Friday, 12 August 2011

Lush Its raining men, Is back!

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For good too! :)
Which I am so excited about. Its raining men shower gel is one of my favorite products from Lush, with it being a valentines limited edition I was very sad when I ran out of my tiny bottle, but lush has confirmed it is back, to stay! Hurrah!
I had a little post lined up, letting you all know about a similar shower gel I had found... Which I came across in Poundland.

Original source, is all natural just like Lush products, and it smells divine! Containing shea butter and honey, It has the creamy honey smell like Its raining men. However the scent doesn't stay on your skin for as long as IRM does.

I am off to Lush soon to pick up a bottle of its raining men. Is anyone else happy it is back? Original source is very good for a cheaper option, so I hope you can all give it a try too!

Lauren xox

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