Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Valentine's LUSH!

Valentine's day is one of my favorite days of the year..& there's not long till its upon us!
I am currently reading through lush times that was popped through my door on Christmas eve, & my gosh I am excited!!

The new collection looks lovely.
The Turkish delight is on top of my has £20,000 petals in every pot! wow-e.
Lush says " smoothly whipped rose cream delightfully moisturising shower soap, crammed with Turkish roses & natural butter smooth on massage in and rinse off"
I took a picture of the Valentine's page for you too see..
How cute are those magic mushroom's? :)
I will go through everything for you.

There are two Gift boxes:
Be Mine £15.95

which contains: Love soap, Sex in the shower, Soft coeur massage var and flying fox.

The other gift box doesn't have a name, just a '?' £25.95
Lush say's: All good valentines card are signed with a question mark. We made the guess who? gift in this honoured tradition.
I love the shape of this box, it's in shape of a heart with a black bow. Sweet huh?
'?' Gift contains the follows:
Sex in the shower,sex bomb,yummy yummy yummy,sexy peel, heavanilli, chocolate whipstick. -Okay lush your just getting me hungry now!! :)

Then you can by separately:
Magic mushroom's £2.25
which is a bubble bar i believe? The white parts are vanillary and fruity yummy yummy is in the red cap- to bewitch everyone who bathes it, so lush says :-)

The Ex Factor 1.95
A cute little man with a little pink heart.
Which is also a bubble bar, that makes the bath turn deep blue and leaves a butterball scent.

Love Soap £2.50
Cute little red heart's that are just perfect for valentines day.
Lush Say's it looks like last years, but smells like sex bomb.
You can also buy the S.W.A.L.K boxes to send them in!

So there you have it. I want them all, how greedy of me! If you get to try any of these out before i do please let me know!
When I do get the chance to grab some il make sure your the first to know.. (:

Lovee Lauren


BooJenkinson said...

oh lauren i hate you for making this post!! i want them all too!!
shame i have absolutely nobody to buy me a valentines... grrr xx

Lauren ♥ said...

Haha Oh noes!
Doesnt have to be a boyfriend..
It can be a loved one who buys them for you, like a friend! or family...its all about the love! Lol

Caz said...

I really want to try the cute little mushrooms!

jennie said...

Those mushrooms look so so cute! Definitely have to try those. :) xo

Peonies and water lilies said...

It all sounds so nice, can't wait till it hits the shelves x

Stephanie said...

oh oh oh I soooo cant wait for valentines Day now im so gunna leave Luke loadsa hints I want them all now =D hehe xx