there for a hour. :$

Everything from the smell to the layout is amazing, its by far my favorite shop.
I was gutted When i came home I realised the lady forgot to put two things in my basket, even tho I asked her if she had- and that was pop in the bath and so white. Oh well il have to pick it up next time!
I'm pleased with my products and noticed the Christmas pressies, the lady said with what I was describing, with all my favorite smells the snow fair gift box would be my fave, and i looked at the ingredients and it is! I looked at Scott with puppy dog eyes :)
So what did I actually get? some reviews...
Fairy tale sugar scrub £2.50 - A Christmas collection! the lady said the inspiration is a chocolate White mouse, that you can get a Christmas, its so cute! it has a tail too! the smell is gorgeous, and just like any other sugar scrub leaves the skin super soft.

Breath of fresh air skin toner- £6.21 The lady also recommend I used this toner, I like it except its doesn't spray..It sprays once after fighting with it for 5 minutes so I'm rather disappointed about that! is it just me? do i need to adjust it?

The comforter £3.89- This the bath bar I am using at the moment! It does exactly what its called, comforts you, and the smell is out of this world, my bath times are now even more luxurious now lush is in my life! it turns the water a hot pink colour too!

Oatifix fresh face mask- Ive actually forgotten the price! it was round the £5 mark I think.
I was asked what skin type I am, and I said i sometimes get very dry, so she showed me too masks, Oatifix and seaweed, I loved them both, they both left my skin so soft, I opted for oatafix as she said it was the most popular, I have applied it once since buying it. Its so cold and refreshing on your skin as you have to keep it in the fridge. The smell just smells of oats, which isnt too nice but its what it does not what it smells like! I'm so sad these fresh face marks only last 3 weeks! I hope I use it up in time.

Think pink Bath Ballistic £3.20- This caught my eye as it was pink obviously! The lady threw it into the water before I could say another word and it just dissolved and boom the water was pink! the hearts and flowers float to the top too which is cute, I cant wait to try this!

Vanishing cream £14.95 - Again I was recommend this, I haven't tried it yet so I cant give a review, but its meant to work wonders for the skin, the lush ladies at the store swear by it, I thought Id give it a whirl. Its pricey but it lasts a year!

& Finally....

Baby face cleanser £3.95 - I'm sure you all know what this is, I've heard so many raves about it, I thought I just have to give it a try! Il use it to remove my make up, I haven't yet - but il give it ago tonight!

Thanks for reading, Lauren. xx


Lu said...

The comforter is one of my fave lush smells, I have the solid perfume too. Really want to try babyface too, havn't tried any Lush cleansers yet actually. xXx

Lauren ♥ said...

I didnt know they had the purfume out too? thats awesome!
I feel so great after getting out a comforter bath!

yeah you should try it!

Lu said...

Yeah the Comforter Solid perfume is here hun:

It smells exactly like the bath thing and it's really nice to keep in your bag or something. I think i've got ALL the solid perfumes except for Karma hehe. Going to town 2moz so will check out the cleansers! x

Juicygirl said...

great goodies missy i love them all enjoy using them xoxo

Lauren ♥ said...

@ Lu il have to check out thanks :)
let me know if you buy anything!

Thanks @juicygirl xx

Emily said...

i love Think pink! especially when you pop it in the bath and all these tiny hearts come floating out! :) x

Lauren ♥ said...

Oh I know! its so sweet!

kyliex said...

hiya lauren just fort i would let u know about brazened honey face mask its the best one i have tryed makes my face so soft even kev likes it lol. it stinks abit tho xx

Lauren ♥ said...

Hey Kylie..I didnt know you liked lush too! :) cool I must try it, im going to try all sorts untill I find the best one for me. kev uses it? omg. lol
the oatafix is great! leaves my skin soo soft, its just the smell that puts me off!

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Anonymous said...

could you post directions to where the lush store is in leeds? new in leeds. love the post .

Anonymous said...

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