Monday, 21 September 2009

Ruby and Millie Gift Set

So what do we have here?
10 Eye shadows (Top right, row 2 &3)
5 Lip Colours (Top right, row 1)
4 Metallic’s (Top right, 4th row)
2 Blush (Top right, 5th row 1st & 2nd)
High Lighter (Top right, 5th row 3rd)
Red Travel case
Cosmetic bag
Brush Case
Foundation Brush
Cheek Brush
Eye Define brush
Eye Brush
Lip Brush
Mirror (Not shown above)
I bought this gift set last Christmas, the first thing that caught my attention was the lovely red case, its stunning. I read the contents and was amazed..So many items!
The set was on sale for £35, originally priced at £50 I thought it was a bargain!
So here is the review:

Eye Shadow's- They are so startling. My favourite are gold, white (for inner corners of the eye) brown and navy black. (Click the images to enlarge) I tried to swatch for you but the lighting was terrible in my room, so apologies! The lighter colours wouldn’t even show! but if you want to know more about the shades or if you want me to do a tutorial, I will, just comment below (:
The eye shadow stayed on all night on a night out recently so I am very impressed! I haven’t tried every colour...But il have a few experiments and let you know what you think.

Brushes- I love these. An individual R&M brush would cost around £10 (depending on which type) in this gift set there are 5! This is fab. They are now my favourite brushes, the foundation brush is amazing, although I have wear a pump foundation and more often enough I use my fingers as its easier. All the brushes her so soft, and the best thing is they don’t moult! When doing a Smokey eye look I apply some black shadow under my lower lid, i use the eye define brush, it works brilliantly its so thin and easy to use 10/10 from me.

Lip colour's- I have only used the berry colour which is on the first row, 3rd across. It is lovely on my lips, and such a great autumn colour. If you want me to review the rest I will be happy too!

Blush- In the image above it looks like the last row of colours are all white, yet again bad lighting, blame the flash! The two blush colours are pink and peachy pink, as you can see on my fingers, (middle pink, right peachy pink) I wore the peachy pink on a night to top of my foundation and bronzer, it looked amazing, I did have to have a touch up half way through the night out but apart from that I’m pleased the colours are gorgeous.

Highlighter- (Left finger) that is what it looks like, it’s just powder high lighter with a touch of glitter, I apply this under my brows. You could apply it on your cheek bone, nose, around the eye area.

Over all I'm very pleased with the set, any more questions just ask


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