Tuesday, 8 December 2009


I know I know,
I have been lacking in posts lately, I'm sorry! I have lost the battery charger for my camera, I need to find it soon because its my daughters birthday Thursday & I want to take loads of pictures! so today I'm going on a hunt for it, wish me luck!

Anyway more about this post, I have done this eyeko review before, but some how I deleted it. urgh its so annoying because I spent ages writing up a review!
Ive decided to post it again for my new followers, enjoy (:

Glitter liquid eyeliner in sliver *£5
Eyeko says:
  • For hardcore metallic eyes let the first coat dry before re-applying.
  • Draw the brush across the top lid as close to the lashes as possible for subtle shimmer.
  • Gently dot onto the end of your lashes for a sparkly dew drop effect.
  • Sweep across the whole lid on top of dark shadow for a striking glam Goth look.
Lauren Say's...
Recently Ive discovered glitter eyeliner, and I cannot rate it enough.
Its stunning!!
The sparkle around the eye is flattering.
Its a must have for a night out, esp if your wearing something glittery.
This is my first purchase on a glitter eyeliner, the next I'm looking to buy is the NO7 stay perfect eyeliner in sapphire. Its beautiful.

The applicator is easy to use, soft and does a perfect flick,
when applying I found that you didn't have to keep dipping the applicator in the bottle to apply more liner, one dip does the trick, it carries so much glitter.
The eyeliner stays on for ages! which is another plus point, to remove the swatches off my hand I had to really scrub.

Touch up & Glow Highlighter *£5
Eyeko Say's...
"For a soft focus sheen brush on to brow and cheek bones to lighten and lift.
For fuller lips highlight the cupids bow and wake up eyes with just a touch on the inner corners of your eyes."

Lauren Say's...
OH MY GOD, by far my favorite highlighter, I wear this all the time!
I wear it under my brow and on my check bones, the staying power is unbelievable.
It lasts all day...
The colour is perfect, its just my perfect high lighter.
and I urge you to go out and buy it!

The applicator is a brush which makes it easy to apply.
the swatch doesn't give it much justice, to benefit the full affects try some on your hand in
super drug!

3-in-1 Cream *£6
Eyeko says:
"To get that A-list glow skip foundation and use Eyeko Cream all over focusing on the eye and cheek area for lit from within skin."

Lauren Say's...
A moisturiser, high lighter and eye cream. 3 in 1? how awesome!

Obviously I had to get this, as I love the high lighter I wanted to see what this was like..and its basically the same colours, but I can put this all over my face,
I haven't tried it all over, I'm a little bit scared that id look like a ghost!
But I will give it a go some day.

The cream its self is very softening, and really does give the skin a glow.
I have used it as a eye cream, and it makes you look awake, which is always a good thing, especially as i never get a decent nights sleep.
Eyeko also says:
Infused with skin perfecting light reflectors and antioxidant Vitamins A& E plus a Vitamin C boost for a radiant, clear complexion.

You get a lot of product in the tiny tub.
I know it will last me a long time!

Tinted cream *£5
Eyeko say's.....
For radiant skin and a sun kissed glow try NEW Eyeko 3-in-1 Tinted Cream. Treat skin to the same luxuriously whipped texture made with super hydrating Jojoba boosted with antioxidants Vitamins A & E plus Vitamin C for a luminous finish as our No.1 bestseller Eyeko Cream.

Lauren Say's..
Well, it looks yummy doesn't it? I want to eat it!
It looks like chocolate. I'm guessing its a bad idea tho.
I was disappointed when i first swatched abit of this on my hand..
I was starting to think it would be too dark for my skin and just leave me looking mucky with no glow.
Until I rubbed it in and it got lighter...

It really gives you a sun kissed look.
I prefer using this with the pink tub of eyeko cream, it gives you a extra glow!

*You can find all these products in a UK super drug.
Or visit there website!
They have free shipping on ALL orders WORLDWIDE!
and if you enter my ambassador code on your order you'll get a freebie.

Happy Shopping :)


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Marce said...

Nice haul! Everything has such cute packaging and looks so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Those creams look dlecious, goo enough to eat. Thanks for stopping by my blog hun! Be sure to check out the giveaway.

Kate Gene said...

Great haul! I love whipped creams - edible and not! LOL!


Lauren ♥ said...

Mm me too! :) thanks honey!

Anonymous said...

Have you used the ecreams yet?
Iv seen then on every1's blog and been tempted. Are they any good?


Lauren ♥ said...

They are amazing!! I really recommend you get one honey!