Monday, 28 September 2009


Here are just a few bits I have picked up in the past 2 days.

The Avril Lavigne Perfume was given to me as a present from my lovely boyfriend this morning.
It smells gorgeous! By far my new favorite fragrance, & I'm sure il be wearing it for a long time.
It is called black star, the box and bottle is rather cool!
I'm so excited about it :D

I have heard great reviews of st Moriz, so I decided to purchase some.
I'l be applying it as soon as I have finished this post, I'm a big st tropez fan, and loads of girlie's on youtube and blogspot are saying its just as good, but cheaper, so of course I'm excited to try it out, il give my full review soon.

I popped into super drug where I purchased an exfoliate wash, and brush.
I also picked up the Aussie miracle hair insurance, which is a leave in conditioner, I was recommend this by my hair dresser.
And finally I bought a new nail Polish, Barry M flamingo pink, I actually purchased this a couple of weeks ago & I love it, I have it on my toes atm. It will look even cuter with a I must go now and get exfoliating,

Au revoir :)


Lu said...

I so need to get Pink Flamingo! I also have those Pink Kiss GHDs which your selling. I love mine, GHDs are the only straighteners that keep my hair straight for some reason lol! x

Lauren said...

Its such a pretty pink! It's My new favorite!
lol they are such good straighters its just there too hot for my hair :( x

abbzzw said...

I love pink flamingo too :) Though i couldnt find it in any shops down here so had to order it from the barry m site!

I'm going to try to find the perfume so i can smell it :) I kinda collect them.. lol xx