Thursday, 1 October 2009

What's in and What's out!

So lets wave goodbye to summer, and say hello to Autumn!

The items below are not all from whats 'in' this season, Ive added a few personal faves that I think will be great for this autumn/ winter.


-Jeggings, leggings/jeans

-Boyfriends jeans (there still in this season)

-Classic, straight cut jeans (may be taking over skinny jeans)
-Ripped jeans;torn denim is in in in! - Cloaks -Ripped tights and stockings (cousin of the ripped denim trend)
-Foral, will still be in this season which is good news for me as i love it.


-Knee high boots
Big wholly jumpers, I tend to think these are like the jumpers you receive from your aunt at Christmas! How ever I do like the one I found above. They defiantly look nice and comfy.

-Hot chocolate, for those horrid cold days, brrrh!

-Lip balm, chapped lips from the cold is a no no!

and last but no least;
-Scarf, gloves and hats, cant wait to buy mine!


Gladiator sandals (I'm rather bored of these now, great for summer, but now I'm opting for nice warm boots!)

Sun cream, we don't need it anymore!

These are my top fashion trends for this Autumn winter, id love to hear yours.


abbzzw said...

love the new layouit sweet :) jealous :P

yayy for knee high boots! I got mine out again last weekend :) love them :) and love this post xx

Lauren ♥ said...

Thanks honeey! haha, you should always put your old clothes/shoes away EVERYTHING comes back in fashion at some point! xx
I'm going shopping soon for all my autumn/wintery clothes! x