Monday, 15 November 2010

A Monday Moment..

I have noticed many bloggers writing A summery of the week- this would be my first and I want to call it a Monday moment, a moment where I talk to you and let you know how I'm doing, what I'm doing, and what is on my mind.

I have been a very busy girl these past couple of months- Being a mommy is taking up a fair bit of my time- and I do love it, of course I do! Whilst little one is playing or sleeping, I like to browse the net for photo shoot inspiration,Modeling is taking up a lot of time, going to shoots, shopping for the outfits, working towards a great portfolio and getting my name out there- it is extremely tiring, but It is also exciting, I have great things ahead of me.

I am also writing for an online fashion blog once a week which is something I love to do, as you know I love fashion.

I have a new laptop! thanks to a fellow blogger on here :)
I am loving the fact it is nearly Christmas, I have my tree up! and I know some may think it is insanely early, I don't care- it makes me happy and excited for Christmas, I have had a cold the past week and it has brightened me up so much.

I have been to see McFly in Manchester, I have had my best friend up to stay, another friend from Manchester to stay and my mums come up for a visit, she has to go home next week boohoooo. I love her being here.

Hopefully I can make it home to London soon... to see my dad other family members & friends, and not forgetting seeing the pretty Christmas lights!!

I am planning on new features to my blog so watch this space...... New posts are on their way. Exciting times!

That's all for now- Keep smiling beauties.....xx
Lauren x


alvira said...

wow you are very busy but I really loved reading this post

Anonymous said...

loved this :)x